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Success meets opportunity

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

– Bobby Unser, race car driver

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New blog

Yesterday night, I decided to start another blog using my new main domain The new blog location is at

The new blog will only concentrate on latest marketing products, tips, articles etc for those who are interested in internet marketing and making money online. The current blog is mainly for personal blogging. While the other blog is for internet marketing.

At first, I thought it could be troublesom to have 2 blogs but in the end I decided, since I had a new domain with a new host and have loads of space for MySQL might as well I use it!

Anyway, got go to for now. Check out my new blog >>

C yer there!

Do you gamble?

Do you gamble?

No, I don't mean gambling as in playing pokers or buying lotto etc. I mean, in life do you gamble? Do you take risks? Do you care about consequences of what you do? In the decision you makes. Do you prefer playing it safe and work a 9-5 for example. You, prefer to be safe working in a job you hate. All for the sake of your family? Or your wife and children?

Have you ever thought that if you knew you would not fail what would you like to do? Go travel the world? Start your own business? Go bungee jumping? Have you ever thought that you are mising something in life? That you aren't where you want or wish to be.

You know, we only got one chance in life. We all die. One way or another. So, why can't we follow our heart and be free from circumtances. Free from all the rules of life and just do whatever it is that you want? Really, there's no one right now that would know what you want in life and can give you but yourself.

Think through, and think about yourself.…

Winston Churchill

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Some people are so stupid

Some people are so stupid. They don't know what's coming and they call others stupid. Hey, anonymous. F**k Off!

I'm feeling sick :(

I don't feel well. I'm having a high fever and a bit of a headache. I took a panadol, took a bath (so cooollldddd!) and now I'm typing this. Needed to check my email and stuff. I'll take a nap and hope tomorrow the fever will be gone. I don't see a doctor. In fact, I can't remember the last time I even step in a clinic!

I'm just to lazy to see a doctor when I'm sick. I always, took panadol and just sleep it off. I used to be so sick that I can't even walk but, I had never even think of going to see a doctor. Anyway, been sometime since I had ever fall sick. So, I guess, it's long overdue!

Arggg...I feel so weak. Had better stop here and take a rest.

For the moment, if you're interested in learning how to make money online just visit my new site at >>

Wish me well!

ZZzzzzz zzz...zz...

The war in Iraq will go on another 10 years..

Would you believe that the war in Iraq will go on for another 10 years?

Iraq is now the hotbed of terrorist and terrorism. Internal in-fighting for powers and control. Revenge killings, families, children, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, relatives are all dying every each day. It's either you kill or be killed.

It will take another 20 years to re-build the country again. Billions of dollars will be needed. Billions of dollars will be used. When you destroy the structure of a house, you have to re-build from the grounds up. If you had just re-enforce the house, re-paint it. It would have been better. But, because of "one" man. "One" symbol and the rest have to suffered. Some, will never taste real peace and freedom. The only who does will be the one who benefits from the suffering of others.

Well, sometime, have to live with the decision of others.


People come first

"In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, producer and profits. People come first." Lee Iacocca – Auto Executive
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Chelsea doing well so far

Yesterday, Chelsea FC again did a good job of winning their away games at the valley vs charlton. The first half was kind of edgy but at the second half, they showed why they are champion. Goals from crespo and a curler from Arjen sealed the game for them.

My friend was boasting that Chelsea would lose this game but haha! Before I could say duh! Crespo scored with a header and then arjen scored with a curler with his sweet left foot.

Ahhh...with their 100% records I hope they would go all the way and win the championship the second time. Lets wait and see...

Nothing is impossible if you believe...

"Everything is always impossible before it works. That’s what entrepreneurs are all about – doing what people have told them is impossible."

– R. Hunt Greene – Venture Capitalist

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Tell me what you think!

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Nothing much to say today. Just that this few days in my country singapore there was two idiot bloggers being a racist. Apparently they were bashing Islam/Malay (I actually post about this phenomenon a couple of days ago) or so I was told. To me though, it's not really a surprise. It's common nowadays. It's not as if, it's something new. It's just ignorants.

Anyway, the government acted fast, and "Fine" them in courts around $5000 or 3 years jail I think. Well, they deserved it. Singapore, already had it's fair share of race riots back in '65 (I think). This two idiots obviously didn't learn history and doesn't value the peace we had since then. My friends were the one who update me on this latest case. I didn't knew about it till then. As, I've said before, it ain't really anything new. There will always be idiots and assholes in this world!

