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Is my blog loading too slow for you?

A visitor from malaysia said that my blog loads too slow. For me, it's fast as I'm using broadband net. So, I'm not sure how slow is slow? I don't have a dial-up service so I can't really check it. If any of you think this blog loads too slow please state how slow is slow and what kind of ISP service you are using. Either broadband or dial-up or whatever. Thanks!

It could help me change a few things on this blog. Maybe, there's too much banners!

Loading... still loading!

Rebuilding life after last year tsunami

I saw on the news how the people in Aceh (Indonesia) are trying to re-build their life. Still believing in God's will and hoping for a better tomorrow. Some are even having children to try to make themselves busy and not harp on the lost of their children. Some still infant.

Some of the people are still having problems forgetting their loss. Forgetting the image of what happen during the tsunami. Mothers losing their childrens, husbands, grandparents. Some even their whole family!

Such devastation still felt today. All that the people affected can do is look towards a better future. A better life and maybe a prayer to their loss ones. Amen!

How's the weather?

Crap, where's Owen!

Why didn't he score! Yesterday match Liverpool beat Newcastle 2 - 0. What a bummer!

But, the good news is Chelsea won their match to beating Fulham 3 - 2. Yes!

It was a close fight but hey, I got the feeling chelsea let them score to make the game more exciting!

Everyone are scared of playing chelsea right now and all they do is defend, defend and more defend!

Only the other top team are not afraid to challenge chelsea and dare to attack. That's where the fun begin.

Anyway, these past few days. The weather seems so crazy. In the morning it will be sunny then at noon it start to gets cloudy and then it rain and rain ...and more rain!

It's the same throughout the month. Hope, the coming year will have more sunshine. But, as far as I can remember it's always raining. I only like rain when I'm at home cosy and dry. Not, when I'm working. I simply hate it!

Unless, of course if you're working inside a building. You won't care if it rain unless…

1 more week till 2006

Today's monday. A holiday over here. It's damn boring today. Nothing on tv that's good to watch. And nowhere to go too. But, one thing for sure. It's going to be 2006 soon and I'm looking forward to the new year. There's so much for me to do and to achieve. I hope or rather pray for a good year.

Tonight's (singapore time) there's a soccer match between Newcastle and Liverpool. With Owen being the focal point. Will he scored against he's old team? When owen play there's always a high chance for him to score. He's known as Mr. Goal in Real Madrid and for good reason. Because of his high scoring rate. Also, I would like owen to score against liverpool and win the game for Newcastle so that I can blow it up at my friends who are supporting Liverpool FC ..haha!

C'mon owen win the game!

My bet is Newcastle will win by 2 goal to 1 against liverpool. Yeah!

And of course Chelsea will be champion again! Haha!


Another Christmas Tsunamis

Well, so far so good. No sign of impending tsunamis. But, as my Yahoo! Messenger is log on and a small windows pop-up showing the latest news. I read headlines, things happening all over the world that doesn't seem to care if it's christmas, a public holiday or whatever. The world goes on.

In spite of the relative calm I'm in right now. It had been raining the whole night till now and there's still a little drizzle. It's so cozy, albeit a little cold and oh so quiet. My 3 nephews had gone with their parents going camping. I wonder if they are still out there sleeping inside their tent sheltered from the rain. The reason I'm talking about my nephews is because since they had stayed with me for the holidays, my room had been bombarded with their instants noise-making i.e. playing games, watching tv and running around playing all at the same time. I didn't have a single quietness!

Now, that they had gone out. I have this room all to myself. Ahhh...heaven. Peace!

Just join a new money-maker

Well, I just joined a new money-maker that I hope will help me make more money in residual incomes. I was promoting my other online biz site when I saw this couple site and I kind of like it. So, I thought what de heck. I read through the site and decided to try my luck with it. I can always quit if it doesn't work!

But, I think their system and tools is okay. Anyway, I've decided to join and now I'm promoting it. If I can earn an extra US$500, it will be way cool!

Here's the link. Check it out and see if you're interested to join me!

Good luck and happy holidays!

Holiday and more holidays!

Next week monday 26th will be a public holiday as sunday is christmas. Then, the next monday on 2nd Jan 2006 will also be another holiday as sunday will be 1st Jan 2006!

On Tues the 10th 2006 will be the hajj. So, it will be another public holiday. End of the month 29-30th will be chinese new year. More holidays!

The month of January is definitely full of holidays. And, I sure bet that those who are thinking of quiting their job will be chosing to do it in Febuary. If they do it in January it will be such a waste. I'm saying this because it's kind of a culture that people always thinking of changing jobs after they've got their bonus and start looking for new one starting January. A new year, and a new job beckoning.

