Thursday, September 01, 2005

the LAST Corey Rudl product...

Dear reader,

Today, I'm honored to announce the release of what is, perhaps, the most informative, shocking, and inspiring Corey Rudl audio recording of all time.

For 150 minutes (and 29 seconds) you will be a fly on the wall as the two "GREAT LEGENDS" of Internet marketing and direct marketing -- Corey and the outrageous Dan Kennedy -- discuss...
How you can make MILLIONS of dollars using the Internet teamed up with direct mail, radio, TV, classified ads, Yellow Page ads, infomercials, and MORE!

You'll hear Corey reveal how he made over $40 Million in Internet sales and taught 1,000s of "real people" how to make massive incomes of $100,000.00 to $2.5 MILLION (or more!) per year with the Internet...

You'll hear Dan Kennedy, the legendary GOD of direct (offline) marketing, talk about how he's made hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars for his clients, including companies like Amway and the $200-million-per-year Gunthy-Renker Corporation...

But BEST OF ALL, you'll hear these Millionaire Marketing Geniuses reveal "advanced" profit secrets that -- until now -- were reserved for their "inner circle" of close, personal friends!

For example...

You'll hear the AMAZING true story of two guys who sold almost IDENTICAL products, with the SAME offer, to the SAME audience -- yet one guy made $2 Million MORE... all thanks to just one simple strategy! PLUS, you'll learn which 2 blockbuster marketing ideas Corey got from Dan that made him over $100,000 in profits (that's cash in hand!) -- in less than 24 months!

... And that's just for starters!

You quite simply won't find a recorded interview like this -- anywhere.
A brainstorming session between two marketing geniuses of this caliber has NEVER been recorded before. And that's why, since this recording would have been priceless before Corey passed away, I can't even guess its value now.

To start listening to this 150-minute audio recording right away, please visit:

I hope you enjoy it...

Mohammad Fauzi Taib

P.S. The "special edition" release of this recording will only be available to the first 250 people. After that, it will either be REMOVED, or the price will be raised to $1,499.00 or MORE -- still a bargain when you consider Corey's consultation rates were $2,790.00 per hour -- and Dan's rates are $9,600.00 per day!

To start listening now, visit:

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