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How I could live off $100k for 20 years!

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So,'s 6am in the morning and I wanted to continue sleeping. But, heck, I sure need to pee. So, I drag my sleepy ass to the toilet and settled my business there and went back straight to bed after that.

I rest my head on my comfy pillow and lo and behold, my brain can't seem to fall asleep again. Stupid brain..

Suddenly, my brain felt like doing some calculating. Hmmm.. so, if my monthly budgets which include basics and personal utilities bills amount to $400 x 12 mth x 20 yrs = $96000. And, I still have $4000 to spare.

Then again, I realized that, I had make a mistake. Cause, I had rounded up $400 x 12 = $4800 to $5000. You see, I was thinking bout the extra $200 which I had calculated $200 x 12mth x 20 yrs = $48,000.

So, ermm.. the amount that I actually needed would have been $9…

How To Build Your Own Gaming Computer for $1000!

So, I'm kind of interested in building my own computer since the first time I realized that you can actually build one yourself, instead of buying from vendors. My friend even volunteered to do it for me but that was like almost 15 years ago!That was the time when windows 3.1 just came out with new Pc!

Recently, I've thought of upgrading my (actually my nephew pc) Dell core 2 duo computer. I need more space as my seemingly tiny 80gb is running out of space. Also, a better graphics card to run the latest games!

I've been researching online and that's where I came across this site that's selling a comprehensive eBook on how to build a high-performance gaming computer for under $1000 (I'm pretty sure it's US$1000).

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If you're interested to learn how to build your own gaming pc then this package reveals the best PC components to buy, and provides step-by-step instructions with full-color i…

Automate Auto Traffic Monopoly - Web Traffic Generator

Automate Auto Traffic Monopoly - Web Traffic Generator

Supp peeps,

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SEO Elite: Web Traffic Generator!

SEO Elite: Web Traffic Generator!

Hi guys,

If you have a website or blogs then you know getting visitors is important.

First thing first, don't even think of buying targeted traffic. I did it before and didn't get my money worth. Instead, get a good seo software that can help you promote your site or blogs online.

Why bother setting it all up and getting nobody to visit it?

It'll be worse if you have a business online and definitely it's more important then ever. But, if you have a specific products or services then you know getting targeted website visitors is the more important.

That is why you need an SEO tools, search engine optimization software web traffic generator. It would help you to optimize your site for search engines like Google. This seo tool will help you create a website that are search engine friendly so that when people type in a certain keywords that are relevant to your site then it would show up.

It would also help you get guaranteed website v…

Call of Duty: Black Ops!


Got COD:Black Ops today!

Had a bit of gameplay and I really love it!

It's a pretty interesting game play. I'm not sure why some guys don't like it. I think it's awesome!

Some, complained about the graphics but I bought the PS3 version and it looks fine to me.

I know the last couple of COD were made by Infinity Wards but for me, I think, Treyarch did reasonably well too. Okay, maybe the style a bit different. But, it's still Call of Duty and I have played Medal of Honor and Battlefield Combat 2 and I love 'em all!

You can choose to play the single player campaign, multiplayer and even defense against the zombies!

For the zombies game mode you can play up to 4 people offline. It's a blast to play with your friends or family members.

I actually thought of buying the Special editions which include the control car and medal but thought against it ha ha. It was pretty tempting but heck it'll cost around SGD$240!

Here's some more pics below:

All, in a…

The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers

Embedded video from CNN Video

Someone, shared it on my Facebook. Kind, of interesting so I re-post the vids here. This could be you! LoL!

Facebook tablets?

I just thought of a Facebook tablet.

If there's rumor about a Facebook mobile phone, why not then a Facebook tablet?

Isn't that better?

With 500 million users. A Facebook tablet would not be a surprise?

As, we all know, there's a lot of tablet coming out right now. And, I've been asking, can all these tablet actually let me play Facebook flash games?

Personally, I haven't tried it out myself. But, I have bought netbooks and these mini computer can't even let me play simple flash games on Facebook. It's kind of silly if you only bought these kind of computer only to surf?

If, I just want to check up updates on Facebook, I can use my mobile phone. It's easier and faster. I don't carry my netbook everywhere I go. Okay, some of you netbook users are maybe students but really, most of us all do Facebook right?

Don't you guys play the games on Facebook, like me?

That's what bothers me. Tablets, are almost like a netbook. One, good thing about them…

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