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Is my blog loading too slow for you?

A visitor from malaysia said that my blog loads too slow. For me, it's fast as I'm using broadband net. So, I'm not sure how slow is slow? I don't have a dial-up service so I can't really check it. If any of you think this blog loads too slow please state how slow is slow and what kind of ISP service you are using. Either broadband or dial-up or whatever. Thanks!

It could help me change a few things on this blog. Maybe, there's too much banners!

Loading... still loading!

Rebuilding life after last year tsunami

I saw on the news how the people in Aceh (Indonesia) are trying to re-build their life. Still believing in God's will and hoping for a better tomorrow. Some are even having children to try to make themselves busy and not harp on the lost of their children. Some still infant.

Some of the people are still having problems forgetting their loss. Forgetting the image of what happen during the tsunami. Mothers losing their childrens, husbands, grandparents. Some even their whole family!

Such devastation still felt today. All that the people affected can do is look towards a better future. A better life and maybe a prayer to their loss ones. Amen!

How's the weather?

Crap, where's Owen!

Why didn't he score! Yesterday match Liverpool beat Newcastle 2 - 0. What a bummer!

But, the good news is Chelsea won their match to beating Fulham 3 - 2. Yes!

It was a close fight but hey, I got the feeling chelsea let them score to make the game more exciting!

Everyone are scared of playing chelsea right now and all they do is defend, defend and more defend!

Only the other top team are not afraid to challenge chelsea and dare to attack. That's where the fun begin.

Anyway, these past few days. The weather seems so crazy. In the morning it will be sunny then at noon it start to gets cloudy and then it rain and rain ...and more rain!

It's the same throughout the month. Hope, the coming year will have more sunshine. But, as far as I can remember it's always raining. I only like rain when I'm at home cosy and dry. Not, when I'm working. I simply hate it!

Unless, of course if you're working inside a building. You won't care if it rain unless…

1 more week till 2006

Today's monday. A holiday over here. It's damn boring today. Nothing on tv that's good to watch. And nowhere to go too. But, one thing for sure. It's going to be 2006 soon and I'm looking forward to the new year. There's so much for me to do and to achieve. I hope or rather pray for a good year.

Tonight's (singapore time) there's a soccer match between Newcastle and Liverpool. With Owen being the focal point. Will he scored against he's old team? When owen play there's always a high chance for him to score. He's known as Mr. Goal in Real Madrid and for good reason. Because of his high scoring rate. Also, I would like owen to score against liverpool and win the game for Newcastle so that I can blow it up at my friends who are supporting Liverpool FC ..haha!

C'mon owen win the game!

My bet is Newcastle will win by 2 goal to 1 against liverpool. Yeah!

And of course Chelsea will be champion again! Haha!


Another Christmas Tsunamis

Well, so far so good. No sign of impending tsunamis. But, as my Yahoo! Messenger is log on and a small windows pop-up showing the latest news. I read headlines, things happening all over the world that doesn't seem to care if it's christmas, a public holiday or whatever. The world goes on.

In spite of the relative calm I'm in right now. It had been raining the whole night till now and there's still a little drizzle. It's so cozy, albeit a little cold and oh so quiet. My 3 nephews had gone with their parents going camping. I wonder if they are still out there sleeping inside their tent sheltered from the rain. The reason I'm talking about my nephews is because since they had stayed with me for the holidays, my room had been bombarded with their instants noise-making i.e. playing games, watching tv and running around playing all at the same time. I didn't have a single quietness!

Now, that they had gone out. I have this room all to myself. Ahhh...heaven. Peace!

Just join a new money-maker

Well, I just joined a new money-maker that I hope will help me make more money in residual incomes. I was promoting my other online biz site when I saw this couple site and I kind of like it. So, I thought what de heck. I read through the site and decided to try my luck with it. I can always quit if it doesn't work!

But, I think their system and tools is okay. Anyway, I've decided to join and now I'm promoting it. If I can earn an extra US$500, it will be way cool!

Here's the link. Check it out and see if you're interested to join me!

Good luck and happy holidays!

Holiday and more holidays!

Next week monday 26th will be a public holiday as sunday is christmas. Then, the next monday on 2nd Jan 2006 will also be another holiday as sunday will be 1st Jan 2006!

On Tues the 10th 2006 will be the hajj. So, it will be another public holiday. End of the month 29-30th will be chinese new year. More holidays!

The month of January is definitely full of holidays. And, I sure bet that those who are thinking of quiting their job will be chosing to do it in Febuary. If they do it in January it will be such a waste. I'm saying this because it's kind of a culture that people always thinking of changing jobs after they've got their bonus and start looking for new one starting January. A new year, and a new job beckoning.

I wish everyone a happy New year and all the best for the future!

Cheers to all!


