Razer Cyber Weekend Deals Now On Worldwide- Up To 56% Off!

Cyber Weekend Deals Now On Worldwide - Up To 56% Off!

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The exciting Razer Cyber Weekend Offers have arrived!

You can now check out offer Razer amazing deals on selected Razer gaming laptops and accessories! Be sure you're the first to check 'em out!

All offers below are valid from now on until November 29th for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Rest of Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Razer Cyber Weekend 2017: Up to 56% Off on Selected Razer Gaming Gear.

Offer ends Nov 29th 2017 or while stocks last.

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Offer Details:

Buy a refurbished Razer Blade laptop and receive a Razer Mouse worth $79.

Use code: EPITAI

Link: Click here to use code EPITAI

Save $350 on the Razer Blade Stealth 4K laptop.

Link: Click here to get your Razer Blade Stealth

Save $30…

Lattepanda - World's First Windows 10 Single Board Computer!

Click here to order LattePanda right now!

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Playing with Raspberry pi 3 have make me interested in single board cheap computer that you can used for a lot of home projects. Of course, there are limitations and there have been many others that tried to emulate the raspberry pi.

LattePanda, are one of those small single board computer that came out from kickstarter's project. It's pretty much faster and comes pre-installed with windows 10. You can also buy one without any OS pre-installed too. I already have a windows 10 pc, so I'll rather install ubuntu on it.

The board are also embedded with arduino. That means, you can also play around with arduino projects if you wish. It's a little bigger then a raspberry pi. And, also a tad expensive. But, if you're looking for anything faster than a raspberry pi and prefer windows 10, then get a LattePanda!

4GB RAM LattePanda Windows 10 mini PC with 64GB eMMC memory. This model of LattePanda includes a act…

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Tickets!


Terminal MPS-Youtube for Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop Starter Kit (16Gb, White)

Hey guys,

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Here's a cool and alternative way to watch videos or just listen to music found on youtube!

Raspberry pi 3 are a great single board mini computer that you can use for multimedia entertainment or for learning computing. Installed with Raspbian, you can use it to learn programming and coding. Some even use it to play retro games!

The problem with raspberry pi 3 is that, the processor and gpu isn't good enough to open up a chrome browser to watch youtube videos. You can tweak here and there but it'll still lag. I'm hoping they'll come up with better processor and gpu to at least past this test.

I made a mistake yesterday of signing in to my chrome browser account on my raspberry pi and it installed all my extensions and configurations I've had on my pc. Needless to say, I had to kill all the access process and finally just decided to pull out the plug!

Now, I've decided to use alternative …

Doom Skyrim LA Noire Batman Out Now For Nintendo Switch!

FIFA 18 Standard Edition - Nintendo Switch

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Doom, Skyrim, LA Noire and even Batman are out now for the Nintendo Switch!

If you haven't got those games yet, than, you might want to order them before it's sold out!

If you haven't buy the Nintendo Switch yet then what you're waiting for?

Nintendo Switch are getting more popular and selling well right now. Even, the Pokemon C.E.O didn't think it will be this successful!

Nintendo Switch - Gray Joy-Con

More games are already available on the switch and more will come by end of this year. In 2018, it'll be the year that more triple AAA games developer will come to the switch. I'm pretty sure of that. Heck, I'm happy to hear that Zen Studios Pinball games are coming out by end of Dec 2017!

Nintendo, been sending emails to their customers asking for feedback on their latest product and I'm sure, they'll improve it and probably working with game developers to come out with latest new …

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Mac of All Trades

Apple iMac Computers In Stock! 728 x 90

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

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