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New Biz Site up and running!

Hi yer reader!

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Tell me what you think!

Got to go..have to start promoting it!

This few days, I've been busy setting up my new website called "". I'm hoping to make around US$4000 through this site. Right now, busy planning and designing it. But, currenlty waiting for the webhost support to activate my hosting. It's a pain in the ass. I don't know why they can't make it simplier for us to just buy a domain name, and automatically activate the hosting service. Instead we have to log in a members area and send a "help ticket". In the day of the Internet. Everything suppose to be automated!

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Well, that's it for today. Got to go and update my new biz sit…

It's a nice sunny sunday's a nice sunny sunday. As usual, I sit on my trusty old chair beside my window and doing some promoting online. It's quiet with birds chirping happily a distant away. This is heaven to me. A nice quiet day....Zzz ..zzz...

Islam bashing

I do blog surfing and once awhile I come across bloggers site who likes to slam bashing Islam. Worst of all, these are all ignorant people. So, they only see one side of the story. Remember, there's always 2 sides of a coin. Before you say, or do anything it's always good to do your own research then make judgement. If not, you're not just hurting others but yourself too.

Do you know why, there are different types of people on earth? Black, white, brown, yellow people? Because, GOD wants us to learn to live with one another. All man are created equal. If you want others to treat you with respects, you had better learn to respect others too. If not? Then F***c off!

Have a nice day!

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Stupid hacker

A hacker had hack into one of my Biz site and change my login and password. This moronic idiot is freaking pissing me off. Now, I can't access the members section. Lucky for me, it ain't really a big deal only a bit troublesome on my part. There's no sensitive info that the stupid hacker can use to do any other damage.

I just hope, one day, all these hackers will get their just deserved. Wish, GOD will make them lose their fingers so that they can't use a computer anymore!

So all you hackers out there beware! You're cursed for life!

:) Have a good day!

The world hates change

"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." – Charles Kettering – Inventor

There seems to be death all around us

War in Iraq, Afghanistan, the fight for land from the Palestinians and Israel, Tsunamis, earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq stampede, Indonesia Plane crash, Terroris attacks. Woah! There seem to be the scent of death everywhere!

And the numbers aren't small. It's 2 - 300 at one go. Talking about dying en-mass.

Really, we as a whole should think why all this is happening. Stop blaming each other and work with each other instead. Learn from each other, understand each of our problem and think of a win-win situation. Stop being selfish, arrogant. Stop fighting for land but instead learn to leave with each other.

If man can do half of this, I'll be totally impress!

For now though, the scent of death still lingers and the angel of death is working overtime!

Think for a moment...and pray...

An Idiot leaving a stupid comment

An anonymous idiot, leave his/her comment on my blog today. I decided to delete it and save the trouble of replying to and fro with them. Just a waste of my blog-time!

So, moron, if you think you can leave useless rubbish comment, just F**k off!

I'll just delete it!


Schumacher and Ferrari falters this year F1

Well, just finish watching the F1 race in Italy today on Tv. Again, schumacher the reigning F1 champion falters. It's not really Ferrari year. Even Barichello isn't doing that well. And he's even quiting Ferrari and joining another team next year. I guess it would be good for the F1 in the end as schumacher and Ferrari have been winning easily the past years. Now, we have Alonso and Kimi Raikonen coming up. It's between this two drivers and by the end of this year F1 season we will know who will take over to become the champion.

Kimi Raikonen did well today, he pushes himself and his car to the limit to win 4th place. He had to start from way back in position because they have to change the car engine. In the beginning Alonso was doing well and winning the first few races but Kimi Raikonen after going through nightmares with the car are now beginning to show championship driving. I'm pretty sure, he'll take over Schumacher to become one of the greats F1 car cham…

A sleepy Saturday..

It's 2:44 pm right now. Am feeling sleepy. I might doze off while typing this...but not really. I try not to sleep in the day. As, I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep at night. Not being able to sleep at night, is not a nice situation that I want to be in. I will keep tossing myself, left and right. Think about this and that. Look at the time, toss myself left and right again. Eventually though, I will finally be able to go into dreamland.

I always had interesting dream. If it's a stupid dream, I won't think much of it. If it intrigue me, I will try to think through if it have any meaning. Most of the time though, it's all rubbish. It is said that good dreams are from GOD, and bad dreams are from satan.

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