I'm bored

Yes, this few months I've been kind of bored. I'm not really sure why. I just feel like going out often. Where to, I'm not sure. I just feel like going out and see things, do things. But, the thing is I'm also a lazy person. I don't really dig sports or going out for party. My sports and partying are in front of the tv. I like watching the soccer match and also watch shows about places where you can travel to etc. Sometime, when I watch show about cool places, great food and great hotels. Or great scenery of tall green mountains I just feel like packing up my stuff and go there.

But, again I just can't be bothered with the hassle of the travel. Although, it might be an experience that I would enjoy. But, picking up my ass is just tough! Hehe!

I guess, I'll just let my finger do the walking for me (remote control!)

I'm also dying to buy a new cellphone. I'm looking around for cool flip phone with all the latest gizmo. Basically, I want it to be able to …

How to lose a customer

Today, I decided to call another contractor to look at my windows. Because, the first one that was recommended to me didn't bother to call again today. They were suppose to send someone to take a look at my windows if they need to be change and to fill up a "Form B" that I needed to give to Housing agent. But, zip, nadah, zero! Not even a ring!

So, when the housing agent called me again. I complained to him about it. He decided to give me another contractor phone no. and check if the guy could help me on this matter. Well, lucky for me the guy himself pick it up and after explaining to him my situation he fixed an appointment to meet me the same day today!

Now, that's what I call fast service and someone who knows how to make money. Let's face it. A business need customers to stay afloat. If you don't call back or check back with an interested customer of your service or products don't you think they will run away? So, run away I did!

I told my sister if the…

Hopelessly devoted to work?

I found this questionaire in my local paper. Not that it's anything new but I chuckled because this questionaire was supposedly to check and see if you're one of those people hopelessly devoted to work meaning you're a workaholic or you like to stay too much at work!

Just for your info my answer to most of the question was b and c.. hehe!

What about you? Do you love your work too much that it effects your life in general? Check for the answers below!


Is your passion for work healthy or harmful?
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The heat is on..yeah!

Yes, baby. The heat is on... I have two friends who support liverpool and me alone supporting chelsea. I need you chelsea supporter where are you!



Hmmm..delicious champions league match

Yeap, the first knock-out round is on track to entertain football maniacs all over the world. And there's 3 English team right now on the running to win the champions league crown which was won by Liverpool beating Ac Milan in the Final last year.

I'm not sure if I'm going to watch some of the match as it's wee hours in the morning for us here in asia. Well, that didn't stop me from watching the 'important' match even though I have to work in the freaking morning!

But, this year champion league is sure are interesting. What with Liverpool trying to defend the cup this season. Will Chelsea do it when they were so close last season? Beaten by Liverpool after beating mighty barcelona. But, there's no doubt about it. It's going to be a tough match and of course will be exciting for us soccer maniacs.

One thing for sure let's just watch and enjoy...

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It's going to be 2006 soon!

Yes, it's going to be 2006 soon. Soooo, what have you been doing the past whole year? Has it been a good year for you? Made any money? Save any money? Started a family of your own? Got a girlfriend or boyfriend?

You know, every year would be the same for you if you haven't done anything different every year. If you're stuck doing the same routine, the same job, the same mistakes or haven't done anything that you had set out to do then you have just wasted a year of your life. A year of your life that would never come back. Maybe, it's time you go forward in your life. To try to achieve something in your life that is at least better then the year before. This is to avoid wastage of the time you're given on earth.

For me, philosophycally, I always try to do things that I had always wanted. I don't like to be tied down at work. I don't like to be tied down by time. I do what I want and I do what I like. I don't care what others thing of me. Of course, th…

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my knee

The other day, I can't stand the pain so much that I couldn't sleep the whole night. So the next day, I decided to finally see the doctor in a 24hr clinic as the clinic near my house were close (it was a saturday). The doc ask me a few questions and put his hand on both of my knees to feel if it's warm. Apparently, that's how you check your knee when you can't physically see any mumb or bruises. The doc then gave me some pain killer to ease the pain and some kind of strong panadol.

Well, it eases the pain alright but untill now almost 2 weeks letter I still can't bend my right knee. I think it's because of the other day when I was carrying a furniture and I could feel a hot sensation on top of my knee. I think I've burned my muscle. That's why, I'm still having problem with it. I'll see how it goes before decided again if I need to see the doctor again. The thing is, I'm too lazy to go and see the doctor for anything. In my lifetime, I ca…

Feeling sleepy

Feeling sleepy right now. It's a nice hot afternoon. Nice weather to sleep in at home with the fan blowing right at you. Been feeling tired today. My friend told me I look a little sad and tired. I'm not sure what he meant. Well, maybe because my uncle just died and feeling emotionally tired. I certainly don't feel though.

Maybe a nice quick nap will do. Anyway, the other day, I post here about me having this email spam problem that I kept receiving in my bulk mail. After, I run my virus scan and cleared out or rather deleted 2 virus that it found. All seems well after that. Maybe, it's because of these stupid viruses. So, the problem have been solved I suppose. I don't know why I will have viruses in my system, since I have my virus and firewall on all the time. What's the use of me using these software if I still get infected?

