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Home is where your heart is..

This morning, I read an article about an expat who had been 'advice' to leave Singapore every chance she get. If you ask any Singaporean, most of them will tell you the same thing. It's like a mantra we practice all day long. Ha ha!

But, to her it's a non issue as she thinks that it's not important where you are but what you do with your life that is. Yes, Singapore is getting over-crowded, it's small, it's too competitive, too expensive to live in and blah blah etc.

It's still a country she love to live in. Time to time, she'll travel to other Asian countries for a holiday with her family but even her son ask her why would they have to hassle to other places looking to relax beside an over-crowded pool when they have a better pool at their condo?

I've read other articles about how some other expats open their own business or find work as actress or singers base in Singapore. Venturing out to other Asian countries. To them, Singapore is a great pla…

What do God wants most from you?

So, the other day I was thinking to myself about God. About different religions all that. Yeah, I'm that kind of person who thinks about God and religion almost all of the time. Every time, I watch my favourite shows on History channel bout the Universe, UFOs about humans etc. sometime with my knowledge I know bout religion would make me realize how everything is connected to God. Makes you realize why things happen the way they do.

Right, ok. So, back to my question what do God wants from us?

Absolutely nothing!

Let's think about it. God, didn't ask us to build temple of gold. He doesn't care what you do in this world. You want to fight for land, money, women. You want to be kings and queens?

Heck, you want to be conqueror of countries, civilizations and the human species. God, let you choose and decide. Everyone, have their own agenda in this world. But, the only one thing that God wants from you is to acknowledge that He is your God!

That's it!

To think of Him constan…

Holy Sh*t! I'm 38!



First off, august 9th was my birthday and now I'm fully 38. And, in 2 years time I'll be 40!

Wow! It just blows my mind that I'll soon be that OOoooldd ..haha!

Truly, to think back all those years that had passed. The good and the bad. A whole lot of sh*t been happening in my life. But, as they say goes on. Sometime, though. I wonder if it's worth it going on. Bleh's just sh*t talking.

I haven't post on my blog since like forever!

There's some certain things that I just stop doing and just didn't have the time or the mood to post anything. For one thing I stop doing my internet marketing online. But, since I'm on the subject if you're looking for some way to make money online then I recommend you start learning here. I've been with this company for so loOonnngg. The CEO by the way is dead in a car crash but the thing is, his company is still making money online!

He must be counting the money up there somewhere!

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