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Wake up n smell de roses North Korea!!

North Korean long-range missile on launch pad
North Korea has placed a long-range missile on a launch pad, a US official confirmed on Wednesday, raising prospects that it may soon go ahead with a launch that has alarmed the US and its allies.
You know, I've been watching North Korea in the news and really... North Korea, should wake up and smell the bloody roses. C'mon, you idiots. Time, have changed. We, don't want any more stupid wars. The crisis in the middle east still on-goings for like forever and you're still trying to play the macho tough persona. Wake up and smell the BLOODY roses!
Just fcking look at South Korea. They're way better then you in every way. You're fcking killing your own bloody children. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Throw away all this stupid nuclear stuff and war-mongering. The world have move on and you're still stuck in that stupid black hole!
Look around you, look at what the world are doing right n…

I'm on Facebook

Haha have been around for awhile. But, I only recently decided to try it out. So, far it's kind of fun playing around updating my facebook 'ala twitter. Updating my facebook every chance I get. Right now, I don't have many friends but it's okay to me. I'm just doing it for fun. Joining networks, play games etc.

It's also fun reading up on what others are doing when they update their facebook too. So, if you are still not using facebook which is like most unlikely, then join today.

Well, got to go. I'm watching UFO Hunters on History Chanel.

Good night!

Finally! Resident Evil 5, F.E.A.R. 2 n GOW!

So, here's a funny story. Last saturday, I finally decided to buy Resident Evil 5, F.E.A.R 2 Origin and Gears of War 1 ( I didn't played the 1st GOW!). 
Me and my nephews decided to meet my mom at the shopping center at Compass point. When, we reach there one of my nephew suddenly ask me why they can't play my xbox earlier and they see a red ring on the power button. 
I, instantly knew what he was talking about. I got the "red ring of death"!!
I was so freaking mad that they didn't tell me about it earlier. I was already syche up to buy the games that day. I decided instead to ask the game shop if they do any xbox repair. The salesgirl, kindly said no but she gave me the xbox tech support number. 
I, felt a little down. I wanted to get home as soon as possible to check my xbox. It had to wait as my mom wanted to talk to the renovation contractors doing their promotion.
Anyway, once, I reach home. The first thing I did was to switch on my Xbox. There it was.  The in…

A Shocking news from Derek Gehl!

Hi guys,

I checked my email this morning and there it was... 

... a message from the Internet Marketing Center's Derek Gehl, 
one of THE smartest Internet marketers I know, telling me he's 

I'm still in shock! 

At first, I was actually a little confused. Now more than EVER, 
(think 'recession'), people need some SERIOUS help making 
money online... 

... and he just up and quits?! 

But then I checked out the special web page he posted explaining 
in more detail why he's retiring, and it all made sense... 

He's NOT leaving everyone high and dry. As a final "farewell,"
he's actually putting together a complete braindump of 
everything he *knows* about making money on the Internet!

That's $100 MILLION worth of experience, strategies, and 
moneymaking secrets.

And that's why I'm emailing you today...

I know that the website where you can find out about Derek's 
entire collection of Internet marketing strategies is only 
going to be available…

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