Lucky for me it found these virus and deleted it automatically.

Well, my nephew want to use my laptop to go to and play games.

My uncle died yesterday

At 5:45 am Sat, my mother called me. She was on her way to work when her nephew called her to inform that her brother is dead. I just slept at around 3am chatting online that night. So, although I was feeling a little groggy I took a bath and together with my mom we went to my uncle's house.

When I reach there I could see part of my uncle body on the bed covered with batik's cloth. It's our tradition to cover a dead body with it. There were some relatives already there watching over the body and saying prayers. It's not good to leave a dead body alone. This will be the time when the 'other world' will be a bit chaos. Some people who read this will know what I'm talking about. The doctor came and check the body to confirmed that my uncle is dead. Then my uncle's son followed the doctor for the certification letter.

I would also know that my uncle's soul could be around watching all the things that is happening to his body. My brother came a bit later a…

Testing out IBM Thinkpad i Series

I'm testing out an IBM Thinkpad that my brother-in-law found at his work place. He's a cleaning supervisor at a Condo and sometime, the resident there throw away stuff that's broken like this IBM Thinkpad that he found. So, I'm testing out the laptop and so far, so goood. Although, at first, the system keep hanging up when I tried to use Windows Internet Explorer. Every time I tried to open a link in a new window the system hang up. I decided to download and install FireFox. Now, I can surf the Net without hanging up.

I'm not sure what kind of IBM Thinkpad this is. Maybe it's a i-Series or something as it has the name on it. It's pentium III with Microsoft Windows Me. It has 9Gig space which is more then my other Ranger laptop. The screen is okay but the slide screw is broken so you'll have to be careful when you open up the laptop. The keyboard feels fine as I'm typing this but I'm new to using the IBM joystick stuck at the middle of the keyboar…

If you don't like your job? Quit!

You know, sometime, I don't understand the people I meet while working. They seem so grumpy, so reluctant to work, I wonder why they stay in the same job!

Sometime though, I do meet some nice folks who seems always to be in a good mood. They talk to people. They do their work fast and without hesitation. What you get from them is good, fast service that you leave the work place in a happy mood too. I think, if I were the boss of some of these grumpy looking people at work I would FIRE them and ask them to leave. I don't want them to work for me and destroy the good 'karma' at my work place. Anyway, grumpy, un-happy employees would give others a bad impression of your company and potential lose of profits.

I mean really, if you don't like your job then quit and just stay at home and die!

This world could do less with people like you!


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Is terrorism winning?

Is terrorism winning?

You be the judge...

What's your problem?

"When life’s problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate."

– Ann Landers, columnist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sometime in life we tend to forget that we are more fortunate then others even when we think our life is in topsy-turvy...

Send eCards to your love one

Nothing much to say nowadays. Been busy with 'stuff'. At the moment why not click this link and send a christmas eCards to friends etc.


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Rubbish email

For some reason nowadays I keep receiving rubbish in my mailbox. I'm wondering if there's a virus going around that send all this junk mail. I didn't bother to open the email as I know it's rubbish. It's a waste of my time, that I had to keep deleting all the rubbish email I received.

Wonder if there's a way to stop all this mess...think ... think...

Went to see the doc yesterday

Went to see the doctor yesterday. My knees was hurting and I couldn't sleep. So, I decided to see the doctor. I wanted to go to the local clinic around my area but they were all close. I had to take the taxi to go to a 24hr clinic. The doctor wasn't around when I reach the clinic as he went to see a patient.

Finally, when the doc came I was the first one to go in and see him. He put his hand on my knees to feel if it was hot. Then he ask me a few questions if I had a fall or something. I said "Yes". He told me I should go for x-ray. But, I decided not to. It's too freaking expensive anyway.

He gave me some pain killers and other medicine and told me if my knee still hurts, then I should come again to see him. Anyway, once I was home, I quickly eat the pain killers as I can't stand the pain. After a few hours the pain was gone. Today, the pain is gone but my right knees still can't bend. Well, I hope it will be okay again by tomorrow.

The good thing is I felt…

Couldn't sleep the whole night

My knees hurt so much that I couldn't sleep the whole night. Keep waking up and trying to walk around hoping it will go away. The wierd thing is the more I put some hot massage oil and rub it on my right knee, the more it hurts. In fact, I wonder if it could be better that I didn't do it in the first place.

Now, my right knee still hurts. Have to move my leg slowly and now I can see a lump on top of my knee. I wonder if it's also because of yesterday that I had to carry those heavy stuff and make my knees worst then ever.

Arggg...wish I had a pain killer or some sort. I don't know if I should see a doctor. Afraid, it won't be that much serious though. I haven't seen a doctor for a long long time. Not, that I haven't fall sick or anything. It's just that I'm too lazy to see a doctor!

