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Fun with raspberry pi 3 and arduino - Happy New Year 2018!

Raspberry Pi 3 Gaming kit SNES Style

Hey guys,

Check it out!

It's been a fun couple of months for me playing around with Raspberry pi 3 and Arduino projects. I've also had fun learning coding with arduino ide and python. I had been wanting to learn for a long time and getting myself the raspberry pi was the kick start!

Raspberry Pi 3 Gaming kit SNES Style

Of course, part of the reason of me getting the pi was because I wanted to play some retro gaming on it. Who doesn't love retro games!

The raspberry pi and arduino are great for children and adults alike to learn about computing and coding. I love the practical aspect of learning coding with python and using it to build a smart robot. I'm learning it as a hobbyist. And, I'm hoping to build my own diy drone soon!

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OUTAD UNO R3 Starter Kit Electronic Kit For Arduino 1602LCD Servo Ultrasonic Motor

Check out this cool drone. Ability to fly and drive. By the way, they're offerin…

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Hey guys,

The new year almost here!

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My Raspberry Pi 3 Roaming Radio Robot

Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop Starter Kit (16Gb, White)

Hey guys,

Check out my roaming radio bot video!

I remembered, that I had an old unused blackberry bluetooth speaker. So, I decided to use it for my raspberry pi 3 robot project. You can basically, play any kind of music and connect to the speaker. I just put it on top of my robot and let it roam around.

Raspberry Pi 3 Board and 16GB, 10class, with NOOBS

I only code it to play inside my room. It's really fun to code with python and make your robot do all sort of things. I can also control it using 'guizero' code sample via ssh on my iphone. In the future, we might have a security robot that roam around our house playing music or just be like an assistant.

I believe we can already do that now. The 'AI' and tech we have now are already good enough. Lots of smart home devices you can buy online. If you can code then you can also make it. We already have iPhone Siri, Google and Cortana for pc. Of course, we still can't…

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