20XX - gameplay - cheap game with replayability!

littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition

Hey guys,

I saw a gameplay of this game the other day. You know me, I'm a sucker for oldies. But, this isn't an oldy though. It's an updated platform game that people would relate to megaman. It's selling pretty cheap on steam. So, i decided to buy it.

I like cheap and small file size game. I'm running out of space on my hard drives installing triple AAAs. I need to clear up some of them. Okay, this game isn't offering anything new. But, once a while you'll like to get back playing the kind of game, you used to play when you're a kid.

This game doesn't disappoint. In fact, I quickly remembered the days, when I used to get angry playing this kind of platformer. The constant dying and mistakes I make. The agitating and the feeling of exasperation. But, also of jubilations when you finally made it through. Lol.

You can actually see all that in this video!

The game is on offer on steam. So, get it if you h…

Mysteries Of Machu Pic'chu: June 2017 - If only they had time machine!

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Hey guys,

One of my favorite channel in Youtube is Brien Foester's. Brien is an author of books that talk about ancient aliens and ancient sites like machu pichu. He goes to tour all this amazing ancient sites and upload it to his channel.

I'm not really a believer of ancient aliens theory but, it's still kind of interesting. I do believe in ancient civilizations that have the knowledge to build forts made of megalithic stones that weigh tons. It's a wonder how they're able to carry all those heavy stones and put it in place!

It's really a mystery how they do it. How the past civilizations live their lives. They're basically like us only that their way of thinking and doing things are different. We have improved our technology and continued to learn about the universe and how things work.

Students Save $350 on Surface Book i5 128GB and i5 256GB. Offer valid 8/20 - 9/2

We build m…

Preview: Blizzard at gamescom 2017 - Xbox one X at Gamescom!?

Ultimate gaming with Xbox One X 1TB Console - Project Scorpio Edition!

Hey guys,

Blizzard will be at gamescom 2017 from August 22-26!

The leading European trade fair for digital gaming culture, gamescom takes place each year in Cologne, Germany. Blizzard Entertainment is there from August 22-26, 2017.

Watch the video for preview of what Blizzard will be doing at Gamescom.

Frankly, it's just some updating on current games like Starcraft, wow and Hearthstone. I was hoping they gonna announce any new game. A little disappointed. I'm not into multiplayer games. Don't have the time and I prefer stories.

One of the good news though, is there going to be a new added story line for Hearthstone. Now, we're talking. I haven't yet buy the HD re-mastered of starcraft. But, they're going to show it at Gamescom. Funny, they didn't talk about Diablo.

Watch the video!

Will Xbox one X project scorpio be on show at Gamescom?

Have you ordered the new Xbox one X scorpio editi…

Unreal Engine 4.0 - Photorealism is here - Into the future with Xbox one x Scorpio!

Into the future with Xbox One X 1TB Console - Project Scorpio Edition!

Hey guys,

If you haven't watch this video then you should. It's all built with Unreal Engine 4.0. But, unlike it's name, it sure does looks real. If it's real, I want this house!

I'm sure this tool are not just for the game industry but for other industries too. Graphic designer, would earned a lot working with engineers, architects or home designer. With the improvement of virtual reality, it can even be used for various training simulator machine.

Imagine, being able to show your customers a couple of external and internal house design choice before a single brick is being laid. Not, just to show them but to be able to virtually let them 'walk' around and have a feel of the house.

Gaming industry, have certainly helped improved graphics and hardwares that's being used in other industry. If not for the hunt of better graphics that would help in better gaming experience, the technol…

Sword Art Online 5: Fatal Bullet Announcement - Out on Xbox One 2018!

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Hey guys,

If you're a fan of Sword Art Online. Then, check out this latest Fatal Bullet announcement. Will be out in early 2018. I'm a casual anime fan, and love japanese style stories. Although, most of the time, I prefer watching old or new anime movies.

Sword art online 5: Fatal bullet announcement, really looks great. If there's a movie version of the story please tell me. I'll love to watch it. Hecked, I might buy this game when it comes out next year for the xbox. I'll prefer buying the pc version, if it's sold on steam.

If you haven't watch it, then watch it now!

By the way, have you pre-ordered the Xbox one X scorpio yet?

Xbox One X 1TB Console - Project Scorpio Edition

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The world's most powerful console Limited Launch Edition with custom design Includes exclusive Xbox One X vertical stan…

How to Monitor your kids from your phone - back to school sale!

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Hey guys,

Ever wanted to build your own smart home?

With SmartHome, you can!

Nowadays, it's also imperative to install security system for your home. No matter where you live, a basic home monitoring kit is advisable.

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