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Too dependant on tech?

Since last week, I haven't been able to access my 80gb Samsung portable hard drive. I don't know why is that. Maybe, because I didn't plug it out when using it on my Win2000 pc. You see, I mostly use the drive for my Asus Eee pc which has win XP installed on it. Then it happen again that when I tried to access it, it gave me an I/O error. What the f*)(&*)&0 is that?

At first, I didn't want to resort to re-formatting the drive as I'll lose whatever is in there. All the files that I have painstakingly saved. But, this crap had to happen so finally out of desperation and helplessness I give in and click 'format'. Well, as you would have guess all my files is freaking gone!

You know, sometime I just feel like wanting to throw this whole damn tech stuff out the window. When the time come and you need it most it gave up on you. So, what do you do?

Heck, that's why I just try to stay calm most of the time. If not, I think I'll have to be admitted to a…

Sharepod - Files transfer for your iPod

Today, I did some searching via Google to look for a way to transfer my mp3 from one ipod to the other. I tried using Winamp, iTunes itself and a couple others freeware. I finally found one that's good and easy enough to use. Although, it's not like one of the software that you can immediately transfer from ipod to ipod. This software allows you to transfer from iPod to pc. Click here to check out Sharepod. It's a freeware so it's totally free!

But, instead of transferring directly to my pc folder directory I just save it to my ipod in my data sections. This way, I'll save my hard drive and all I have to do next is just sync my iPod. Right now, I'm transferring around 2000+ songs and it's still transferring. I should have download partly first. Anyway, since I've got a whole day to do it might as well I just transfer it all at one time.

Pretty nifty tools.

Next. The other day, I finally finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on my Xbox 360. No, I didn'…

Women are like wild horses..

Soooo,.. just now I was in the toilet and had these thoughts about women in general. I know it's not something new but nevertheless..

Here goes .. "Women are like wild horses, they need to be tamed".

Like I said, I think this philosophical verse aren't anything new. It just struck me at the time and made me think about it. Anyway, just think about it. Look around you and you'll see that there are many 'wild horses' out there that needed to be tame. Young one most probably. Right now, they are running all over the place wasting their time, wasting their life, wasting their youth or whatever. Case in point? Look at Brittany spears. She's absolutely LOST it!

Soon? She'll lose it all.

Tell you what her solution is?

She need a man to tame her. A real, good man of course. A strong man to be exact. To guide her to the right path. To pull her one side and have a really good talk with her. Right now, there's no one helping her. Yeah, you could say that the…

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