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George Santayana

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn."

– George Santayana, Philosopher and Poet

Dead and still making money

He's dead and still making money. Who? It's Corey Rudl. Internet Marketing Millionaire. Died last month in a control racing accidents. He's porch crashed when the driver lose control of the car. Corey still relatively young at 33 died living an empire still making him money on the internet.

The ironic thing is he's philosophy was to automate his/client online business so that they can concentrate more on marketing then running the daily routine of the business. It was simple. You create a simple sales website with all the testimonials, check sample etc. Then when a customer buy the products, it will be automatically ship to them all this done while you're sleeping, playing golf or in Corey case go racing. He has always stressed on automation. Because as he says it, You want to run a business, not run a job. If you have to look after your business 9-5, might as well you get a 9-5 day job!

That's Corey for you. He still has a website that makes him money although h…

Guantanamo Bay what?

I don't know what's the fuss with Bush Administration is. Why set up Guantanamo Bay? I mean, even in Islamic law if really they are terrorist and bomb and killed innocents people or whatever. I'm pretty sure it's "off with their heads!"

It ain't pretty but it works. That's what Islamic law is about. You're either guilty or not guilty. And the sentences is swift and straight to the point. There's NO 'maybe' in Islam.

That's HOW you wipe out the world's problems today such as AIDS, POVERTY, RAPIST, CRIMINALS etc etc.

You have to nip the problem at it's bud. As a muslim we also believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) and we believe he will come back to 'settle old scores'. The prophecy is said that he will help destroy all desease, poverty (there will be no poor people) and other problems. And of course he will use the Islamic law as bases for his judements. So, that prove Islam is the real religion that GOD has accepted and…
This is what I wake up to everyday. Once a while look up at the sky, and you might just see heaven...
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Again, click this link and have a look. It's cheap business opportunity that you can promote everyday and get paid instantly to your stormpay or pay…

Vince Lombardi

"The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."

– Vince Lombardi
Finally, manage to learn how to use my gf Digicam and how to upload it directly via picasa. Always wanted to take a photo of the car park view from my room windows. Especially, when the weather is nice, warm, sunny. Quiet and peacefull. With the wind blowing in my room. Ahhh, why travel to strange faraway land when you have your heaven right here where you live?
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Personality Test?

My gf told me that her sister had gone for a job interview earlier in the morning today. She told me that her sister had to actually take a "personality test". Apparently, it's the requirement for jobs application nowadays.

In jest, I told her, "personality test, why don't they have "an attitude problem test"?" I continued, "Isn't that more accurate?" and she laughed.

The world is getting funnier and funnier... :0

Diana Scharf Hunt

"Goals are dreams with deadlines."

– Diana Scharf Hunt

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Have a say on abortion

I was invited to say my piece about "Abortion" today.

Here's a link to the comment section >>

Here's the link to the blogger site >>

For the record, I only aggree to abortion if it's to save the mother. In a life-threatening situation. That's what some of the Islamic religion 'scholars' aggree in. Other then that, it's a definite "NO".

What do you think? You might want to leave your comment on my "comment" section and also at the site. Link posted above.

"To kill a life is to kill humanity, to save a life is to save humanity".

Wayne Dyer

"All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him, but you won’t succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy."

– Wayne Dyer

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Long term goals

"You must have long-term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures."

– Charles C. Noble

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Does this look like the picture?

I was eating at a KFC eating outlet in Funan IT Mall with my gf. While eating we saw a guy at the counter bringing his burger and showing it to the girl serving him and asking her "Does this look like the picture?". He point his finger to the picture of the advertised burger on the board and his burger on the plate. From afar, I see what he meant. It certainly doesn't look as appetising as the picture. The girl told him that its like that. The picture and the real serving isn't the same.

Well, when the manager of the outlet came, he told the guy that it had always been like that. Meaning all this while we have been served not as advertised but a "different version" of the burger. I forgot what happened in the end. My gf said the guy went away asking for his money back. I think the guy got fed-up and go away, wonder if he ever gonna eat at any KFC outlet ever again.

This happen a couple of years back. Untill, now years later, I always joke with my gf and askin…


Just came back from watching Batman today. At the end of it all, I feel as if I'm not watching a Batman movie. It's as if I'm watching a new action movie with all the bell and whistle,.. without the bat. But, I love the car though, if you could call it that. I can feel the power of the vehicle as it jump from one building to another, ramp over police cars and powered away on the highway. Boy, would I love to be on the steering wheel of that 'monster'.