I wish everyone a happy New year and all the best for the future!

Cheers to all!


I'm bored

Yes, this few months I've been kind of bored. I'm not really sure why. I just feel like going out often. Where to, I'm not sure. I just feel like going out and see things, do things. But, the thing is I'm also a lazy person. I don't really dig sports or going out for party. My sports and partying are in front of the tv. I like watching the soccer match and also watch shows about places where you can travel to etc. Sometime, when I watch show about cool places, great food and great hotels. Or great scenery of tall green mountains I just feel like packing up my stuff and go there.

But, again I just can't be bothered with the hassle of the travel. Although, it might be an experience that I would enjoy. But, picking up my ass is just tough! Hehe!

I guess, I'll just let my finger do the walking for me (remote control!)

I'm also dying to buy a new cellphone. I'm looking around for cool flip phone with all the latest gizmo. Basically, I want it to be able to …

How to lose a customer

Today, I decided to call another contractor to look at my windows. Because, the first one that was recommended to me didn't bother to call again today. They were suppose to send someone to take a look at my windows if they need to be change and to fill up a "Form B" that I needed to give to Housing agent. But, zip, nadah, zero! Not even a ring!

So, when the housing agent called me again. I complained to him about it. He decided to give me another contractor phone no. and check if the guy could help me on this matter. Well, lucky for me the guy himself pick it up and after explaining to him my situation he fixed an appointment to meet me the same day today!

Now, that's what I call fast service and someone who knows how to make money. Let's face it. A business need customers to stay afloat. If you don't call back or check back with an interested customer of your service or products don't you think they will run away? So, run away I did!

I told my sister if the…

Hopelessly devoted to work?

I found this questionaire in my local paper. Not that it's anything new but I chuckled because this questionaire was supposedly to check and see if you're one of those people hopelessly devoted to work meaning you're a workaholic or you like to stay too much at work!

Just for your info my answer to most of the question was b and c.. hehe!

What about you? Do you love your work too much that it effects your life in general? Check for the answers below!


Is your passion for work healthy or harmful?
Take this quiz to find out.

On Monday mornings, are you: (a) Eager to get back to work (b) Reluctant to start another week of work (c) Neither anxious nor reluctantDo you get to work early to make a headstart? (a)Often (b) Sometimes (c) NeverDo you take work home and work late into the night? (a) Often (b)Sometimes (c) NeverDo you ever work while you eat lunch? (a) Often (b)Sometimes (c) NeverIf you were made redundant, what would you miss the most? (a) The company…

Earning cool money online

Earning money online is pretty cool. You don't have to slog like a zombie at your work place to earn extra cash. So far, I've earned a couple of hundreds $$ within this few weeks. All I did was promote a couple of affiliate programs and voila!

You can either get paid by cheque or wire transfer to your bank account. Preferably for me is to be paid via paypal. Once, I reach the minimum payout I can ask for transfer directly to my bank account from US to Singapore. Way cool!

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The heat is on..yeah!

Yes, baby. The heat is on... I have two friends who support liverpool and me alone supporting chelsea. I need you chelsea supporter where are you!



Hmmm..delicious champions league match

Yeap, the first knock-out round is on track to entertain football maniacs all over the world. And there's 3 English team right now on the running to win the champions league crown which was won by Liverpool beating Ac Milan in the Final last year.

I'm not sure if I'm going to watch some of the match as it's wee hours in the morning for us here in asia. Well, that didn't stop me from watching the 'important' match even though I have to work in the freaking morning!

But, this year champion league is sure are interesting. What with Liverpool trying to defend the cup this season. Will Chelsea do it when they were so close last season? Beaten by Liverpool after beating mighty barcelona. But, there's no doubt about it. It's going to be a tough match and of course will be exciting for us soccer maniacs.

One thing for sure let's just watch and enjoy...

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It's going to be 2006 soon!

Yes, it's going to be 2006 soon. Soooo, what have you been doing the past whole year? Has it been a good year for you? Made any money? Save any money? Started a family of your own? Got a girlfriend or boyfriend?

You know, every year would be the same for you if you haven't done anything different every year. If you're stuck doing the same routine, the same job, the same mistakes or haven't done anything that you had set out to do then you have just wasted a year of your life. A year of your life that would never come back. Maybe, it's time you go forward in your life. To try to achieve something in your life that is at least better then the year before. This is to avoid wastage of the time you're given on earth.

