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Playstation, Xbox 360 games: Bought Halo Reach, Kane & Lynch 2!

Just bought Halo: Reach for my xbox and Kayne & Lynch 2 for my PS 3. Tried it out for awhile. The Halo definitely have a different feel to it. Great, intro movie. I attached the video above.
Kane & Lynch is definitely non-stop actions. I tried the demo on my pc and xbox. So, today, finally bought the full game. It's totally different from the first Kane & Lynch. I didn't like it but my nephews love the co-ops.

I thought of getting Mafia 11 and Split seconds. Tried both demo on pc and the xbox/ps3. Geez, if I wasn't thinking of the other games I'm getting soon when they are out like COD: Black Ops, Medal of Honour, Crysis 2, Gears of War 3 and many more!

2011 is going to be an awesome year for gamers!


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About finding real L.O.V.E?

How to find real love?

Don't ask me. I'm not an expert in it. I'm just telling you what I think about the subject of finding real love or a life partner.

The reason for this posting?

Haha ..cause, most of the time people keep lamenting about it. About, their personal problem of finding real love or a good life partner. Most, of the time, I speak through my own experiences.

I've found love myself, well, at least that's what I think. 7-8 years of ups and down. For all it's worth, I'm glad I met her. But, I didn't get to marry that someone though. Bummer. That's why, I've been telling to myself and others - Nothing, last forever and sometime, you don't get to marry that someone you think you should be married to. That's just part and parcel of life. Move on.

A guy told me once that he didn't get to marry someone he like. He had to marry someone chosen by his parent. Duh, I didn't really thought that kind of thing still exist. Okay, maybe…

When will video phone take off?

I'm still waiting..

I saw it once in the Aliens (1986) movie where the guy talk to someone using the 'video phone'?

I was still a kid then but until now, almost 20 ++ years later, and with the digital age why aren't video phone still not used on a daily basis?

Why, aren't any company out there designing or championing video phone usage?

I know, I know. There's Skype and now Apple's Facetime. But, that's only part of the story. I'm talking about every day usage for all here. A common sight on the old phone booth, maybe?

A, common sight on every homes!!

I think, with higher and better land cable broadband speed. Even, wifi, it should already be the norm. Although, I'm not sure. Even if video phone is easily available, will the people take to it?

Personally, I'll be a bit shy, to talk to someone on a video phone. Heck, a couple of time when someone ask me if I wanted to webcam chat on msn, I'll give some lame excuses. Well, the main reason is, my …

Happy eidul fitri al-mubarak to all muslims!

Since I was young, I was taught about Islam. I read books about Muhammad and his companions. About, his way of life. About, the man. Yes, he is human. A normal human being. But, unto him was thrust the duty and knowledge about God, about other prophets before him. And, he is to be a messenger of God. The last messenger, the last prophet.

Humankind, will have no excuse that messengers have been send to them to be reminded of retributions. To each his own and belief. Man, always forget. They forget their place or where they come from and their promises. To be given time to do what their wish on this temporary abode called, earth. If you do bad, then hell is your place and if you do good? Of course, there's heaven. This is what God promise you and unlike us mankind, He doesn't forget His promises.

You know, God, doesn't need you but it is you that need God. God, created the universe so that man can learn and discover the wonder of the world, the universe. But, human. They, for…

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