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Alienware m14x - RIFT lite gameplay sets on ultra

Alienware m14x - RIFT lite gameplay sets on ultra

Yo guys,

Check it out. I uploaded a video of me playing RIFT lite on my Alienware m14x sets to ultra!

You can also download the free to play RIFT lite from the link here.

Download it and play for free the level 1-20.

Click here to download the RIFT client.

Happy Gaming!

MW3 multiplayer Free play weekends n RIFT lite

MW3 multiplayer Free play weekends n RIFT lite

Yo guys,

If you don't know it yet, MW3 multiplayer are free for this weekend. Go on to Steam to download it before the offer is over!

Also, RIFT lite is out and you can play up to level 1-20 for Free.

Click here to download the client now. You'll need to update your account if you ever played it before. If you're new to the game, this is the best time to try out the game before deciding if you like it.

Check it out!

Happy gaming weekend!

Alienware m14x - Diablo III Open Beta Gameplay & Game guide

Alienware m14x - Diablo III Open Beta Gameplay

Yo guys,

Just uploaded gameplay for Diablo III on my alienware m14x.

It plays pretty smooth on medium and high settings.

Check it out!

Oh yeah, check out 2 of the best Diablo 3 guide below:

1. Diablo 3 Billionaire

Richest Diablo 3 Gamer Finally Breaks His Silence on how he's made over a billion gold in diablo 3 by applying breakthrough methods that anyone can easily & effortlessly duplicate too.

Free ecourse - the diablo 3 billionaire formula

Click here for more info!

2. Talonz Diablo III Game guide - click here to get it now!

Here's some testimonials by users >>

Kevin: Level 11 Monk

"When I was first surfing the internet just to see what kind of guides were out there I really had no interest or urge to buy any, until I came across your website. The visual of your site really dragged me in, besides for the visual of the site, the multi purpose guides as written and even video based really lured me in. But, instead of…

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

Yo guys,

Check it out - Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

Click here to download now!

Only till Monday!

Happy Gaming!

SWTOR - Star Wars The Old Republic Guide

SWTOR - Star Wars The Old Republic Guide


Are you into SWTOR?

Check it out. The latest and fastest leveling guide around!

Click here to leveling today.

 Completely Dominate SWTOR with any class and get to level 50 in record time!

Completely dominate Star Wars The Old Republic with any class!

Get to level 50 with Record speed!

Are you game?

SWTOR Walkthrough
SWTOR Strategy
SWTOR Guide and Classes
SWTOR Leveling

and much more!

Click here to leveling today.

Happy Gaming!

Microsoft Store has now launched their Student Store

Microsoft Store has now launched their Student Store! Exclusive PC & Xbox Discounts and Deals for Students!

Hey guys,

If you didn't know it yet, Microsoft have a new store especially for ye students. Check out the offer below:

Microsoft Store is expanding and now includes an entire section solely dedicated to students!

Not only are they able to offer products tailored specifically to students, they are able to offer exclusive student discounts as well*!

*This student-only discount requires verification of student status prior to purchase

Top products featured on the site include: Windows 7, Office, PC and Xbox!

Exclusive student deals:

Buy a PC for College get an Xbox 360 for free from the Microsoft Store! Offer extended thru 9.24!Free Shipping on all Xbox Consoles and PCs from the Microsoft Store!Student Exclusive Discount-take up to $100 off our top PCs from the Microsoft StoreStudent Exclusive Discount-Up your game for less: get a special price on Xbox LIVEfrom the Microsoft…

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