I hope, my right knee will get better soon. I can't walk anywhere with this leg problem of mine. Okay, then. I'm making a journey to my kitchen for some "prata…

No fear

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." – Babe Ruth, baseball player

Start Reading

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

– Mark Twain, writer

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It rain the whole day

It rain and rain today. It's nice if you're warm inside your home. But, if you are working outside then it's a bummer. If you're working indoors you feel nice and cosy and you'll feel so sleepy..zzzz...before you know it? Your boss are standing in front of your desk!

As when I'm typing this post, listening to songs from my Mp3 player. I look out the windows and the rain has finally began to subside. Ahh...what a nice feeling to be home!

If I die and go to heaven, then I wish heaven is like home.

You know heaven can be anything you like. In fact, it's much more then you can ever imagine. If you think, earth is heaven then you ain't see nothing yet!

Well, that's my thought for today. Got to check my online biz!


My knees hurt

Nothing much today. Just that my right leg hurts for 3 days including today and I couldn't walk properly. My knee cap hurts. I can feel the bone grinding each other as if there's no more grease between it. Yeah, I'm sure you're cringing right now. But, today it got better and I don't feel the pain anymore. Although, it does still hurt a bit.

Also updated my photo album just now before I write this posting. You can visit my new site with my new photo album here. I'm not sure how slow it will be for your browser to load the pics. I'm using broadband internet so to me it's kind of fast. You can check it out here >>

Right, later...

A man of value

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

– Albert Einstein, physicist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You know, sometime I wonder, why mankind can't be nice to each other. I mean, is it so hard to be understanding, compassionate, trust etc?

For me, whenever I meet people I always try to be nice to them. Talk nicely, friendly or being understanding. But, sometime you meet assholes who just can't be nice!

They don't or won't make the effort to be nice to others. You'll see their glummy face, looking at people as if we are stupid and they are the only one in the universe who are a genius!

But, you can be assured if they want something out of you, or need any kind of help then, they'll start to realized that they can't live alone in this world and in one way or another they need help from others. These kind of people are the one who are stupid. Like my motto, "life is hard, why make it harder" right?

I guess, …

My New Mp3 Player

Well, I spend the night playing around with my new Mp3 player. Testing all it's features. I read the manual a couple of time and also at the same time fiddling with it. It was frustrating at time but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze!

Now, if only there's a way for me to extend it's space...

I bought an Mp3 player today

Just a quick note. Bought myself a new Mp3 player today and no it's not an Ipod. Found myself a cheap Mp3 player that only cost around $65.90. It have 256mb of space, FM radio, voice recording. Standard USB. Multiple backlit colour. Beside having only 256mb of space, I think it suits me fine. Well, got to go, looking for my favourite songs to download yeah!

Sales Coaching for Network Marketer

I have sign-up with this newsletter for Network Marketer for a long time. Have downloaded some sample coaching calls etc. I really like what they have to offer and of course, I thought if they have an affiliate program it will be great. I had wanted to introduce them to some of the people I know and of course to some of my group. But, they didn't have any affiliate program. But, it seems I was not alone in hoping they're going to set-up their own affiliate program.

Finally, MLMU have listen and now anyone interested to join them can sign-up and if accepted, you'll have all the sample banner ads, text ads, links etc to help promote and earn commission from sales made!

The best part is, this is something that every serious Network marketer needs. If you haven't have success with your network business then there's a reason why and that is you don't know how!

Well, I can talk about it till the days end, but I won't. You can visit their main site for yourself and s…

Australia goin to Germany for World cup!

Well, would you know it. After 32 years, and a couple of heartbreaks Australia finally are going to the world cup. Swarzer, Australia No.1 goalkeeper saving 2 penalty kick by Uruguayan player who to me didn't show enough to convince me they deserve to go to the world cup. Also, don't forget Aloisi who had the lask penalty kick.

I watch the match "live" on tv and I was supporting Australia all the way. Although, beating Uruguay would be hard. Uruguay, are a world class soccer team and for Australia to beat them to reach the world cup is a massive achievement. Why, do I support Australia? Because, they are nearer to asian countries then the latin!

For Australia to win was in a way, a win for Asia. Yeah!

Maybe, some day, Singapore will go to the world cup? Who knows!??

Never say never...

Congrats again to Australians who much be jumping and celebrating this very moment. It's a dream come true for them. I know, there's a lot of Australian in Singapore. I'm sure th…

Are you happy?

"Many people think that if they were only in some other place, or had some other job, they would be happy. Well, that is doubtful. So get as much happiness out of what you are doing as you can and don’t put off being happy until some future date." – Dale Carnegie, author

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Do you believe in God?

Of all the sin that God will forgive, there's one sin that God will never ever forgive even if you plead till eternity....and that is the sin of not believing there is God!

If you believe there is satan? Then there is God!

How do you know there is God? No, you don't see him with your 'naked eyes'. You see Him with the eyes of Faith!

