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Hey guys,

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Great News!

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My 80GB 5th Gen iPod MP3 player - 12 years later !!

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation)

Hey guys,

Remember this?

It's the 5th gen 80gb ipod that I bought almost 12 years ago!

I admit, I've only been keeping it aside inside my drawer for so long. It have so many music, movies, videos, games and loads of backup files inside. I've actually also bought an ipod nano. But, decide to sell it off.

I still keep my ipod though. I remembered, when I bought it, the sales lady asked me why I got the 80gb version. I replied that I needed the space. 80gb, was really huge back then. After playing around with it and mostly used it for backing up my files, I only left around 3gb!

Yesterday, I decided to check out my ipod. But, it doesn't seem to work. I tried the, press center + menu tricked to force start. It still doesn't goes to menu. I decided to change to other cables and finally wins 10 and iTunes recognize it. I can see my files inside the file managers.

For some reason, the ipod won't go to the menu section.…

The Making Of The Terminator - A Retrospective

Watch the The Terminator!

Hey guys,

Look at what I've just finished watching!

The Making of the Terminator - A retrospective!

It was really interesting to watch arnold and james talk about their experiences making the Terminator movie. Makes you wanna watch the movie again!

There are definitely some nuggets in this interview that you'll find interesting. I think, michael biehn was right that the movie is not just some action movie. But, a story about love through time. Maybe, that's why the movie are so successful!

Watch the movie again!

The Terminator

Watch the interview!


P.S. Watch the The Terminator!

It’s Electric! Dave Grohl meets Lars Ulrich on Beats 1 [Full Interview]

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Hey guys,

Check this out!

Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters interviewed by Lars Ulrich of Metallica?

I have to admit, I saw a couple of time a video still of these guys on youtube. And, I wasn't really interested to click it. But, today, I thought what the heck. Anyway, I was already watching videos of Lars interviews.

I thought, I'll check out what it's all about. Boy, I wasn't a bit disappointed. I actually watched the whole 44 mins of the interview!

It was really funny and weird to watch Lars doing the interview. And, both of them were really having fun talking about their experiences on doing shows and making albums. You guys, got to watch this!

You'll be laughing your socks off!

Check it out!


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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

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