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Yesterday, I read about a free service that allow me to create my very own Toolbar. The one that you can download and install. It will then show up on your browser as a toolbar. It's free, it's quick to install and it's great!

I decided to put one up for my Traffic Exchange. This way, our community can keep in touch or read latest updates via the tool bar. Pretty cool stuff!

Here's the link below if you're interested to check it out >>

I haven't really fiddle with it yet. But, it has the standard google search, links to HotProfitsCashXchange forum, some news links and the availability to listen to a radio station while surfing the net.

Here's the link again >>



This past few days, I've been thinking a lot and watching, reading lot of news on Tv, nets etc.

A lot have been happening since the Sept 9, 11 terr…

My Flickr Album

I found my old flickr album. Remind me of the old days with my exs.

Heh heh.

Take a look if you have nothing better to do.

I'm an Explorer

I love sundays!

Don't you?

I wish it could be sunday everyday!

Well, anyway. Today, I visited and I saw a link ( that invited you to test out your broadband speed. You could win a Sony Ericsson mobile phone if you try it out. And so, I tried it out. Before that you'll have to answer a few questionaire.

This was the result of that questionaire:

Based on the information you have given us we have defined you as an Explorer.

Cyberspace is that last frontier and you are on a mission to its outer reaches. The internet is your playground, your window on the world and you are always on the look out for new exciting sites.

So, I'm an Explorer!

Oh yeah. I finally manage to get my iTunes to work on my pc. It seems that I have to load a cd before it would show up on my pc. I don't know why is that but as long as it works. With iTunes, I manage to download some interesting audio and video podcast and watch it on my ipod. It was pretty…

Apple Macworld 2007 Keynote - iPhone

I just watch Steve Jobs keynote online >>

and by the look of it. They've got a winner product here. It's nothing like you or me have seen before and last I read it'll be out in stores in June.

Of course, Asian country like mine would maybe have to wait a year or two before we can get our hand on it. By then, I hope they would have improve a bit more on it.

One thing, I hope they improved or add on is higher memory maybe like the Ipod video to 80Gb but the bigger the better!

If they can do that then I'm sure they'll be the biggest seller ever!

Imagine, an Ipod, a phone and Internet access all in one package!

Wow, this ought to be good.

But, I think I'll have to wait till a couple of years to see the product improved more. As, I think it could be even better!

By the time, my niece finish school and get a job and earning good money I'm pretty sure she'll be using the iPhone. By the way, my niece is only 9 … - 50 FREE music!

The other day, I downloaded winamp mp3 player which includes the ability to download 50FREE songs from They offer a 14-days trial subscription that allows you to download 50 songs. You can choose any type of songs and you can keep it even if you cancel your trial subscription!

After perusing the site, I think I'm gonna keep subcripting to their service as they have a good collection of songs and their site is easy to navigate and look for the latest songs. It's pretty cool. Heh since I've got a whole load of space on my Ipod I'll be downloading a lot of songs maybe some from band or singers I haven't even heard of. I just felt its a refreshing change from the Mtv pop-kidie songs you heard every day on the radio. Some of this independant music are pretty good. I know as I keep visiting Cnet: to search for free music that you don't heard on the radio but you'll certainly like it.

I finish downloading the 50 free songs from eMusic within…

Winamp+Ipod= Sweet Love!

Heh heh. Okay, I know. I'm spending too much time on my Ipod!

Today, I found out that winamp works with Ipod. How it does that, I'm not sure yet. I just download it just now and after typing this, I'll be fidling with it to see what it can do to enhance my Ipod experience.

I was actually searching the net for a way to read news on the go via my ipod. Hey, sometime I like to read sport news or happenings around the world. I might what you call a news junky. I like reading the latest new or updates on certain events. There's so much happening in the world right now that you must be living inside a cave all this while if you doesn't know or care a toots what's happening around you!

Anyway, here's the link >>

As always there's a FREE and paid version for download.

Check it out!

Need to go right now, it's almost 12 am midnight!

Zzzz .zz.. Online FLV Convertor

Okay, I have to admit!

I have been busy lately downloading and installing various free and paid software that I can use for my Ipod. I'm Ipod crazy right now!

All day, I think and search the net for ways to download songs, videos, photos, games and other free stuff I can customise to my ipod. Hey, if you have 80GB of space you'll do the same as me!

Anyway, I found this cool site which I want to recommend to you Ipod owner at >>

Currently, I'm busy converting Bart Simpsons episode taken from to .mp4 format so that I can watch it on my Ipod. Heh heh. Okay, I admit I love Bart Simpsons shows!

The service is FREE. I don't know how long the service is going to be free as it's now on beta stage. So, go to the site right now and if you have any nice videos which you want to convert to mp4 or others format to be watch on your mobile you might want to visit it now at >>

Enjoy and have fun!

Who says they aren't any good FREE music?

Heh heh. Ever since I bought this Ipod, I've been busy looking for software, music and games that can be downloaded to my Ipod. Now, I feel as though 80GB of space isn't that big anymore!

I could easily finish it in no time!

One thing I'm quite fed-up with is that I can't seem to find the right software to convert some of my 3GP videos or DVD to the Ipod format. I can't even use iTunes. For some reason, it won't show up on my windows. But, it still shows as if it's turn on. As, a last resort I had to buy Anapod which enable me to easily download mp3 songs to my Ipod via "explorer" type windows.

One place I frequent to download load of FREE songs is at they have 1000s of good music that you can download to your Ipod. Hey, who says there aren't any good free music?

Right now, I've already got 2-3 gig of music on my Ipod. If, I had bought a small size Mp3 player I would have max it out in a day!

That's why I had wanted to buy…

Just bought my first ever Ipod!

Yes! Finally, I bought the 80GB Video Ipod today!

I'm so excited to test it out. Just open it up and getting used to the track wheel. Need some getting use to since, it's my first ever Ipod.

I thought of waiting for the next generation of Ipod coming out as I believe it could be very much the same feature as the Apple Iphone minus the phone of course. Which offers bigger screen for watching movie on the go. Pretty cool. But, I just can't wait for it. As, it will always reach asia last!

Well, anyway. This had better be good as I spend almost $600 (singapore dollars) for it!

I think 80Gb should be more then enough for me to load up all my favourite songs. Maybe, buy some movies and games etc. This could be a whole lot of fun!

I choose the color black as my motorola phone is also black in color and it look pretty cool to me. Heh!

Well, it's almost 12am here and I need to start fiddling with my new Ipod before going to sleep.

Oh yeah. Happy Good Friday and happy Holiday everyone!

Xdrive - FREE Secure Online Storage!

Xdrive have been around for a loooOOongg time.

I remember they offered a mere 5 or 10mb (I think so) of free space for you to upload your files online. It was pretty cool to be able to save your files online and accessing it from anywhere around the world that has Internet access.

So, I decided to re-visit their site. Wow! Now they're offering 5GB of space. That's bloody a whole lot of space. Okay, maybe not for some of you heavy users. But, for the average users I think it's a great place for you to store or backup your important files. You never know when your pc might crash (which they always do?).

I haven't signup yet but I plan to, when I'm not lazy that is. Thought, I'll post the link here for those of you looking for a place to store your files, photos, music or whatever.

Here's the link if you're interested >>


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