I know, some don't believe in God. The problem is, it's not my place to say that you should believe there is God or not. It's really up to you. God, give you eyes so that you can see for yourself. Again, I can only say what I know. It's God will and He knows the truth inside yours and my heart. He knows, if I have faith in Him. He knows, if you're just saying that you believe in Him or just for the sake of showing to others or just following the crowds. It's really difficult to really describe faith.

All that we can do, is stay true to our faith. To learn what God messenger has taugth us. God, has send a whole lot of mes…

Confession of a bomb

Bomb: You know, I used to know whom I'm supposed to kill. But now I don't. I kill anyone and everyone. I destroy everything and anything. I have no used for eyes. I have no used for ears. I do what I'm told to. My job is to destroy, destroy, destroy. Families, relatives, children, father, mother etc. I'm used all over the globe. I'm used, where I'm needed to make a point. Although, I have no regards, for any countries, any religions, any races. When it's time to kill, I will kill.

This is my confession. I'm a bomb. The bomb of the future...

Attack by a dog today..

Today, I was attack by a dog while walking looking for a shop in an industrial area. I don't know whose dog it belong to. I didn't see a collar on the dog. I was walking along minding my own business when suddenly out of nowhere this dog came right up at me barking and threatening to bite me. I almost gave it a tae kwon do kick right up it's face but I purposely refrained from hitting it.

My friend driving the lorry was honking making a whole lot of noise trying to scared away the dog. Even, the chinese guy, stop doing his work and clap his hands making noises to scared away the dog from trying to bite me. I myself was ready to kick the dog ass, literally. Incidently, today, I wore a thick half-cut leathered shoe that could really hurt the dog if it decided to attack me!

Anyway, soon the dog move on and I quickly walk away before it changed it's mind!


A nice quiet sunday...

It's a nice quiet sunday. Nothing much to say today. Only, doing some promoting for my online biz opps and watching Mtv at the same time. I don't watch Mtv much because, they don't show music videos much!

Most of the time it's some lame stupid shows about teenages angts, talk shows that talk and talk and talk!

Where's the freaking music!

I wonder, if people actually watch it. Anyway, that's it for now. CHioz!

A man of success?

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I'm having a freaking headache!

Somehow, I knew I'm going to have this headache. But, this one felt kind of different. I feel pain on the left side of my brain. Added to that, I'm having a bad cough. So, when I cough, i feel pain on the left side of my brain. But, I already took, panadol pain killer and I hope it will do the trick.

One good news is today, I receive another notification of payment from my stormpay account. I'm promoting a site that's providing ebooks, scripts, leads etc. all under one package and it's really is a top seller for me. I have receive up to US$300 promoting it. And my initial investment was only US$6!

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Well, got to go for now. Having a chat with my net friend from Texas!


The tragedy of life

"The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss."

– Thomas Carlyle, essayist, historian

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House Hunting

Just came back from house hunting. Already found a buyer for my current house. The next step for me is of course to look for a house that I like. It's a bit smaller and little further in. But, I guess it's okay. I was hoping to find a house near my current serangoon estate. Well, in the end, I found a house in Hougang.

Come to think of it, I find myself, feeling reluctant to leave this house. Well, I have almost stayed here up to 10 years and the location is good. I can go anywhere from here. There's the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), Busses to Orchard, Geylang, Yishun etc. I guess, I have to get used to the new house, new surroundings or whatever. It's always hard, when in the process of changes. When time pass, and when we get used to the surroundings, the sight and smells. We'll forget the places of old. Such is life...

I guess, life goes on...

For the better I hope!

If you want something?

"If you want to have something you have not had before,you need to do something you’ve never done before."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Phew! Last Friday, I went back to JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) to visit my father's house. Saturday, morning I followed him in his car to his work place. He work as a cleaner there. So, since I was there, I helped him sweep the roadside. Yeah, I know. Doesn't sound like a holiday, right!?

Well, it depends. I cross the causeway, to forget about my own country singapore. To forget about the life here and feel a "different air" in another country. I can tell you one thing, it's a totally different experience!

I used to go over there frequently. But, nowadays, I'm just either too tired, or too lazy to walk through the whole deal of going through the customs with hundreds others!

That remind me. The other day, as usual, I saw some idiots running towards the custom right after getting down from the bus while holding his chi…
Today is Hari Raya(celebration) Aidil Fitri! That's me. Just return from Raya prayer.
Posted by Picasa

Happy Deepavali and Holiday!

Tomorrow, Indians will celebrate their Happy Deepavali. For the rest of us, it's a holiday! Hurray!

The best part is after another work day, on wednesday. Muslims all over the world will celebrate 'aidil fitri. And of course for the rest, it will be another public holiday!

That's what great about living in singapore. Whenever, each of the races celebrate their religion day etc. it will be a public holiday. With main races,..chinese (chinese new year) Malay muslims (Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji), Indian (deepavali, festival of light), Christians (X'mas). So, it's kind of nice to have a public holiday every now and then.

I love holidays!

That's it for today...again Happy Deepavali to all indians!


