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Alienware m14x - Alan Wake American Nightmare Gameplay

Alienware m14x - Alan Wake American Nightmare Gameplay

Supp guys,

Check out my video playing Alan Wake's American Nightmare on my Alienware m14x. You can download the game via Steam.

It's a pretty cool game and settings on high. Smooth as butter. On this video, I'm playing Arcade action, a survival mode. Haven't yet tried playing the story mode.

Anyway, check it out!

P.S. Looking for a great Diablo III game guide? Check the one from Tony Sanders - Click here to visit his site!

Alienware m14x - RIFT lite gameplay 2 sets on ultra

Alienware m14x - RIFT lite gameplay 2 sets on ultra

Yo guys,

Check out my RIFT lite gameplay on my Alienware m14x. This is the second time I'm recording it via RIFT in-game recorder. Pretty nifty tool for recording and uploading your gameplay on youtube.

If you're interested on a good game guide for the game then click here to check out Tony Sanders RIFT game guide.

If you want to download the game lite version that you can play from level 1-20 then click here to visit the main site.

Have fun!

P.S. Don't forget to get Tony Sanders RIFT game guide >> click here!!

Chelsea FC - Champions League Parade

Chelsea FC - Champions League Parade

Really waited for so long after hoping maurinho to get it for us. In the end it's one of our old player Di Matteo that becomes our manager and he won the FA cup and the elusive champions league. What more can we ask for?

We're champions of europe 2012!

Chelsea FC!!

Diablo III Guide by Professional Gamers

Diablo III Guide by Professional Gamers

Hey Guys,
A group of professional gamers have launched a new Diablo 3 site Talonz Guide here.

As many of you are aware Diablo 3 is about to be released on May 15th, and with most StarCraft 2 players about to start playing Diablo 3 the game is set to break new PC gaming records.

What makes Talonz Guide sit apart from the rest of the Diablo 3 guides is that it is written by 3 professional gamers. Talonz, Shokz, and Dusk. Many of you know Shokz the top selling StarCraft 2 Guide which set itself apart because he's a professional StarCraft 2 player and a top ranked Grandmaster player. Dusk who creates all the videos for Talonz Video Guide and Shokz Video Guide is also a Diablo veteran and StarCraft 2 grandmaster player, and Talonz is a top ranked Diablo 2 veteran.

I'm sure as you know all the Diablo 3 guides and StarCraft guides are written by ghost writers that have little knowledge of the game and once they are released are never to be upd…

Microsoft Store Having Exciting New Promotions!

Hey guys,

Just a quick post.

Microsoft Store has some exciting new promotions that just started today!

Please see below for details and watch throughout the week as they release more great offers.

Below is a link to get you started:

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Happy Gaming!

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