Saturday, September 09, 2017

Installing Raspbian and Kano os on 2 16gb microsd for Raspberry pi 3

Kano Computer Kit | Make a Computer. Learn To Code

Hey guys,

The other day, I bought the Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit, that came with Raspbian and also accessories like microsd card with adapter, keyboard, mouse and even a case. I quickly set it up and played with it for almost a day.

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit [official Raspberry]

It's using debian linux. And, linux not really new to me as I've used it before, especially the popular Ubuntu version. I checked and loaded some of the old games that I used to play. But, what I really wanted to do was to install Kano Computer OS on my raspberry pi 3.

So, I did. You can watch the video, and have a peek at what the Kano OS offers. I like the colorful fun user interface that children would definitely find appealing. Instead, of the mundane normal desktop design. It's definitely build with children in mind.

By the way, you can switch to between using the usual desktop with taskbar UI or go to the dashboard.

Kano Computer Kit | Make a Computer. Learn To Code

The OS comes with already pre-installed apps and games. So, the children can quickly start to learn by going to the story mode or clicking the icons. They can play games like terminal, pong or minecraft. But, these are not just games.

For games like pong (my favorite) or minecraft, you can play and learn to code at the same time. All you have to do is follow the clear step by step instructions. You choose your command block and add it together with other blocks. Once done, you click the 'make it' button and voila!

You'll be able to test out what you have created. If you didn't follow the instructions properly, it will not work. And, you'll be reminded again to do the correct thing. You mixed and match like a jigsaw puzzle game. Play pong with a Fireball!

The terminal game are also fun to play. You'll learn to use command to go to directory or subdirectory. You can look around inside it or find hidden files. It's like a text rpg game. And, the story was pretty interesting too. You'll want to try it out!

This is what learning should be like. To let kids learn programming at a young age by not boring them to death with technicality. I totally recommend you try out Kano OS by buying their full complete computer kit.

It might have been set up for children, but adults alike would find this fun to use and learn too. I did!

Kano Computer Kit with Screen

In short, maybe the fact that I've used Ubuntu before, so i'm looking for something new and different to play with. So far, I prefer using Kano then Raspbian. Everyone, have their own preferences though. And raspberry pi have lots of flexibility for people creativity.

Good job guys!


P.S. Kano Computer Kit with Screen

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