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1st Ramadan

Today, is the 1st of Ramadan. For my country anyway. For some part of the middle east and some others they started earlier. We follow our different timezone. Fasting is tough. Not being able to eat is not that really important but drinking is. But, hey I've been fasting since I can remember eon ago and the month of Ramadan is a bit special. You can feel it. You know it. If you're a muslim you'll know.

I'm quite puzzle though by what's happening or what's been done by muslim terrorist. It's the month of ramadan and still they show no respect or knowledge about Islam. They still plan and execute suicide bombs and killing fellow muslims. I'm wondering if they are really muslim. I'm wondering if they know what Islam is?

Ramadan. A holy month. A resting month for our body and soul. Our body are being rest. Our stomach been working hard digesting the food we eat. It's time they are given a rest. Our ears, mouth, hands and legs are being rested. Our hear…

Cnet Video - CNET reviews

I just love watching Cnet Video section. If you don't know yet, Cnet now have a whole new video section that you can watch just like watching tv. You can choose to watch any videos in their library anytime, anywhere. Everyday, I go to to read up on latest product updates etc. It's pretty cool.

Here's a whole ray of video reviews on the latest Palm Treo 750v, Motorola Krzr K1, Motorola Rizr, Nokia N93, Motorola Razr V3i ...

Click here to visit.

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On another note, I think its good that Iran and Iraq are embracing and working together on security, economic etc. It's about time they put the past behind and look forward to a better future. The people on both countries deserve better. They want jobs, security, better life, better infrastructure and so much more like other countries around the world.

I don't understand why people at the top can't get their act together instead of fighting each other for power fight for the b…

I'm online again!

Finally! I'm back online again after almost 2 weeks of harrowing, hair pulling trying to get on the internet again.

Last saturday, I went to Plaza Singapura shopping mall to go to Starhub shop and change my Cable analog set-top to a digital. At the same time I decided to also buy or upgrade my old modem. I was already eager to go straight home to set it all up so that I can try it all. But, it didn't work the first time round. I was fed up as I spend the whole sunday in my room tinkering with the set-top box and also with the modem as both of them doesn't seem to work.

My almost blistered my thumbs and fingers screwing and unscrewing the cable wondering why it didnt work. I spend the whole sunday and monday trying to figure out what the hell was wrong. Even call the technical support but it only makes me more confuse. I was ready to throw in the towel and ask them to send someone to check it up and set it up for me. Which I have to pay by the way. I had already burned $99.23…

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