Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Meet along the cat - Fun coding with Scratch in Kano OS

scratch coding cards creative coding activities for kids

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Today, I learned a bit of programming by using Scratch. I've also managed to do a quick simple story game that you can even try out. I've uploaded it at:

Note: Feel free to visit my above, scratch site. I will be updating my, "along the cat" stories constantly. As, I learned more command, I'll add it to existing file and also for new stories. So, feel free to visit again anytime!

There are many books on scratch coding. Especially, about creating games. My favorite subject. Check out some of them below:

dk workbooks coding in scratch games workbook

coding games in scratch

scratch 2 0 programming for teens

My scratch project are just a start. And, people can actually add to it if they want to. I didn't really set out to learn scratch today. I was trying out the snake game on Kano OS and then later on, decided to check out scratch. I'm beginning to understand, what I'm actually doing. :p

Kano Computer Kit

It's all thanks to Kano!

I'm slowly learning to code starting with the simple pong game. Kano, instructions is really easy to follow. For a newbie like me, it can sometime be a bit frustrating. But, children today can learn really fast. Check it out for yourself and let your kids learn programming the fun way!

scratch coding cards creative coding activities for kids

I just wish, I had these back when I was a kid!

But, it's still fun even for adults. So, check it out!


P.S.scratch coding cards creative coding activities for kids

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