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Apple holding iPhone 5 event on October 4

Hey guys,

Finally it's official. Iphone 5 coming this 4th oct!

Here's the read on Cnet. Click here!

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Good day!

P.S. I'm getting the iPhone 5 soon too! Can't wait to re-download and play all my 'old' games from iTunes.

Make Money Online While You Play Games?

Make Money Online While You Play Games?


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Facebook launches new Timeline and media sharing by Cnet

Facebook launches new Timeline and media sharing

Seem to look pretty cool .. I just wish Mark decide to built a Facebook tablet that I can bring around and read status updates and ALSO play the loads of Facebook games on the go without the need for the game dev to create a 'special' version of the game for tablets.

Hey, I play lots of Facebook games like so many others do and we'll like to be able to answer help request and maybe farm our corns before it turn bad when we're at work or out and about.

Here's my requirements for Facebook tablet:

1) Cheap - Maybe cost around $200-400?
2) The spec is good i.e. better graphic card, 2gb ram minimum, enough so that we can surf fast to read status and most importantly play Facebook flash games.
3) Tablet size would be 10-12 inch?

Remember this Facebook tablet is that, specifically build for Facebook. May I suggest you guys partner with HP and Alienware?

Facebook have millions of users and a Facebook tablet is the obvious c…

History in making: Holy land in labour for PaleState?

History in making: Holy land in labour for PaleState?

Well, it's about time. With all that's happening right now in the "Arab world".

Might I say that it all happens starting from the Sept 11?

There's one half that doesn't want the Palestinian to have their own state again. Their own government and then there's the other half that don't want it to happen. Come what may, they're afraid of what might happen when the Palestinian finally have their own 'country' again.

It's pretty interesting to see what happen next .. and so the chess game begin.

Battlefield 3 - Guillotine Xbox 360 Demo Gameplay

Battlefield 3 - Guillotine Xbox 360 Demo Gameplay

Check out the awesome battlefield 3 gameplay from Gamespot!

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Happy gaming!

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ProFlightSimulator Review - Flight Sim Pro Flight Simulator Game

ProFlightSimulator Review - Flight Sim Pro Flight Simulator Game

ProFlightSim - Pro combat flight sim demo gameplay multiplayer - The best home videos are here

Hey guys,

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Travel through vast areas and exotic places right on your pc. This is the most REALISTIC flight simulator game you'll ever come across with over 20,000 real world airports and 120 aircrafts to fly.

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