Attack by a dog today..

Today, I was attack by a dog while walking looking for a shop in an industrial area. I don't know whose dog it belong to. I didn't see a collar on the dog. I was walking along minding my own business when suddenly out of nowhere this dog came right up at me barking and threatening to bite me. I almost gave it a tae kwon do kick right up it's face but I purposely refrained from hitting it.

My friend driving the lorry was honking making a whole lot of noise trying to scared away the dog. Even, the chinese guy, stop doing his work and clap his hands making noises to scared away the dog from trying to bite me. I myself was ready to kick the dog ass, literally. Incidently, today, I wore a thick half-cut leathered shoe that could really hurt the dog if it decided to attack me!

Anyway, soon the dog move on and I quickly walk away before it changed it's mind!


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