Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What a load of BS from!

What a load of BS frm!

So, I just receive email from them accusing me of tag spamming and only putting up blog to post links to other website.

HelloOOoo... that's what I freaking do, I blog about stuff I'm interested in and at the same time recommending those interested to check out websites. And, of course I need to put tag that are relevants to what I'm posting about and could help me let people find my blog on search engines. WTF!

It's really up to my visitors to choose if they want to read or click the link that I provided. It's a blog for phreak sake. I write and post what I want. Of course, as long as it's not racist or whatever then I'll admit but is there something wrong with promoting stuff and making money at the same time?

Aren't they making money off us too?

What's the big deal?

That's what happen when idiots run a bureacratic corporation.

With all the ads on some of the blog hosting website. People would have thought I'm the one that's putting all that ugly ads. Sheezz..

In any case it's not as if I'm blogging for others to learn how to kill another human being or how to become a suicide bomber or whatever crapz they allow me to write. It's a load of bureacracy. By the way, I learned that from a French guy. The bureacracy word I mean.

Bahh ...they have already deleted my account so, I guess that's it. No point harping about it. I'll just move on to other blog hosting site. Which I already have. Ha!