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Rich don't save either..

I found out something interesting today.

The rich don't save either!

That really surprise me. As, I always thought that the more money I have, the more I'll be able to save. I guess that's not necessarily true.

I saw the article link on MSN main page and as I always like to read up on things about saving money etc. I decided to read it. Here's the link if you're interested >>

Here's also a link to my favourite site about savings that on my top list of recommendation >>

You know, saving should'nt be a chore. It should and can be done in a fun, easy way. Without being accused of being a scrooge. Yes, you can save money and also spend all you want at the same time. Just learn to discipline yourself and budget your money wisely.

Sometime, I see people around me spend more then what they earn. Or simply spend and spend and spend without a…

1000 new graves to bury U.S. troops

..and that is just a start. Many more expecting. So expect.

Frankly, I didn't think the war would still be going on after the fall of Saddam. But, obviously I was wrong and so did Bush and his administration!

To me, from the very beginning I thought Bush make a stupid decision of going to war in Afghanistan and more so on Iraq. Now, he's wasted 1000s of lives (and money) especially the Iraqi people. The U.S. troops only lost 1000 but 1000s more children, father, mother, grandmother, brothers, sisters and relatives has died in this most bloodied war ever in this modern world.

And all this for what? W f*&cking MD? Where the hell is it? Democracy?

Even, after Saddam is dead people are still killing each other almost everyday. It's like letting loose the animal that Saddam had all this while been able to cage within.

What Bush and his cohorts forget is that human nature will not entirely give in to their wimps just because they're the U.S.

He (Bush) really is fanning the sma… Signs You've been single too long

I subscribe to, an online magazine. I like reading their tips and jokes, hot chicks pics etc.

Today, I recieve their email and saw a link to an article on "Signs You've Been Single Too long". It's a good read and also will tickle your funny bones.

Here's the link if you're interested to read it >

Have a good read and have a great saturday!

LiveScience: Science, Technnology, Health..

Through my Yahoo main page I saw an interesting link to a site about the myth of mermaid, loch ness monster etc. I click to visit it and after browsing through it, I think it's a great site.

I love reading about science, mystery lost world, astronomy or whatever simply out of this world. Life nowadays are so boring so reading about new discovery really interest me.

If you're interested you can visit the site below. Here's the link >>

Happy reading!

300 FREE hits to your site/blog

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Good luck and happy promoting!

What's happening to Islam today?

“A believer is a mirror to his brother. A believer is a brother of a believer: he protects him against any danger and guards him from behind.”(Related by Al Bukhari in Al Adab Al Mufrad and by Abu Dawood.)links to this article here >> - - - - - - - ---------------- -- - - - --------I was looking for another hadith which roughly translated that the prophet muhammad s.a.w said about the muslim in the future (probably happening right now).
He says that there will be more muslims in the future then during his time but they are useless. He was asked why was that? And the prophet said because the muslim in the future will be disunited.I remembered this hadith and looking at what's happening right now with muslims all over the world and I couldn't aggree more.

Just look the two obvious example > Iraq and Palestine. And as a whole the middle east.

I think it's rubbish that the muslims nowadays are divided among themsel…

F1: Night Races in Singapore!

Super fantastic news for F1 Grand Prix fans in singapore!

It's confirmed today that Singapore will be hosting the race year 2008!

That's next year!

Wow! Finally, after only being able to watch the races on Tv, I'm totally tempted to go and watch it live. Although, I might have to sleep overnight to get the ticket to watch it. It's going to be jam packed. It will be a fantastic race. A fantastic night to stay out on the street enjoying the great atmosphere. It's going to be beautiful night with the backdrop of the cosmopoliton lights and the buzz.

Hey, it's good for tourism too. So, if you haven't got the chance to visit singapore then here's your chance. Savour the unique, beautiful tiny island of singapore. With nice white sandy beach. Pretty hot and humid. A whole lot of rains too. Most europeans likes to come over here for a good nice tan. A relaxing nice breezing weather. Come here for a holiday. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Lots of cheap food y…

Which faith is better?

If you're asking that to yourself then you're missing the point.

It's not a matter of which faith is better or whichever you prefer. It's not a matter of preferance. It's not a matter of which GOD you want to believe in. What's worse is you don't believe in GOD!

If you're wondering, I'm not a preacher or anything. My job is not to preach. I have to admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable or religious person. But, I know basically what religion and faith is. It could save me some day eh? Heh.

No matter what you say or do in life religion is like a bridge where it will help you cross to the everlasting world. Everlasting bliss. It's a matter of faith and if you want prove look into yourself. See the 'magic' of the world we live in. There's so much incredible things we see and discover everyday. There's so much to learn. So much to see. But, for every each of us we are allocated time. How we use that time is up to you. There'…

Apple's iPhone Rocks the Cell Phone Ind.

Right now, accross the road to my house. There's a mini chinese concert going on right now. I can't watch my Tv as the singing is freaking loud and I don't understand a word!

But, I'm not writing a blog about it. In my boredness, I decided to go to >>

To read about any new updates on the iphone. I came across this headline and decided to read about it since I got nothing better to do. But, once finish reading about it. I continued reading the comment made by others about the article.

I read one by one and soon, I'm already halfway through it. It's a pretty interesting read. That's why I'm recommending a link to it here.

If you haven't yet found this site you might want to visit it. I think this article and forum will interest the apple and maybe some window users like me.

I'm quite impressed with the iPhone and thinking of maybe buying it. IF, it ever reach the shore of singapore that is. But, I hope by then the main …

Flickr: Photos tagged with ipod

Just to remind you guys that this blog isn't only all about ipod!

I just bought the new 80gb ipod so that explain my errr ...fascination about it. Everyday, it won't feel right if I didn't search the net for things to do with my ipod.

Today, I found a flickr photos tagged with ipod. It contains pictures of ipod in ahem.. various seductive position. Okay, not seductive but pretty nice pictures of it taken by this person and he/she put it online on

Take a look >>

Have a nice weekend - Thank GOD it's Friday!


Download latest Video Podcast via iTunes

Well, since I discovered that my itunes work I've been surfing through the itunes site everyday.

Although, I live in singapore but I navigate it to US version page. Anyway, to my dissapointment, singapore wasn't on the list. So, I just use the US version for now. Too bad. 'Cause I think I would have bought and downloaded a whole of music from iTunes. Especially the games!

Despite that, I've discovered a better way to fill up my ipod. And that is with the video podcast!

It's pretty neat. On iTunes, they have a lot of video podcast you can download for free and watch it on your ipod. There's so many categories you can choose from. My favourite is the news segment. Instead of reading news or watchin it on Tv. I can just sync my ipod and watch it later. I like to watch some video podcast before I go to sleep.

If you like to watch previews of the latest games, gadgets or music then you can also subscribe to your favourite podcast.

If you like Discovery channel, National …

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