The fighting is pretty cool though. They look like ninjas trainning. With the sword, strap behind their back and wearing black shirt and mask. When I saw liam neeson, I immediately remembered him as the jedi master giving guidance to his student in star wars. I was surprised when it turn out he was the bad man trying to destroy Gotham (God Damm?) city. That was a nice surprise.

Okay, I like mistical, (japanese) sword fighting, action movie. So, I will give this movie a thumb up for those who like this kind of genre. Way…

Make money via Yahoo!

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action."

– Frank Tibolt

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Yesterday, I manage to recruit a pakistani to join me in one of my money making program. All via my yahoo messenger.

The guy had requested to connect to me via my Yahoo! Messenger. Didn't really know who it was at first. I thought it was one of the other contact that I was waiting. So, imagine the confusion when I talk to him in my native 'malay' language. When he didn't understand what I was typing, I realized I make a mistake. He then explain to me that he had got my contact via one of the site I was promoting online and wanted to learn more info about the online biz I was into.

So, for two days we chat and I reply to his every questions. He was mostly afraid of scams and losing money after all the work. For me, I told him that it's not because a program is …

George Bernard Shaw

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them."

– George Bernard Shaw

Mark Twain

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

– Mark Twain

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Napolean Hill

"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."

– Napoleon Hill

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Kallang river murder updates

Well, the latest news today is a suspect has been caught. I got a couple of things right about the killer identity. First, I was right that both the killer and the murdered woman were related. In a way that is. I'm also right that the killer is also the same race (chinese), same as the murdered woman. The suspected killer is a 50 year old chinese supervisor of the woman. They both work in the same factory. That might explain why and where the killer get the boxes. That could be also why the body were thrown to the river. The factory is near the river. I wonder what kind of factory it is.

He might have used the tools available at the factory. Would be a surprise if the woman were killed at the same factory. I mean where the rest of the workers? Are they involved with each other more then as worker and supervisor? Couldn't be anything else. I mean, the guy must have been dejected. And in his anger killed the woman.

I must say that the police had done a quick, fast professional job…

Police still looking rest of body parts

Earlier in the day, I posted about body parts found by a cleaner at Singapore kallang river in two separate boxes. The police till now are still searching for the head and the legs of the woman. Maybe in another box?

Maybe the killer had decided to disposed of the head and legs another way. To avoid being ID by the police. By now, the killer would have been watching the news for updates. Maybe, he/she has run away to the neighbouring country (malaysia) by now. If I was the killer I would have done that. Maybe run all the way to thailand and lay low. I'm not sure if the body of the woman they found have err..hands. They can check her fingerprints and discovered her ID in no time. Even if they can't find the head.

I should think that the killer is a man. As the murdered is a woman. Don't know what her age is but, as always the killer might be around 25-39 year old male. If you know her race you might know the race of the killer too. What did the killer use to cut the body up? …

Updates on the 29 children hostage today

Latest updates: One canadian children died when cambodian polis/army special force overwhelmed the 4 cambodia 'terrorist' while they were trying to escape in a vehicle. Still no word why the 'terrorist' did it. I'm branding them 'terrorist' because their operation seems to be that. They had ask for weapons, money, escape vehicle. Sound familiar?

I pity the parents of the canadian child though. I would rather, the terrorist escape then trying to attempt anything major. It's children for freaking sake. The good news is the other children are safe which is made up of American, Britain, Singaporean, Korean, Indian, Japanese etc.

People are getting desperate. Even terrorist are getting desperate. They are getting bolder and brutal. But, my own opinion is as long as the Palestinian and Israel issue can't be solved, the rest of the world won't be able to enjoy peace.

Until then, take care ...

9/11 + Iraq + Democracy = Bodies

I wonder now, compared to 9/11, how many died in Iraq. Is it worth it?

Ques: Do you put out Fire with water or woods?
Ans: Neither. You pour oil over it.

20 children taken hostage in cambodia

20 children were taken hostage today in Cambodia. It's an International school. The children were from Singapore, Australian, India, UK, US, Korea, Japanese Indonesia etc. If I remember it correctly they are in kindergarten age 2-6 year old.

The hostages are asking for $30,000, vehicle, weapons and a safe passage back to Thailand. I wonder if they are the 'terrorist' that's doing all the killing in thailand.

Right now latest updates shots were heard.

Body parts found inside box in kallang river

Just watch the news on Tv. Several body parts found inside two box at kallang river (singapore). That's BIG news. Singapore is a nice quiet sunny small island country. Nothing much happen here. But, once a while gory things do happen though. This is freaking one of them!

