Israeli assault on Hamas

Baaahhh ..just when I thought 2009 going to be a new year for me. But, it seems some things never change. I don't know, this couple of weeks leading up to the new year, crazy thing seems to be happening. Is the world getting more bonkers?

I should believe so. Unless, we ourselves want things to change then, nothing will change. It's really up to us. We can't depend on others to do the changing. We need to change together as human beings. I guess with the world economy in tatters, people are getting nervous, edgy and desperate.

What gives eh?

Click here to read about the latest Israeli assault killing more then 200 and injured 400. They can do that because they have their planes, tanks etc. But, what do the Palestinians have?

Is it a fair fight?

Okay, the Palestinian guerillas are partly to blame sending rockets in to the Israeli territory but, I don't think they're going to stop. Things are getting desperate over at the Palestinians territory and in this way they're making the world see their plight. They, know the Israeli would retaliate and now the Arabs and the world are trying to ask for restrain and all that. But, really. Now, everyone will focus their attention at the middle east crisis again. The Palestinians still aren't getting support. Something, need to be done. The Palestinians need to be help with their country. They need help with the government, housing, water, food. The things that we took for granted everyday.

If Palestine as a country fail, then the middle east crisis would fail. That's all to it.

I've said enough for now. Take care and think about it.

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