How I could live off $100k for 20 years!

Saving Money through Power Shopping: How to Immediately Save 40-70% on Your Grocery Bill. Saving money with coupons. Get coupons for groceries! The ultimate guide to couponing and grocery savings.

So,'s 6am in the morning and I wanted to continue sleeping. But, heck, I sure need to pee. So, I drag my sleepy ass to the toilet and settled my business there and went back straight to bed after that.

I rest my head on my comfy pillow and lo and behold, my brain can't seem to fall asleep again. Stupid brain..

Suddenly, my brain felt like doing some calculating. Hmmm.. so, if my monthly budgets which include basics and personal utilities bills amount to $400 x 12 mth x 20 yrs = $96000. And, I still have $4000 to spare.

Then again, I realized that, I had make a mistake. Cause, I had rounded up $400 x 12 = $4800 to $5000. You see, I was thinking bout the extra $200 which I had calculated $200 x 12mth x 20 yrs = $48,000.

So, ermm.. the amount that I actually needed would have been $96000 + 48000 = $144000.

For your info, the money is all in SGD $$ and not in US$$ currency and I've actually been forking out $400/mth for a while now. Spending, some of my paycheck on games, doing some renovating on my house and of course foods. The rest I keep it in my banks. Several banks in fact.

Okay, let's summarize. With, just $100,000 for 20 years and if I don't go overboard by adding up or my basic utilities going up through the years then it's realistically possible!

Also, with just savings of $200/mth x 12 x 20 = $48,000. That $48k is purely my extra pocket money. I can do whatever I want with it like buying games, eating outside or maybe just keep it in the bank and let the interest do the work for me.

All this, is just a minimum requirement of my living adult life. I'm already 38 and in another 20 yrs, I'll be 58. Almost, a nice retirement age. Of course, if I had that $144k now, I'll already be on my way. LoL!

Budgeting and saving money been in my thoughts for awhile. It's all about implementing and with careful planning and a clear view of my daily budgets for the next 20 years it's pretty clear I won't have to worry about money for a loOOoonggg time ..haha!

All, I have to do now is earn and save up to $144,000 and I'm set for the rest of my life. It depends on how fast I can earn that amount and if I actually want to stop working after that and do what I want in life?

Even, if I keep working then having a set amount of money put aside is definitely a life-saver.

Of course, for my case, putting aside that I'm not married with children or that I have actually finish paying off my house mortgage does make it a little easier. Even, if I'm married with children or something out of my control happen then I don't have to worry bout my daily basic bills. Remember, I only need $96000 to cover my cost.

My point is, if you have a clear view of what you need and want to do then it's definitely a load off our mind.

I've been telling people that I'm in a semi-retired mode for awhile now and it's not because I've struck the lottery but, because I know my current financial status. Add, to that, that I have finish paying off my home loans and I'm definitely half-way there. It doesn't really matter what kind of job that I'm doing right now, simply because I know if the pay is over $400 - 600 then, it's fine by me.

Of course, it doesn't mean that I have to work in a shitty job with shitty pay but, you get what I mean?

Knowing, what I need to know, financially means, I can actually choose any kind of job I want as long as the pay is beyond the $400-600. I can then do whatever I want with the rest of my money. I can save part of it in the bank minimum of $50-200/mth. Maybe, go for a holiday, buy my games or just save it. I don't really go out much and although, I'll love to go for a holiday somewhere nice, but the thing is I'm too lazy. But, who knows right?

Well, I hope, you got something from my personal post here and at the same time I found this mini site that offer an eBook that I think is not something new but definitely a must have for families!

That's it from me today.

Good day and happy saving!

Saving Money through Power Shopping: How to Immediately Save 40-70% on Your Grocery Bill. Saving money with coupons. Get coupons for groceries! The ultimate guide to couponing and grocery savings.

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