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Playing Halo 3 on my Xbox 360

Playing Halo 3 on my Xbox 360

HellooOOooo guys!

Been a while since my last post. Anyway, yesterday I went to buy Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 to play on my Xbox 360. I haven't yet try Call of Duty 4 but me and my nephews been playing Halo 3 since Sat and all I can say is it's a FANTASTIC game!

You could ride the alien enemy vehicle like the ultra-cool chopper and even kill them with their own weapons which is like out of the world experience!

I took this cool video so check it out. Enjoy!

Apple - MacBook Air. Full of .... air?

Okay, today I received Apple newsletter telling me about their new MacBook Air. Actually, I've heard or rather read about it on Engadget. Although, it was thought only to be rumours.

Anyway, I decided to check out the guided tour at Apple's site. I must say, I'm pretty impress with it. The design as always is pretty slick and the most interesting part is the laptop track pad. Now, unlike the normal track pad you can pinch, rotate, resize fonts and pictures with your fingers like the iPhone!

I think Apple has done it again. They have come out with a new cool idea for the mundane laptop. Nice design, as thin as I used to be (ahem), nice screen size and I supposed making it so light it seems to float on air.

But, looking at the price tag, baaahhh. Apple macs are pretty slick but so freaking expensive unlike the other laptop on the market right now. What's more, being asian, in an asian country like Singapore once you convert that U.S. greenbacks to SGD dollars you can forget…

Watching iTunes podcast on your Eee pc

Watch iTunes Podcast on your Asus Eee Pc!

I just uploaded a video taken by me watching iTunes on my Eee pc. I think it's a great idea for Eee pc owner who doesn't have an ipod or maybe prefer watching their favorite video podcast on their 7" Eee screen rather then their ipod small screen. I know an iPod Touch screen is bigger but the space is rather limited. So, why not download all the podcast you want to an 80Gb portable HDD and watch it anytime, anywhere!

All you have to do is download iTunes from Apple download page and then install it on your Eee pc or USB Flash drive, SD card or portable hard drive. Open it up and go to podcast. Click podcast directory and then choose your favorite podcast.

Note: For Eee pc user, make sure you go to preference and change the directory where you want to save the podcast to. Preferably to a USB Flash drive, SD card etc. This will make sure that you save up your Eee memory.

My personal favorite podcast is short clip shows from G4. Also fro…

PSP vs Eee Pc

Well, well and hell!?

I took out my Eee and chug in my brother-in-law brand new PSP slim lite or PSP-2000 via the USB port. At the same time plugging in my 80Gb portable HDD that I just bought the other day.

Kids, don't do this at home. Since, I'm at a staircase 'somewhere' without any power point, my Eee almost ran out of juice sucked out by the PSP and portable HDD.

Later, even when my Eee battery was at 20% I manage to plug in my Motorola phone and transfer some photos to the PSP.

I was at my wits end. No power supply in sight. But, with a whole lot of determination, and the thoughts of my bro-in-law enjoying, watching videos on his brand new PSP, I manage to push myself and some heavy videos of Jay-Z vs Linking Park to the PSP. Even manage to put in 500++ mb worth of songs to it. It was pretty ugly, but against all odds. Yes, I did it!

Yesterday, my bro-in-law bought a PSP for his kids. He's thinking of buying another one for his son. He knows, they each one for the…

Demo Download Archive -

Well, guys. Since, I bought the Eee pc last Dec, I've been looking for FPS (First Person Shooter) games all over the internet. It's pretty cool to play that kind of games on the Eee pc. Best of all I can bring it anywhere and just switch on the laptop and start shooting. Although, most, ok all of the games that I downloaded are just demo but I think for me it's good enough as I have a short attention span. I get bored pretty fast!

I used to be crazy on games when I first got my pc like 20 years ago? So, that's why the Eee pc really ignited back my interest in gaming.

Aaaaanyway... Just want to recommend you guys who's into gaming to this site I found through searching in Google. They have loads of Demo and Full version games for your download heaven!

Check it out at by clicking here. This link will directly bring you to the demo download archive. You can also visit their main page at >>

So, visit it and download all you want. Enjoy!

I'm cu…

Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008!!

Well, 2007 is GONE and now we're at 2008. So, everything seems to be brand new isn't it?

This few days coming up to 2008 I have already post about my plan for this year. Especially my own financial budget for the year. Last year, I learned how to save my money effectively. I set an amount that I wish to save and set about to achieving it. I'm quite happy that I complete it.

Having a target to aim for certainly help me to reach that goal. It's easier if you set yourself a goal or target that you can achieve quickly and easily. Do it step by step. Once, you reach your first financial goal, set another one and take the next step. This year, I already know what to do and what I want so, it would certainly be easier the next time round!

Right. Anyway, money is the least of my problem right now. Like, I've been saying throughout this year, or rather last year 2007 I mean. Heh, keep forgetting that it's already 2008!

I finish paying off my house loan and now only have to …

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