Hafiz As'ari - Rapper blog

My friend told me about this guy blog a moment ago. It seems he is featured in our local Malay Sunday paper. I would rather you take a look at his blog yourself. Here's the link to his blog ..


"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation."

– William Arthur Wood, author

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Know the truth?

Would you even know the Truth if Truth slap YOU accross the face!?

1 more week and a half...

1 more week and a half, the holy month of ramadhan will end. 1 more week and I'll complete a whole month of fasting. I didn't miss a single day of fasting. Although, it was kind of tough in the beginning, especially the feeling of thirsty but after a week it became easier.

Next month, the hindus will celebrate their Deepavali. A day later, Muslim all over the world will celebrate 'aidil fitri. The good thing in my country is, because the approximate holidays are so closed together we took the opportunity to visit each other house and be merry. It goes to shows that even people of different religions can get along. I don't know about other countries and other cultures but in singapore we have been living peacefully for so many years it's become second nature to us. Recently, though, 2 idiot (chinese kids) who obviously didn't study history about racial riots between chinese and malays put up rubbish on their blog (about malays and Islam) and was caught, tried in …

Planning to sell my house ..

I'm planning to sell my house. In fact, my agent called me today to inform me that a buyer wanted to come by and take a look at the house. If all goes well, I'll be beginning a new life in a new house, a new environment. For me personally, I hate changes. Changes to my plan, daily routine etc. But, sometime changes are all we need. I always try to look at it as another new beginning. Changes, could open a whole new world for ourselves. A new opportunity maybe?

I feel like starting afresh. This past few years, kind of suckz for me. All, the things that I wanted to do in life haven't yet been achieved. Maybe, with this new 'wind of change' things could pick up..even a little. I hope. Or rather prayed! Amen!

Well, after doing some quick spring cleaning. I'm feeling a little tired. Gotta go for now.


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I receive 2 comment today about my blog. One, don't like that I only post "lame" quotes and promoting my web hosting service and another actually like it. Hey, if you don't like it then, nobody is forcing you to visit and read my blog!

If you like it? Of course, I appreciate the pat on the back.

Anyway, one thing for sure. My blog recieves comment. Haha!

Oh yeah, I'm also not forcing anyone to join whatever program I promotes. It's for those who are interested. If you're not then, it's okay. I won't go and jump down a cliff just because you're not interested. There're millions of people that get online every day. You're not the only one that come and visit my blog!

So people, if you don't like my blog? Buzz off!

That's it for today...

- v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-
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Steve Jobs

"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations."

– Steve Jobs, Apple Computer founder

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George Lucas

"You have to find something that you love enough to be able to take risks, jump over the hurdles and break through the brick walls that are always going to be placed in front of you. If you don’t have that kind of feeling for what it is you’re doing, you’ll stop at the first giant hurdle."

– George Lucas, Director

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Thomas Edison

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– Thomas Edison, inventor

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Muhammad Ali..

"Inside the ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong."

– Muhammad Ali, boxing champion

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Success doesn't come to you...

"Success doesn’t come to you . . . you go to it."

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5th day of fasting in holy month...

Today is the 5th day of fasting. So far so good. I manage to fast 5 days straight. Although, I had a tough time the first few days. But, I manage to hold on. For me fasting is no problem and the only thing is the feeling of thirst and not as much on feeling hungry. As always, though, I feel that GOD kind of make it easy for us to go through it during the holy month of ramadhan.

Okay, then. Almost time to break my fast for the day.

Happy fasting to my fellow muslims!


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5th, Oct, 2005 start of the Muslim fasting month

Well, tomorrow, muslims in singapore, brunei, indonesia will start fasting 'till 3rd Nov 2005. I will try to post here when time permits. I pray that all muslims all over the world well and be one in doing our duty. If some of you can't fast for health reasons or whatever hope that you will still respect the holy month. In Iraq, the syiah and the sunni, please remember we serve ONE God. We are One people. Regardless of race, tribes etc.

We are still under one religion, under one God. There's no difference from other muslims or you will deviate from the true path of Islam. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is our last prophet and like when he unite the people who travel from Mekah with the people of Medinah into brothers and sisters in Islam. So are you to unite with muslims all over the world. See, how the people in Mekah who came from all over the world pray in only ONE direction facing the kaabah. Please be good to your fellow muslims. Respect each others as brothers and siste…

Can you hear the people screaming in their grave?

Let me ask you a question. What if one day, you can hear people screaming in their grave? Would you be frightened? No, it's not the screaming of people being mistaken as dead and suddenly found themselves inside a grave. They are already dead, but they are screaming because, the angel were beating them and keeping asking them, "Who is your prophet?", "What is your religion?", "Who is your GOD?". Of course, these people can't answer them because, when they were alive, they didn't believe in prophet, or GOD, or the end of the world etc.

