My Gaming and Entertainment room setup! Remember Fear 3?

Hey guys,

So, my 200th video on my youtube channel will be about my Gaming and Entertainment Room setup. I didn't really thought to show a short video clips of my room as my 200th vid. But, it just happened that I wanted to try see how it looks like playing a pc game on my new Philips tv.

My pc have two hdmi port. One, which is link to my GTX 1060 graphic card. And, the other on my intel hdmi. I just extend my pc to my tv. Even, with intel HD Graphics 630, I can play Fear 3 really smooth without hiccups.

The cabinets actually just been done a couple of month back by my contractor. I've been thinking and planning of a setup where, I can keep all my books and games all at one place. Hoping, that my room will look a little cleaner and organized.

I put my Pc sound system and desktop on top the table and it felt a little cramped. But, I guess it'll do. I'm still thinking of maybe getting a second monitor. But, because of space constrained, I thought of getting a bigger monitor instead. That could be a little further into the future.

Anyway, hope you guys like the video. If you haven't yet played Fear 3, then check out it's availability below:

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F.e.a.r. 3

Happy gaming!

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