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Alienware m14x - Drakensang Online (open beta) gameplay

Alienware m14x - Drakensang Online (open beta) gameplay

Hey guys,

Check out this free for play game now on open beta entitled "Drakensang Online".

I tried playing it on my Alienware m14x and it's pretty smooth. It's a browser base game mmo. Watch the video for sample gameplay.

Hope you enjoy it.

Happy gaming!

P.S. You can check out the game at the link below:

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Yo guys,

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Looking for a good Mass Effect game guide?

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This guide would be perfect especially to those new to the gameplay. I know, cause it took me a couple of time trying to finish a mission. Unlike me though, the guide is written by a pro player for people like us.

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iPad 3 or the New iPad is out!

Supp guys,

So, have you heard the news?

iPad 3 or the New iPad is out. You can check it out at Apple main site.

In the mean time, if you ever wanted to learn how to create your own iPad game or app then you might want to check out more info on that here.

Apple are always upgrading and updating it's product. It's about keeping your existing customer happy and at the same time inviting new customer to check out it's product. Killing two birds with one stone eh Apple?

Okay, creating your own game or app for the iPad might seem a daunting task for any non-programming nerd like you and me. But, still, if you have at least a remote interest in signing up for an iPhone or iPad developer program then read up on why you should here.

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Alienware m14x - Saints Row The Third gameplay preset ultra

Alienware m14x - Saints Row The Third gameplay preset ultra

Hey guys,

Check out my Saints Row: The Third gameplay on my Alienware m14x I uploaded to youtube.

I'm not really into this kind of game as I'm mostly on FPS (First Person Shooter) but my nephew love it.
This video is the introduction part played by him recorded via free desktop video recorder. It's a pretty cool game I guess with cool cars and skydiving etc. It's totally like playing GTA.

On my alienware m14x the game is preset to ultra. It as smooth as butter!
You can create your own character features and so much more. I admit I was waiting for a better deal bought via steam. The offer are pretty irresistible.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the vid...
Happy gaming!

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