For me, philosophycally, I always try to do things that I had always wanted. I don't like to be tied down at work. I don't like to be tied down by time. I do what I want and I do what I like. I don't care what others thing of me. Of course, th…

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my knee

The other day, I can't stand the pain so much that I couldn't sleep the whole night. So the next day, I decided to finally see the doctor in a 24hr clinic as the clinic near my house were close (it was a saturday). The doc ask me a few questions and put his hand on both of my knees to feel if it's warm. Apparently, that's how you check your knee when you can't physically see any mumb or bruises. The doc then gave me some pain killer to ease the pain and some kind of strong panadol.

Well, it eases the pain alright but untill now almost 2 weeks letter I still can't bend my right knee. I think it's because of the other day when I was carrying a furniture and I could feel a hot sensation on top of my knee. I think I've burned my muscle. That's why, I'm still having problem with it. I'll see how it goes before decided again if I need to see the doctor again. The thing is, I'm too lazy to go and see the doctor for anything. In my lifetime, I ca…

Feeling sleepy

Feeling sleepy right now. It's a nice hot afternoon. Nice weather to sleep in at home with the fan blowing right at you. Been feeling tired today. My friend told me I look a little sad and tired. I'm not sure what he meant. Well, maybe because my uncle just died and feeling emotionally tired. I certainly don't feel though.

Maybe a nice quick nap will do. Anyway, the other day, I post here about me having this email spam problem that I kept receiving in my bulk mail. After, I run my virus scan and cleared out or rather deleted 2 virus that it found. All seems well after that. Maybe, it's because of these stupid viruses. So, the problem have been solved I suppose. I don't know why I will have viruses in my system, since I have my virus and firewall on all the time. What's the use of me using these software if I still get infected?

Lucky for me it found these virus and deleted it automatically.

Well, my nephew want to use my laptop to go to and play games.

My uncle died yesterday

At 5:45 am Sat, my mother called me. She was on her way to work when her nephew called her to inform that her brother is dead. I just slept at around 3am chatting online that night. So, although I was feeling a little groggy I took a bath and together with my mom we went to my uncle's house.

When I reach there I could see part of my uncle body on the bed covered with batik's cloth. It's our tradition to cover a dead body with it. There were some relatives already there watching over the body and saying prayers. It's not good to leave a dead body alone. This will be the time when the 'other world' will be a bit chaos. Some people who read this will know what I'm talking about. The doctor came and check the body to confirmed that my uncle is dead. Then my uncle's son followed the doctor for the certification letter.

I would also know that my uncle's soul could be around watching all the things that is happening to his body. My brother came a bit later a…

Testing out IBM Thinkpad i Series

I'm testing out an IBM Thinkpad that my brother-in-law found at his work place. He's a cleaning supervisor at a Condo and sometime, the resident there throw away stuff that's broken like this IBM Thinkpad that he found. So, I'm testing out the laptop and so far, so goood. Although, at first, the system keep hanging up when I tried to use Windows Internet Explorer. Every time I tried to open a link in a new window the system hang up. I decided to download and install FireFox. Now, I can surf the Net without hanging up.

I'm not sure what kind of IBM Thinkpad this is. Maybe it's a i-Series or something as it has the name on it. It's pentium III with Microsoft Windows Me. It has 9Gig space which is more then my other Ranger laptop. The screen is okay but the slide screw is broken so you'll have to be careful when you open up the laptop. The keyboard feels fine as I'm typing this but I'm new to using the IBM joystick stuck at the middle of the keyboar…

If you don't like your job? Quit!

You know, sometime, I don't understand the people I meet while working. They seem so grumpy, so reluctant to work, I wonder why they stay in the same job!

Sometime though, I do meet some nice folks who seems always to be in a good mood. They talk to people. They do their work fast and without hesitation. What you get from them is good, fast service that you leave the work place in a happy mood too. I think, if I were the boss of some of these grumpy looking people at work I would FIRE them and ask them to leave. I don't want them to work for me and destroy the good 'karma' at my work place. Anyway, grumpy, un-happy employees would give others a bad impression of your company and potential lose of profits.

I mean really, if you don't like your job then quit and just stay at home and die!

This world could do less with people like you!


oh yeah, before i forget. Looking for an affordable web hosting service? What if you can get it for Free just for referring other…

Is terrorism winning?

Is terrorism winning?

You be the judge...

What's your problem?

"When life’s problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate."

– Ann Landers, columnist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sometime in life we tend to forget that we are more fortunate then others even when we think our life is in topsy-turvy...

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