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My Alienware m14x - Using Blackberry q10 to record dirt3-drift

My Alienware m14x - Using Blackberry q10 to record dirt3-drift

Supp guys,

Just a short video of my nephew playing Dirt 3, drift on my Alienware m14x version r1. I'm using my Blackberry Q10 to record it. At the same time, those interested to see how good the q10 8 megapixel camera is for recording.

I'm not really sure how I should be using the q10 camera to record as I still haven't dabble much with the camera settings. For this recording, I set the ratio to 4:3 and I believe, I set to stabilization. Every time, I moved the camera, it re-focus on it's own - albeit a bit slow. I'm not sure if I can immediately touch the screen to quickly re-focus again. That's why, at certain point of the video, it gets a bit blurred.

For the game, I set it all on auto high settings with ambient on etc. You can see, how the sun shine towards the driver or the camera for that matter. Gameplay, are pretty smooth after the latest Nvidia software updates. I had some problem playing t…

My blackberry q10 - A quick random look

My blackberry q10 - A quick random look

Hey guys,

Just a quick random video of my blackberry q10. Had this phone for around 2 weeks now and I've loaded it up with games, music, videos and apps. I've still around 7gb left on the phone. The other day, I almost got myself a 32gb sdhc card but decided against it, for now.

So far, I've not really had any problem with the q10, accept for once in awhile having trouble tapping on the icons. I'm curious why we can't adjust the sensitiveness or the way we use our finger to tap it. In the end though, I just adjust myself to the phone touch screen. While typing the keyboard, the words will come out and sometime, I needed to tap twice before it works. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the touch screen or it's just the way it works. Maybe, Blackberry can look into it and fixed it with a software updates?

I'm pretty much enjoying playing around with the phone and checking out BBM channel and Blackberry …

My Blackberry Q10 - Need For Speed Undercover Gameplay

My Blackberry Q10 - Need For Speed Undercover Gameplay

Hey guys,

Just a short clip of my nephew playing the game NFS, Need for Speed Undercover for the blackberry q10. There are some games the q10 can play very well without hiccups but for the NFS undercover it lags a bit sometime. But, it's still playable though.

I'm just hoping that Blackberry would in the future think about it's phone as a gaming system that's comparable with android. Okay, maybe with the q10 screen size you can't expect much but with the Z10 it's possible. Even then, I'm still happy gaming on my q10.

One thing good bout the q10 is that, for some of the game, you can actually use the qwerty keyboard to play. For the moment, I've found out that you can play, 'Radiant', Dynastunts and even NFS undercover using the keyboard. The q10 has a mini hdmi port and bluetooth so, you can hook it up to a monitor and keyboard and voila! Gaming on the go! Or maybe, some work need to be done…

My Blackberry Q10 - Radiant Gameplay with bluetooth keyboard!

My Blackberry Q10 - Radiant Gameplay with bluetooth keyboard!

Yo, wassupp guys.

So, I bought the game, 'Radiant' the other day for my Q10. And, I found out, I could use the 'A' and 'D' keys to move left and right while the spacebar is used to select. I had wondered if I could use a bluetooth keyboard to play the game. Since, I already bought a bluetooth keyboard for my ipad, I decided to try it out. And, it works!

The keyboard have a slot and a stand for me to put my ipad in so, for the moment I just put my phone on it. It's not really fixed to the stand like an ipad but as long as I don't move it around, it won't drop.

The blackberry phone already have a mini HDMI port so, with the cable (I got a blackberry mini speaker and mini hdmi cable as free gifts when I registered for the q10) you can plug it up on a Tv or monitor and voila! Now, you have a on-the-go pc. You can use it to edit documents, chat on whatsapp or FB. Of course, using the keyboard …

My Blackberry Q10 - Galazer Gameplay

My Blackberry Q10 - Galazer Gameplay

Yo guys,

A vid of me playing 'Galazer' on my Blackberry Q10.

Cool game and it plays well on the Q10. The 'small screen' aren't really that bad. A 3.1 inch, 720 by 720 are fine for playing certain games and videos. Galazer are selling at dirt cheap price on Blackberry World. I'm really hoping for more game to come. I even posted a question on 'Dead Trigger' FB, asking them if the game's coming to Blackberry.

They can't promise but will do their best. Sure hope, they make a port of the game or something. Lol.

Anyway, check out the video. More, to come!

Who say, you can't game on a Q10!?

Happy gaming!

P.S. Visit my for more gaming vids.

My Blackberry q10 - 1st time hands on

My Blackberry q10 - 1st time hands on

Got my Blackberry Q10 yesterday delivered to me. Had to check the contents so didn't have the chance to do an unboxing video. In any case, here's vid of my 1st time hands-on with the phone.

The qwerty keypad is excellent and feel kinda spungy. Almost, like my m14x. Really, feel comfortable typing on it. The screen although 3.1 inch ain't that bad either. After trying out some games and watching youtube videos, I feel, I can live with the smaller screens. I don't really watch movies or play games on it anyway. To me, this is just another toy for me to play around with. I like trying out new phones. Especially, if they have a new OS. I got tired of Android. It's the same thing over and over again ad nauseam.

I like the latest Blackberry OS 10.1. Some people, one way or another think it's cumbersome and need a steep learning curve but for me, it's something new and refreshing. Like i said, I like trying out new stuff. It&#…

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