They only want to believe what they see and hear. What's in front of them. They believe that they are the superior being. That man control the universe. That earth were formed by "accident" when the "Big Bang" happened. For these type of people, they call themselves "realist" whereas they don't really know what is "real". They want to see and touch to believe. They d…

Are you a latino muslim?

I saw this piece of news from one of the blog I visited today >>

about latino women converting to Islam. I supposed, inspite of all the bad press Islam is receiving some people or races can still see the good side of Islam and converts. It's all the Will of GOD.

Really, Islam is for all races and beyond all boundaries. Islam is not all about 'jihad' and terrorism. Islam is not about bombing other "non-muslims" or the infidels. That kind of 'jihad' has long gone. The prophet mohammad (peace be upon him) conquer Mekah without killing or destroying even a plant. The biggest 'jihad' to him is against oneself.

I think if the "terrorist" use patience and wisdom instead of committing to suicide bombing which will only destroy the good name of Islam they can "win their war". I say that they are fighting "their war" because, they are certainly not fighting in the name of Islam. But, I gue…

Stupid questions taken from real court

More stupid questions taken from real court records...Q: Now then, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?
A: By death.
Q: And by whose death was it terminated?
Q: Do you know how far pregnant you are now?
A: I'll be three months on March 12th.
Q: Apparently then, the date of conception was around January 12th?
A: Yes.
Q: What were you doing at that time?

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New blog

Yesterday night, I decided to start another blog using my new main domain The new blog location is at

The new blog will only concentrate on latest marketing products, tips, articles etc for those who are interested in internet marketing and making money online. The current blog is mainly for personal blogging. While the other blog is for internet marketing.

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Anyway, got go to for now. Check out my new blog >>

C yer there!

Do you gamble?

Do you gamble?

No, I don't mean gambling as in playing pokers or buying lotto etc. I mean, in life do you gamble? Do you take risks? Do you care about consequences of what you do? In the decision you makes. Do you prefer playing it safe and work a 9-5 for example. You, prefer to be safe working in a job you hate. All for the sake of your family? Or your wife and children?

Have you ever thought that if you knew you would not fail what would you like to do? Go travel the world? Start your own business? Go bungee jumping? Have you ever thought that you are mising something in life? That you aren't where you want or wish to be.

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Think through, and think about yourself.…

Winston Churchill

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Some people are so stupid

Some people are so stupid. They don't know what's coming and they call others stupid. Hey, anonymous. F**k Off!

I'm feeling sick :(

I don't feel well. I'm having a high fever and a bit of a headache. I took a panadol, took a bath (so cooollldddd!) and now I'm typing this. Needed to check my email and stuff. I'll take a nap and hope tomorrow the fever will be gone. I don't see a doctor. In fact, I can't remember the last time I even step in a clinic!

I'm just to lazy to see a doctor when I'm sick. I always, took panadol and just sleep it off. I used to be so sick that I can't even walk but, I had never even think of going to see a doctor. Anyway, been sometime since I had ever fall sick. So, I guess, it's long overdue!

Arggg...I feel so weak. Had better stop here and take a rest.

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Wish me well!

ZZzzzzz zzz...zz...

The war in Iraq will go on another 10 years..

Would you believe that the war in Iraq will go on for another 10 years?

Iraq is now the hotbed of terrorist and terrorism. Internal in-fighting for powers and control. Revenge killings, families, children, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, relatives are all dying every each day. It's either you kill or be killed.

It will take another 20 years to re-build the country again. Billions of dollars will be needed. Billions of dollars will be used. When you destroy the structure of a house, you have to re-build from the grounds up. If you had just re-enforce the house, re-paint it. It would have been better. But, because of "one" man. "One" symbol and the rest have to suffered. Some, will never taste real peace and freedom. The only who does will be the one who benefits from the suffering of others.

Well, sometime, have to live with the decision of others.


People come first

"In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, producer and profits. People come first." Lee Iacocca – Auto Executive
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Chelsea doing well so far

Yesterday, Chelsea FC again did a good job of winning their away games at the valley vs charlton. The first half was kind of edgy but at the second half, they showed why they are champion. Goals from crespo and a curler from Arjen sealed the game for them.

My friend was boasting that Chelsea would lose this game but haha! Before I could say duh! Crespo scored with a header and then arjen scored with a curler with his sweet left foot.

Ahhh...with their 100% records I hope they would go all the way and win the championship the second time. Lets wait and see...

Nothing is impossible if you believe...

"Everything is always impossible before it works. That’s what entrepreneurs are all about – doing what people have told them is impossible."

– R. Hunt Greene – Venture Capitalist

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Nothing much to say today. Just that this few days in my country singapore there was two idiot bloggers being a racist. Apparently they were bashing Islam/Malay (I actually post about this phenomenon a couple of days ago) or so I was told. To me though, it's not really a surprise. It's common nowadays. It's not as if, it's something new. It's just ignorants.

