Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tuesday coming test

Just came back from doing my RT exercise regime. This coming tuesday there will be a test for us. I ask the PTI if I can instead go for the RT training instead of taking the test since, I know I won't pass it. But, I was told to take it. I said why the hell should I take it since I know I can't make it?

Anyway, this coming tuesday we'll see. If I took it, I'll just take it easy. I won't want to hurt myself. The last time a lot people get injured doing their shuttle run test.

Just, now we run around the track and I must be almost walking all five rounds. I had a bit of difficulty in breathing and both of my knees heard. I can freaking hear my knees giving a 'clicking' and 'clacking' sound. That was scary. At my age right now and haven't been exercising for a while, I don't want to injured myself for nothing. I hate getting injured or having to see a doctor for check-up. I don't want to be told to get a surgery or anything. The last time I had a surgery, I had to stay for two weeks.

The doctor told me I would only have to stay for at least three days. Yeah, right. My nose keep bleeding and it won't stop. I had to stay for a freaking two weeks. And it still won't stop. Didn't know I had a broken nose. So, they had to straightened it up by putting in two pieces of plastics which is still up my nose till now. I didn't bother to come back for post check-up. The whole ordeal was scary to me. I don't really feel any different though after the surgery. In fact, it got worst then before the surgery. That's why, I hate to see a doctor for anything. Even if I had a high fever. Felt as though I was going to die. Couldn't even move or drink or eat. Almost lay in bed for a week. I just took some panadol and rest. I know I should have seen a doctor but, I had always done self-medication and I tried to stay healthy and stay away from sick people. I don't even like to go to a hospital. There're sickness and death everywhere. Believe me that's the last place you wanna be.

Okay, I'm beginning to babble here. So, I'm going to take a bath, cleanup and start promoting my online biz.


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