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YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Psychic Specters is here!

YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters - Nintendo 3DS

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Flash new updates!

YO-KAI WATCH™ 2: Psychic Specters are out now!

The strange but friendly troublemakers, Yo-kai, are back, and this time their mysterious world is packed with exclusive quests, new areas to explore, and more than 350 Yo-kai to discover and befriend!

Get it now!

Play the new adventures on your 3DS!

YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters - Nintendo 3DS

The limelight nowadays, might be on the Nintendo Switch. But, they're still making good games for the 3DS gamers.


Note: The video are for unboxing the original Yo-Kai Watch

P.S. YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters - Nintendo 3DS

Diablo III - My Necromancer - Wish it could fly!

Diablo III: Collector's Edition (last stock before it's gone forever!)

Hey guys,

Check out my Diablo III necromancer!

At first, I wasn't really interested in any of the new characters Blizzard updating. But, somehow, I prefer the necromancer more then the monk or warrior. In most time, I'll usually choose the ranger or warrior.

But, in spite of the cool powers the necromancer have now, one thing, I'll like is for he to be able to fly. And, while flying, he'll clap his hands and fire the evil corpses or monsters below. That would be really cool!

Also, Zen studios have been making pinball game themes based on Doom, AliensSkyrim and many more. I have already asked them about Mario themed version. But, what if there's a Diablo themed pinball?

I'll definitely add that to my pinball game collections!

Anyway, if you haven't played Diablo III yet, then get it. Such an awesome game!

Diablo III: Book of Tyrael

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

Still waiting for iPhone X or you prefer the iPhone 8?

Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Fully Unlocked 5.5", 256 GB - Gold

Hey guys,

If you didn't know yet (or didn't care), you can already purchased iPhone 8 and 8 plus on Amazon!

Both, locked and unlocked version!

You can pre-order the iPhone X starting, October 27th and will be available on November 3rd. So, mark the date on your calendar right now!

You won't want to miss out!

But, if you prefer upgrading to an iPhone 8 or 8 plus, then they're also definitely good phones. And, they're out now!

It have most of what the X offers. Like the faster A11 bionic chip. Better, camera. People have been posting tons of pictures online. You can check them out on instagram!

By the way, I'm also on instagram, if you want to follow me. I'll follow you back!

The ios 11 also include AR and, it's really fun to play around with it. I  tried playing the cat AR game on my iPhone 7 plus and it doesn't lag at all. Totally, cool.

Apple iPhone 8, Fully Unlocked 4.7", 64 GB - Gol…

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