Anyway, the government acted fast, and "Fine" them in courts around $5000 or 3 years jail I think. Well, they deserved it. Singapore, already had it's fair share of race riots back in '65 (I think). This two idiots obviously didn't learn history and doesn't value the peace we had since then. My friends were the one who update me on this latest case. I didn't knew about it till then. As, I've said before, it ain't really anything new. There will always be idiots and assholes in this world!

Before I forgot, if you're interested in making money via the Internet then check ou…

New Biz Site up and running!

Hi yer reader!

Check out my new Biz site at >>

Tell me what you think!

Got to go..have to start promoting it!

This few days, I've been busy setting up my new website called "". I'm hoping to make around US$4000 through this site. Right now, busy planning and designing it. But, currenlty waiting for the webhost support to activate my hosting. It's a pain in the ass. I don't know why they can't make it simplier for us to just buy a domain name, and automatically activate the hosting service. Instead we have to log in a members area and send a "help ticket". In the day of the Internet. Everything suppose to be automated!

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It's a nice sunny sunday's a nice sunny sunday. As usual, I sit on my trusty old chair beside my window and doing some promoting online. It's quiet with birds chirping happily a distant away. This is heaven to me. A nice quiet day....Zzz ..zzz...

Islam bashing

I do blog surfing and once awhile I come across bloggers site who likes to slam bashing Islam. Worst of all, these are all ignorant people. So, they only see one side of the story. Remember, there's always 2 sides of a coin. Before you say, or do anything it's always good to do your own research then make judgement. If not, you're not just hurting others but yourself too.

Do you know why, there are different types of people on earth? Black, white, brown, yellow people? Because, GOD wants us to learn to live with one another. All man are created equal. If you want others to treat you with respects, you had better learn to respect others too. If not? Then F***c off!

Have a nice day!

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Stupid hacker

A hacker had hack into one of my Biz site and change my login and password. This moronic idiot is freaking pissing me off. Now, I can't access the members section. Lucky for me, it ain't really a big deal only a bit troublesome on my part. There's no sensitive info that the stupid hacker can use to do any other damage.

I just hope, one day, all these hackers will get their just deserved. Wish, GOD will make them lose their fingers so that they can't use a computer anymore!

So all you hackers out there beware! You're cursed for life!

:) Have a good day!

The world hates change

"The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." – Charles Kettering – Inventor

There seems to be death all around us

War in Iraq, Afghanistan, the fight for land from the Palestinians and Israel, Tsunamis, earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq stampede, Indonesia Plane crash, Terroris attacks. Woah! There seem to be the scent of death everywhere!

And the numbers aren't small. It's 2 - 300 at one go. Talking about dying en-mass.

Really, we as a whole should think why all this is happening. Stop blaming each other and work with each other instead. Learn from each other, understand each of our problem and think of a win-win situation. Stop being selfish, arrogant. Stop fighting for land but instead learn to leave with each other.

If man can do half of this, I'll be totally impress!

For now though, the scent of death still lingers and the angel of death is working overtime!

Think for a moment...and pray...

An Idiot leaving a stupid comment

An anonymous idiot, leave his/her comment on my blog today. I decided to delete it and save the trouble of replying to and fro with them. Just a waste of my blog-time!

So, moron, if you think you can leave useless rubbish comment, just F**k off!

I'll just delete it!


Schumacher and Ferrari falters this year F1

Well, just finish watching the F1 race in Italy today on Tv. Again, schumacher the reigning F1 champion falters. It's not really Ferrari year. Even Barichello isn't doing that well. And he's even quiting Ferrari and joining another team next year. I guess it would be good for the F1 in the end as schumacher and Ferrari have been winning easily the past years. Now, we have Alonso and Kimi Raikonen coming up. It's between this two drivers and by the end of this year F1 season we will know who will take over to become the champion.

Kimi Raikonen did well today, he pushes himself and his car to the limit to win 4th place. He had to start from way back in position because they have to change the car engine. In the beginning Alonso was doing well and winning the first few races but Kimi Raikonen after going through nightmares with the car are now beginning to show championship driving. I'm pretty sure, he'll take over Schumacher to become one of the greats F1 car cham…

A sleepy Saturday..

It's 2:44 pm right now. Am feeling sleepy. I might doze off while typing this...but not really. I try not to sleep in the day. As, I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep at night. Not being able to sleep at night, is not a nice situation that I want to be in. I will keep tossing myself, left and right. Think about this and that. Look at the time, toss myself left and right again. Eventually though, I will finally be able to go into dreamland.

I always had interesting dream. If it's a stupid dream, I won't think much of it. If it intrigue me, I will try to think through if it have any meaning. Most of the time though, it's all rubbish. It is said that good dreams are from GOD, and bad dreams are from satan.

Hurricane katrina is all over the news. People are praying for help, asking for help, some people take advantage of the situation to loots etc. It's all over the news. It reminded me of the tsunami that happened last year in asia. Yeah, nature, show it's m… - 4 Day Push!

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Looking forward to talking to you once…

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