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Singapore through to the Final

I went to watch Singapore vs Malaysia in the Asean Soccer Championship semi-final yesterday. And I had a blast of a time!

I haven't gone to the Kallang National stadium for a very long time and going there made me realize how things have change. Looking around, of course I see a lot of young people. In fact, I see all kind of people. All kind of atmospheres during the up and down of the game.

I didn't realize how united people are when they support their own team or country. Not just in soccer but in any kind of high tension games.

I've read somewhere how a guy wrote that it's better to watch a soccer match live in the stadium rather then on the Tv and he was right. It's totally a different feeling. For starters, you will feel how real it is everythting are. It's not just a show you're watching on Tv. There's real life people out there playing their heart out. Either, they're playing for their country or club.

We had a full-house yesterday in the stadi…

Aliens found in America!

Yes! Aliens were found auditioning for American Idols!

Good GOD!

Only in America ..doh!

The March to a 100,000 members!

Last Year Dec 2006 I've started my very own Traffic Exchange (kind of like Blogexchange only it's for Internet marketers!).

My target for it is that I'll have a 100,000 members!

I don't really have a time frame. But relatively I see that most of the other Big exchanges have at least 10,000+ members and 100 Pro members.

So, my minimum is to have 10,000+ members and my maximum would be to have 100,000!

If you're an Internet Marketer looking for a cheap or FREE place to promote your online biz then visit my new exchange at >>

It's still relatively new and I'm always updating it.

By the end of this year Dec 2007 I hope to grow my Traffic Exchange bigger, badder and better!

Good luck to me!


P.S. It's FREE to join but if you upgrade there's more and better

The Day After Tomorrow

I'm watching the movie they're showing right now on Tv titled "The Day After Tomorrow".

I know they decided to show it today because of what been happening around the world particularly in Asean since Dec last year and that is we're having shitty weather all the time!

Remember the BIG Tsunami Dec 26 last year?

Since Dec 25 2006 it's been rainning heavily. It even flooded in Singapore and that haven't happen since I can remember!

The thing is I even saw it in my own eyes how the Macritchie Reservoir actually overflowed to the main junction and flooded the road. A few cars parked were almost submerged. I'm just glad that our reservoir didn't have any crocodiles or it would have some good dinner swimming around.

Onwards to the current date. It's still rainning heavily a couple of days but the difference is it isn't as bad as before. Where, it'll be hot for a couple of days then it will rain and rain as though it will never stop.

Some people sa…

New Year, New Change, New Beginning!

I love changes.

For me when things happen, like when my laptop died on me or my desktop having some technical problems. After trying everything to start it up back, my final solution was to reboot and re-install everything!

I take it as a new beginning. I install everything, albeit slowly. All the software that I didn't use and taking up space. I clear up my desk, re-bookmarks every important sites etc. It's like starting everything anew.

Sometime changes will do you good. If you had just been fired from your long-time job. Don't take it too hard. Take it that you're fed-up with it and you're the one who had wanted to quit all along!

Maybe, it's time for you to try something else in your life. Hey, you only live once. Why not try something that you had always wanted to do?

Go on, take a 2 weeks break. Go for a holiday some place quiet. Where you can relax and forget everything. Travel somewhere exotics. Somewhere, different. Changes of views could really do you g…

It's Finally it's official it's Happy New Year 2007!

It's Finally the Year 2007!

Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!

Happpy Joyyyy happpy joyyy!

Happpy Joyyyy happpy joyyy!

Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!
Happy happy happy happy joy joy!

Don't forget the unfortunate!

Make the world a better place for all!

Good luck to the New year!

*sing* *sik* Should auld acquitance be forget ..
... ...

Looking forward to the new year!

Peace out!

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