Furthermore, the "kill" is fresh. The body haven't decomposed yet. It's a body of a dead woman. Not much info then that. I'll update later once there're more news on it.

Been making money online for 7++ years

The other day, an old friend from a place I used to work with called me. It's been sometime since we talk. The last time he called was to inform me about a former colleague of ours who had died suddenly. Actually, I already know about it. But, him being a good friend called me to inform just in case I didn't know.

Anyway, we talked about old stuff and also new stuff. One of it was he asked me if I was still doing "the internet stuff". I said, I'm still at it. Take note, I was just about to alight from the bus while talking to him on my cell phone. I must be talking quite loud 'cause I felt that people were watching me. No matter. Back to the question of me of still doing "the internet stuff". I told him I was still at it and will forever be. The reason being, it was what I like doing. As long as there will be internet and there are people that will want to make money online. I will be there. No matter what. As, I've said before and still saying i… - Funny clips

I found this funny site while surfing. Here's a sample of a flash video of michael jackson singing in the court. If you have broadband, it'll automatically play from the site. If you're using dial-up, it's advisable that you download first then play it. If you want to watch other clips just click the link for joke on taleban etc.

Here's the link for Michael Jackson clips:

Have a good day!
How bout this? Cool huh? Looks like my old grandma pic. Ehehe..oopss sorry dear!
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I'm playing with the Picasa tools where you can edit images and then uploading it up to your blog. Kind of cool. What do you think of this pic?
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The latest pic of my gf taken for her school photo album. She's a full time teacher. So, I guess, she'll have a lot of experience in handling noisy kids. Their idiocrysies, crapz and such. Sooo, err...when will we have our own kids? Hehe!
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Michael Jackson Acquited of all charges

If you haven't know yet, Michael Jackson is acquited of all charges. I'm a neutral. I don't know who's right or wrong. I don't think I even care. If he's wrong, sooner or later he'll get what he deserves but if he's not in the wrong and instead people only want to take advantage of his kindness then they too will receive what they deserves. On my part, I cannot speculate merely on conjectures without real knowledge of what really happens. They know it themselves.

What is also known is Michael is in debt. I think for him to earn so much money, he's an idiot in finance. People work hard to save money and he waste his. Celebrity seems to enjoy wasting money on mundane stuff.

One celebrity I like is David Beckham, english soccer player. I don't know who handle his financial but they sure know their work. He's now reported to be a multi-millionaire earning on-field and off field. I don't think there's any other footballer in the world that …

Silly Laws - California

It is illegal for a secretary to be alone in a room with her boss. Two bathtubs may not be installed in the same house. Motor vehicles may not drive on city streets unless a man with a lantern is walking ahead of it. One may not carry a lunch down the street between 11 and 1 o'clock. Persons classified as "ugly" may not walk down any street.

I'm a modern hermit

I've been thinking of a good title and what to write about on this post today. So, I finally decided to put the title "I'm a modern hermit". I thought of this while in the toilet. Before, you say yucks, take note that a lot of well known figures, discover the answer to their problem or projects while bathing or whatever inside the toilet. Hehe. Can't really remember any names to put here but it's true.

Anyway, why do I called myself a "modern hermit"? Because, eons ago, hermits or in a sense thinkers, always like to stay somewhere there won't be any other human distractions. They stay in caves high in the mountain. Where there won't be any human contacts. Some stay in hidden caves to contemplate about life. Some cultures because they want to gain knowledge and supernatural powers. Some, well, they very much prefer to stay away from mankind.

To my knowledge only man became hermit. Haven't really heard of woman hermit. If you do know any? Ju…

Tuesday coming test

Just came back from doing my RT exercise regime. This coming tuesday there will be a test for us. I ask the PTI if I can instead go for the RT training instead of taking the test since, I know I won't pass it. But, I was told to take it. I said why the hell should I take it since I know I can't make it?

Anyway, this coming tuesday we'll see. If I took it, I'll just take it easy. I won't want to hurt myself. The last time a lot people get injured doing their shuttle run test.

Just, now we run around the track and I must be almost walking all five rounds. I had a bit of difficulty in breathing and both of my knees heard. I can freaking hear my knees giving a 'clicking' and 'clacking' sound. That was scary. At my age right now and haven't been exercising for a while, I don't want to injured myself for nothing. I hate getting injured or having to see a doctor for check-up. I don't want to be told to get a surgery or anything. The last time I …

Intelligence Vs Education

"The difference between intelligence and education is this: Intelligence will make you a good living." Charles Kettering


"Conquer your fears and you'll conquer the world!"

