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7 days after Eid Fitri

Yes, it's 7 days after we finish fasting in the month of Ramadhan. A whole lot of things happen in the month of ramadhan. There's still war in Iraq, Afghanistan and another looming with North Korea. With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm surprised that it's still going on. I'm surprised that there are still terrorist bombing and killing in Iraq. I'm surprised that Iraq is on the verge of a civil war. And frankly we should thanks the U.S. and George Bush for what's happening right now.

He opened the pandora box.

Unless someone out there do close it, I'm pretty sure through year end 2006-2007 and beyond all this senseless bombing and killing won't stop. I think the U.S. and George Bush underestimate these so-called Islamic terrorist. The terrorist I'm talking about is not just a bunch of idiots or groupies trying to take on the might of the "Super Powers". Some of them even have degrees from U.S. universities!

Another factor is tha…

Eid Mubarak !!

Happy Eid Mubarak !! Happy Eid Mubarak!!

Selamat Hari Raya !! Selamat Hari Raya !! Selamat Hari Raya !!

Selamat Hari Raya 'aidil Fitry pada semua umat Islam, muslimin dan muslimat, mukminin dan mukminat!

Wahooo Hariii Raayaaaa arrr..

6 (worthless) excuses for not saving money

I'm an advocator of saving money. I always remind people whenever possible to save as much money as possible for a rainy day or for their own retirement. Hey, you can't work forever right? Sometime, I see old people toiling away when they should be resting at home, playing with their grandsons or daughters. Even going for a holiday etc. At our golden age we should be enjoying ourselves. We work hard almost everyday and it's time to taste the fruit of our labour. That's my plan anyway. I don't want to be still working when I'm old. I'll rather enjoy my golden age doing the things I love. You should too!

So, to me, savings means a lot. I also know people keep giving me excuses about how hard it is to save. When, it should be easy. All of us can save. Even if it's a small amount. When you add it all up or when the time come to retire, you'll have enough to enjoy it for the remainder of your life. Ok, you might not get to enjoy your money if you die youn…

The week in review

I have so many things to write today.

First off, I would like to say to Jack Straw go and take his comment on the right of a muslim women to veil herself and shuff it up his own ass. What right has he to comment on the culture of others when the women has the right to do whatever she wish to follow her own religion.

First, it was the French authorities and now it's the British. I don't know what their problem is. They are so afraid of a woman with a veil. That just shows you how powerful a muslim woman is. Everybody is running scared of Islam. They will do whatever it takes to try and bring down the religion. But, no matter what Islam will always prevail through the end. Because, it's the religion of truth and the only accepted by GOD!

Don't believe me?

Islam has exist even before Muhammad the last prophet was send to the human race. He completes the line of prophets that was send by GOD.

As always, there are those who believes and those who don't. And some? Would prefe…

It's a boring boring sunday..

Yep, I spend the whole day at home doing nothing. Well, almost nothing. I spend most of my time online doing some promoting and checking out some money making programs.

I was too lazy to go out. The stupid thing is that even there's nothing to watch on my cable Tv!

I did watch the F1 championship race in Japan. Hoping that Michael Schumacher will win the title in this race. He was doing well untill it happen. His engine blew up. Ferrari, what the hell happen!

After that, I just switch off the tv. There's no freaking anything interesting to watch! Why!!??

Even, the starmovies channel was showing all the boring, stupid, sappy movies you can think of. Where's all the horror, martial art or actions movies?

I hate all the niceties, stupid lame crying movies. It's only good for making me sleepy!

Well the good thing is that it's another 2 weeks and the fasting month of ramadhan will be over. Although, some people would like it if ramadhan will stay forever. It's the time wh…

Treo 750v arriving in Asia.. Finally!

Yes, Finally!

The new Treo 750v is coming to Asia. Actually, I kind of knew they would sell the Treo 750v to asia when I saw the version sold in Europe. As the other version of Treos are mainly for US which use EDVO etc. In asia we don't have that. So, they have to create a different kind to cater to our market.

I can't really type too much right now as I'm going out soon. Just wanted to update my blog for this week as you know we muslims are doing our fasting in this year Ramadan.

I keep telling people around me that Ramadan is a special month and you can feel the difference if you look around you. The weather a bit cooler and nice.

Ooops that's all I can type right now, I'm late!

To all muslims out there, be cool and enjoy your fast!

Salaam, peace out!

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