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Medal of Honor - Tier 1


Today, went ahead and bought, Medal of Honor - Tier 1.

I recorded a video doing some un-packaging and a bit of the game-play.

The game actually been receiving kind of bad reviews but I couldn't resist in buying it today.

Anyway, watch the video as I also tried my hand in using Windows Live Movie maker. It took me an hour or two to learn how to use it and edit the video. I had problem finding a way to delete the installing part as it eats away at the time limited for me to upload to YouTube. Manage to chop it to 10:35 from the original 17 mins!

I think the graphics aren't that great although, I'm not sure if its because I bought it for the PS3. The graphics could be better with the Xbox. The reason, I bought it for the PS3 is because of multiplayer. I can't play multiplayer for the Xbox as I would have to upgrade to Gold or something. I don't really play much multiplayer that's why I don't see the reason why I should subscribe?

I think, it's al…

Windows phone 7

With all the hurrah's of W7 on sale, finally. It got me to watch the hands-on again. I didn't really like it at first glance. But, after watching this video, I think it's kinda cool. Although, I'm still bias towards the Iphone. He he.

That's what got me thinking. I think, all this phones is great. For, the consumer that is. There's the iphone for the Apple fans, android for google fans, palm pre for err ..palm fans and of course now W7 for Microsoft fans!

I would love to get my hands on some of these phones simply because I love new tech stuff. But, the reason I'm bias towards the Iphone is no, not because of Steve jobs but I think, for me, it's because of the games that I can easily access via iTunes. And, not just the games but all the apps. Such, as the Facebook app.

The main thing I use my phone for is to check my Fb for updates or sometime, even to upload snapshots. I'm always checking my emails and like to read some news online. If there's wi…

What can be done to improve Singapore Soccer?

I just post this err.. long comments at Yahoo!

It's about the Singapore soccer scenes. Have a read. Link, to main article included here.


S-league, should be the base for Singapore football. They should do something like the RHB cup where they call the region champions to play in it including the Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, china and maybe even top European club champions. Make it yearly. Maybe, singapore FA cup or whatever cups that could help improve the S-league level to international level. Consistent, competitions will improve our players consistently.

That, could also make the S-league team becomes more competitive locally and internationally. Only, the Top 4 team in S-league play in this competitions. So, every team in S-league have something to play, fight and strive for. Right, now the S-league team only fight for championship. What about the other Top team? What, will they get? Without, fighting for something, the…

Medal of Honour for my playstation 3 Games

God damn it.. went to compass point to buy Medal of Honour and Starcraft 2. But, they don't have it for the PS3 because it was out of stock. Great. They do have it for the xbox 360 though. But, I'll have to upgrade to Gold membership if I had wanted to play multiplayer.

Bummer. I decided to wait till they have it for PS3 instead. Like, I've said before, I don't want to buy any more games for my xbox, because, I'm afraid of the RROD!

In the end, I didn't get the Starcraft game either.

Bahhh ...what a wasted trip.

Anyway, maybe, I'll wait till COD: Black Ops then get MOH and maybe Starcraft 2 at the same time. I'll need to clear up some space on my pc for Starcraft though. Thinking, of upgrading my hard drive to 500gb and also my GPU. Heck, that's more money to burn. Haha.

Sigh ...

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