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Server Attacks

This last couple of weeks. There's been server attacks, outage frequently happening. I'm having problem accessing a couple of sites. Sometime, I can reach the site, sometime I can't. At first, I thought it might be a browser problem. But, it wasn't. I test it out with firefox and I.E. browser. Then I thought, maybe it's my ISP technical problem. It wasn't the case too. Today, I manage to login to one of my program site and they say that there's a server outage and their server are having the same DDOS attack. Freaking hell. No wonder, I've been having problems.

Anyway, father's day is coming. Take a moment to send an eCard to them.

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Keeping the Faith

No, I'm not losing my faith. I've been thinking about keeping your faith today. With all that is happening today in the world. In any normal circumtance you might want to re-think your faith. But, really, if your faith is strong or deeply entrenched in your heart any second thought about keeping your faith will dissappear in a heartbeat.

For me Faith in God is a "gift". If you're a so-called atheist. Someone who doesn't believe in God then there must be a reason that you don't believe in HIM, HIS angel, HIS heaven, HIS messenger etc. Only God knows why. I'm not writing this to even preach to you to believe in Him. In the end it's really up to you. There's no compulsion in religion. Some people need to see to believe. Sometime though, facts and truth are shown to them but indeed, if you're blind then you're blind. If God chose to veil you from seeing the truth then what can we do? That's why, we can't force anyone into religion. …

Passion and Patience

One thing I've learned in being an online marketer is that you need a whole lot of passion and patience. Saying that, I believe that in everything we do we need that ingredients. Let say for simplicity sake that you have passions for sports for example soccer. If you want to be among the best player in the world you need a whole lot of passion and patience. If you have passion but no patience then you might fall flat on your face before you even reach anywhere near your dreams.

If you have patience but no passion? Well, why the hell are you in that game if you have no passion for it right? So, for me, as an online marketer, I do have passion for what I'm doing. Although, I didn't know it in the earlier stage of my ventures. You see, for a long time, I wanted to start my own business. Because, I realized that working a 9-5 day job is not to my liking. I hate waking up so freaking early in the morning. Catch the bus, and reaching my work place tired even before I started work…

Had a little scare..

I had a little scare just now. I decided to wake up a bit early today err..around 8am ++. As always, I on my laptop first, and maybe check up my email. Normally, I'll go take a bath while I let the system load up. It takes almost 15mins for the whole thing to load up, start my yahoo messenger, my anti-virus etc.

Anyway, I decided to wait a while, then I realized my yahoo messenger didn't automatically sign-in. I tried open up my I.E. browser then my firefox. Freaking hell, my internet is kaput! So, I tried to on and off the power switch, my laptop and my cable modem. It didn't work. I called up my gf to ask her if she can access her internet. Her ISP is the same as mine. It happened before that, our ISP were having technical problem and we can't access the net. So, I thought maybe, that's what happening right now. Then, I thought maybe they had cut my Internet access cause I haven't paid up my bills? But, I thought, it's still early for that to happen.

My cab…

Elvis, embodiment of coolness

Watching Elvis, '68 comeback concert on tv. I must say, watching him on the show I just realized how cool he is. The way he talk, smile, perform, sings, dance on stage. It's just way cool. Too bad he died young. If he is still alive today, I'm pretty sure his 'coolness' will still be there.

Opps his shows back on, got to go!

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Everyday people dies..

I just realized this. Everyday, people die. It may not be people you know but, somewhere out there someone is sick, hungry, bomb, shoot at, crying, massacre, murdered, etc etc.

Life sucks doesn't it? In spite of that, the rest of us are either oblivered by that facts or simply don't or won't care. All we care about is our puny existence on earth. That's human, that's reality of life. Have you been thinking recently the reason why you're still alive today?

Life will certainly be meaningless, if you think that life on earth is all it's about. If you haven't think about GOD, heavens and hell then it is said, you're considered "blind" although you're not blind, you're considered the "living dead" cause, you aren't really "living". Pause for a moment and think about it. What's the difference between you and other living things on earth? It's not because we are smarter then them. It's because, GOD gives …

Think small, achieve small

Just a quick note today,

Think small, and you'll achieve peanuts ..think BIG, and YOU'LL achieve BIG in life!

That's what you get when you join 4daily. Think small, put in small and you'll earn small cash back. If you think BIG and you put in Big bucks, You'll cash out much more. Simple philosophy don't you think?


Live your dreams...

"Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true."

– Napoleon Hill

My body hurts

Yes, my body hurts. Most of all it's my shoulder that hurts. And, why the hell not? On my last sunday RT (re-training) , I've learned a couple of new exercise trainings for specific body parts with weird names. Ever heard of "Buddha Claps", "Chicken Backside"??

I have been doing RT for almost 10 years. Recently, after a couple of years "AWOL" I decided to do my compulsory RT. The first day, I realized a lot of things have change with new type of warm-ups. It's so new, I keep looking at others doing it first before, I manage to follow it.

Anyway, last sunday training. We did the "Buddha Claps". You sit on the floor cross legged. Then you clap your hand over your heads 50 times. Well, at first, I thought it was nothing since all you have to do is clap your hands over your head right? BIG mistake, by the time we counted up to 20 I was ready to give up and had to freaking force myelf to claps! 50 claps over your head and till now my should…

Feeling lost?

"No one was ever lost on a straight road."

– Indian Proverb

Cory Rudl 1971- 2005

What de!!?? Corey Rudl, online internet marketer millionaire. Which is the first marketer that I bought his internet marketing course has died! Yesterday, my grandfater died and today, I open up my email and was informed about his death in a car crash. I've sign-up under his affiliates and his marketing course, which is the basis for my knowledge in online marketing. Now, he's gone forever!

Although, I haven't met Corey personally, but he's certainly one of the people that have touch me. I knew him via the internet since 1998 I think way back when I was a newbie learning how to make money online. I have manage to sell a couple of his products through the years. Always receive his emails because of my affiliation with him. Geez, I've never thought this day will come. Truly, the online community will miss him. There will certainly be a void in 'real' guru. His innovative products and services have help many people who wanted to start their own business online …


"If all you're receiving for your work is money you're being
grossly underpaid."

--Alan Cohen

"What you put out is what you get back and the reason so many are
so short of money is that they put little or nothing out."

--Stuart Wilde

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a
present and not giving it."

--William Arthur Ward
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My Grandfather died this morning

Here I am, wide awake on my laptop at 7:33 am.

My brother woke me up just now informing me that my mother had called from Malaysia to tell us the news that our grandfather (at my mothers side) just died. I check my handphone, if she had tried to call me up earlier. She only sms me to inform me about the death.

To tell you the truth, I already kind of prepared for his death. Well, he was already old and sick. Although, I didn't followed my mom yesterday to go back and visit him. I could sense he could die today. I'm actully surprised he is still alive till today. My grandmother and grandfather on my father side died around 7-10 years ago. Couldn't remember the exact year. Didn't know about it until my father and I went back to visit my grandfather 'kampung' (malay name for village).

That's the problem when you and your grandparents are living in two different countries. Me living in the city of singapore and them in the village of malaysia. So, right now, I'…

Cash out via 4daily debit card

Check it out!

I've been making money with 4daily for some time and recently, they have decided to have their own 4daily debit card. Which means, now I can get paid via my debit card easily. Before that, if I wanna cash out I'll have to ask for checks to be send to me. What's worst is before, I can do that? I'll have to wait for 5 days. They say it's for security reason. Okay, I have to admit that there are a lot of criminal, fraudsters out there who will rather steal then work their sock off to earn honest cash. I don't get it with this "online criminals" is it easier to steal money then to work for it?

What if you get caught? Then what? Why do it the hard way when you can earn honest cash easily, and get paid $100s if not $1000s of dollars everyday, every weeks or every months?

You must admit, some of this "online criminals" are clever. They know programming, codes etc. But, they use it more for criminal activities then for the good of others.…

Sunny blue skies, that roars thunder

From my open window, I can see the sunny blue sky. So blue with minimal clouds. So minimal, you can't imagine a shape out of it. But, from afar, I can hear thunder roars. Somewhere out there, it's dark and gloomy and raining. Thunders roar and roar it's heart out.

I think, I've caught the flue virus. Can't stop sneezing and blowing out my nose. I decided, to cook some hot water and make myself a cup of hot tea. Usually, I drink coffee in the morning and by evening, I'll drink tea. Occasionally, I'll make myself hot cup of milo at night. Yesterday, I had done some 400m x 2 round running. I haven't run for a couple of years and suddenly, I had to do this trainning. Earlier, we were told to run one round around the track as a kind of warm-up. I think I was the last two that reach the ending point. Out of 70+ runner that is.

Anyway, the PTI (physical training instructor) told us that we have to run the first 400m within 2mins. At first I thought it was only h…

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