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Alien Mangle video review

Alien Mangle

Check out this Alien mangle video review by He he. See, if you can catch a glimpse of a zombified me?

Israeli assault on Hamas

Baaahhh ..just when I thought 2009 going to be a new year for me. But, it seems some things never change. I don't know, this couple of weeks leading up to the new year, crazy thing seems to be happening. Is the world getting more bonkers?
I should believe so. Unless, we ourselves want things to change then, nothing will change. It's really up to us. We can't depend on others to do the changing. We need to change together as human beings. I guess with the world economy in tatters, people are getting nervous, edgy and desperate.
What gives eh?
Click here to read about the latest Israeli assault killing more then 200 and injured 400. They can do that because they have their planes, tanks etc. But, what do the Palestinians have?
Is it a fair fight?
Okay, the Palestinian guerillas are partly to blame sending rockets in to the Israeli territory but, I don't think they're going to stop. Things are getting desperate over at the Palestinians territory and in this way they're…

Alien Mangle FPS for the iPhone 3GS is out - My face in the game!

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Woooohoooo !!

Everyone is freakin' excited about Phart Games (PG) new FPS called Alien Mangle for the iPhone 3GS!

For me personally, because, my zombified face is in it!
Here's the photos of me and others at Touch Arcade forum. Click here for the thread!
It currently sells at $0.99 and you can get it from iTunes. Join the discussions about this game at TouchArcade forum.
Right, I'm going to play it right now. Just, downloaded it today.

Good day!

Note: (Article updated on 19th, Sept 2017)
P.S. Click here to buy iPhone 3GS right now!

Apple support and review staff Incompetence

Note: Apparently, some developers are having problem on getting their games approved to be included to the iTunes store. Here's a letter from one of them.

To know more about Zombie Mangle visit TouchArcade Forum.


I'm Perry Hart, the sole developer at PHARTGAMES.
It's apparent that Apple's systems for reviewing iPhone applications and supporting developers is inadequate and down right amateur.
There has been quite a large amount of hype about my new app ZombieMangle, a first person shooter. Alot of people want to play it after seeing the videos on youtube and especially after the massive disappointment of Zombie Mansion and Cube.
I submitted Zombie Mangle over a week ago now, Which was what i though would be a perfect time to release just before christmas. However, A few days after submission apple sends me an email stating that they require  "Unexpected Additional Time For Review" with no reason …

Apple buys stake in mobile graphics chip..

My 601 post is about the latest updates on Apple move to buy stake in a mobile graphics chip designer.
In short, look out for better games in the nearest future!
I can't wait for the next gen iPhone. I'm not really interested in iTouch. I know they got bigger memory but, I think I'm going to buy the next gen iPhone as I know they'll keep improving it for years to come. Yeah, the iTouch will be improved further too, but I like that I can use the phone features. In any case, I won't need to bring an iTouch and a phone right? I'll just need to bring my iPhone!
Enuff chatters. Click here to read up on this latest Apple updates!
Good day and good fun ya all!

Metallica | ‘All Nightmare Long’

Metallica | ‘All Nightmare Long’

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So, like check it out. I discover this site via iTunes podcast which I subscribe. It showcase music videos of Metal bands that will totally blow you away. Some of them are "live" recordings of up-and-coming band. Some, you already know. But, in all, if you are a metal head then you should definitely visit this site. I like watching their video podcast on my ipod and iPhone. Sometime, instead of watching the videos I just close my eyes and listen to the kaleidoscope of music banging on my ears. Yeah, I like metal music. It remind me of me!
If you want to subscribe to their podcast via itunes then just type UVTV and it will show up. Easy!
You can also definitely visit their main site at
Meanwhile enjoy the video from Metallica!
Got it from uvtv of course!
'till then..keep banging those head!

Happy Eid al-Adha!

Just wanna wish a happy Eidal-Adha to all Muslims!
Time, wait for no man but man likes to waste time. Do something good in your life so that in return God will give great tidings to you. Remember HIM and HE will remember you. Life, is a journey towards the end and the end will belong to you if you own it. Death is only the beginning, but it's the end for whom who doesn't believe. Believe in HIM and HE will believe in you. You are but a product of your own thoughts. See in the truth and not just what truth does it seem. See things as what they are and not what you perceive. Seek and you shall find but seek not what is wrong but seek what is right. Soon, it will all end but do what you can to save yourself as nothing last forever and we'll all reach our destination come what may. In the end, it's all up to you. Do what is right and in truth. All you peaceful souls will soon return to where you belong...

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