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My Alienware m14x - My 2 year old m14x vid!

My Alienware m14x - My 2 year old m14x vid!

Yo guys,

Been wanting to do a video update on my 2 year old Alienware m14x. I've had this baby for 2 years + and it still play latest games pretty smooth albeit on medium to high settings. But, with frequent latest Nvidia GeForce Experience updates it's able to squeeze more performance out of it.

I'm pretty much happy with it. Of course, I would love to upgrade the latest Alienware laptops and desktops with updated processor and graphic cards. Although, I'm not really into with the new design. The old design might look clunky but it got it's own distinct look. You definitely won't find any other cooler design with any other laptop out there.

Totally, love the screen, the alien head logo on top of it's cover and power button. Great, back lid springy keyboard with lighting's you can choose color from. I think they sold with two colors, one in nebula red and the other one is charcoal black. I chose the black of c…

My Blackberry q10 - Real Racing 3 Gameplay

My Blackberry q10 - Real Racing 3 Gameplay

Hey guys,

Here's a video of me playing, 'Real racing 3' on my blackberry q10. Even, on this small screen, I must say, it plays pretty well. A bit stutter here and there but in all, playable. A few automation on acceleration and breaking really help but, you can change the control settings easily.

I haven't played Real racing for awhile since their first version on the iPhone, but since it was finally available for my blackberry q10, why the hell not?

As usual, it comes with all the bell and whistles of new cars, race maps and multiplayers. You can upgrade and service your car with the money you won or you can pay with real cash. You can also share your wins and post on facebook or invite friends to join you in a race.

Well, I'm sure there's more you can do inside the game and I haven't really go into it yet. Anyway, what're you waiting for? Go get it for your blackberry, if you haven't!

Happy gaming!

P.S. D…

Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

Hey guys,

A documentary on Warren Buffet way of life and how he does business.  Looks, pretty simple but it's a philosophy he follow to the teeth!

I like how he isn't into buying fast cars or pimp up plane like some other filthy rich dudes. He lead a fairly simple life and does business in his small office. A lady, said in the video how he have more common sense then any other investors. I don't think there's much common sense in people nowadays either. :p

So, check out the video and learn some few great tips he give out in the video.

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Happy making money!

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My Alienware m14x - Bloodlust Shadow Hunter Demo Gameplay

My Alienware m14x - Bloodlust: Shadow Hunter Demo Gameplay

Hey guys,

So, my attention was brought to this new indie game coming up on steam soon by Mr. Bill of wrfstudios. Entitled, "BloodLust: ShadowHunter", it's actually been up for a while and you can already download the demo at the link below, if you haven't that is.

Download link below:

I can't quite remember, if I had a look at the game before but, what the heck. I downloaded it today and tried it on my m14x. The installation was pretty brief but, I recommend that you read through the information first before downloading the demo. The file is around 600 mb and I think, it took around 15 mins installation. Didn't really time it but it's around that.

The game is pretty raw and it's pretty much a game still at work but playable enough. I used fraps to record and my frame rates was pretty low at 10-25. It's still smooth and didn't notice a…

My Alienware m14x - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

My Alienware m14x - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Yo guys,

I decided to try out this game when steam was having it on sale. On my m14x r1, I could play this game pretty high on advance settings. When I record it using fraps, the frame rates was about 20-30. After fraps, I guess the frame rates could be a little better. Nonetheless, it's still pretty smooth. Ok, not really a demanding game but it's still fun and it's like playing diablo only now you can play as Van Helsing the so-called 'monster hunter' in the game.

I don't quite remember the price I had paid for the game but, I think it might have been US$9.99 or something. For that price, this is a great game and with multiplayer included you would be playing this game for some time yet. I don't really play multiplayer as I prefer the story mode. The graphics aren't that shabby and the voice acting is pretty credible. I've only just played the game obviously but I like it. Like I said, i…

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