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Download FREE online fps shooters!

Download FREE online fps shooters!

Okay, okay. The world is in turmoil right now. Everybody is on edge and money is a concern nowadays. What with the U.S. banks going bankrupt or maybe soon the U.S. itself is going bankrupt?

Billions of dollars being spend on the never ending "war on terror". Baaahhh humbug! Could this be the work of the 'economic terrorist' you say?

Definitely not! It's the work of 'investor terrorism'!

Well, anyway. I'm not going to talk about the war on the economic front today. I'm not the expert on world economics. But, I'm going to recommend you some cool and anger-venting-first-person-shooter (shoot the wall streets financial adviser?) games. You can play it online or offline in a multiplayer set-up. And best of all? It's totally FREE!

Last week, my sis let me keep her brand new Dell pc with the core 2 duo processor. So, of course, I search the whole of the internet to see if I can find any free FPS shooter game to…

Singapore heading for a recession?

I've been reading the news lately in particular starting from the U.S. subprime 'catastrophe' and finally, it's going to hurt Singapore too. Singapore largely depends on the U.S. economy and finally the 'subprime tsunamis' waves hit Singapore. Although, the impact was a bit slow to hit the European and Singapore shores but the people were already alerted of it's coming.

Although, I'm not a professional economist or anything like that but as a man on the street, I'm a bit worried. Time is already hard for the common man and with the U.S. dilly dallying on the rescue package it's not going to get better any time soon. Truly, the U.S. really need to learn from all that's been happening right now and maybe the rest of the world need to re-think their total dependency solely on the U.S. markets. Yes, the U.S. is the biggest pie you'll want but there's still other small pie that can be eaten and also it's a little safer then putting all…

Android - Google phone

So like, I'm not sure if you know about a phone with Google Android software is coming out soon this Oct 22nd. I'm not sure if it'll be on sale in any retail shop even. For me in Asia, Singapore I don't think it's on offer anyway.

Though, at first I didn't really care much bout the "G-phone" with the 'ugly' and 'stupid' design but I'm slowly warming up to it. Because, it's using a platform that any developers can create and design cool games, apps etc. just like the iPhone. I like the idea of the freedom it gives to the developers and I suppose only good things will come out of it. Who knows right, this could be the only phone/platform that can challenge the iPhone?

Okay, maybe not in design but the ultimate platform for the next-gen smartphone.

I sure hope, the G-phone is going to be a lot cheaper then the iPhone 'cause I'm really thinking of getting and playing with it. I like to try out new stuff and beside the iPhone t…

Happy Hari Raya Aidil fitri

Just wanna wish every Muslims a Happy and Joyous Eidul fitri!

For more info on this celebration all around the world check out this wiki link at >>

Also, tomorrow I'll start another 6 days of special fasting and maybe after that I'm thinking of fasting every Monday and Thursday. I've been wanting to do that for a long time but every time I change my mind. This time though, I'll try to make it. Ha ha. It's just something that I had wanted to do. What I'll get from it, I'll leave it to God. But, I know, it's good for my mental and physical state. Anyway, it's not a must. Like, I said. Something, I've been thinking of doing.

So, again. Happy celebration and to those who's also starting their 6 days of fasting. Let's do it man!

Good day!

P.S. Check out some of the pics I took of my family in their traditional Malay Hari Raya dress at my fuzzy shot iphone photo blog! >>


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