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Looking for a 3gp video editor

I'm watching Monaco F1 grand prix while at the same time looking for a 3gp video editor. I've got bitten by the video editing bug after playing with the SE W550i Video Dj. It's pretty cool. For now, I've manage to put text, background sound to add to the video already taken on the phone. So, the end show was cool to me at least.

Anyway, right now Alonso is at the top of the pile while Shumacher is way at the back. I don't know why as I only turn on to the "live" when they were just starting the race. Talking about good timing hehe. Monaco is pretty tight. Generally, I think, the most important part of the race is the qualification for places at the start of the race. If you start at the front, and nothing major happen like, tyre or engine problem then you're already halfway to winning the race. Of course, you need good technical driving skill, planning and strategy to win it.

Can you handle the speed?


Well, me off to keep looking for the 3gp ed…

Thank God I blogmark!

Yes, thank god I blogmark!

Here's why. Recently, my laptop went kaput on me. Then , I got a new laptop. The problem with this laptop is that it doesn't have infra-red build in. That mean, I can't bloody connect my phone with my laptop. So, today, after I finally bought myself a cheap bluetooth costing me around SGD$16 I went home eagerly to see if it works!

By the way, I bought it at Sim Lim Square. My favourite IT shopping centre!

And, after installing the software and rebooting a couple of time (it took me some time to get it work and connected) presto, it works like a charm!

Now, I can connect my sony ericsson and my laptop via bluetooth. I can send any file I want between it. So, what's that got to do with blogmarking?

You see, as I've told you before my last laptop had gone kaput on me and took all my files with it. My bookmarks, my software..freaking everything I had on it.

Since, now I can transfer any file between my laptop and my handphone again I decided to lo…

Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!

If you didn't know yet. Taylor Hicks won the 5th season of the American Idol!

I had all along thought he had a good voice although, Simon always say otherwise. Even in yesterday performance, Taylor was more consistent in his singing and performance. I guess the Americans thought so too. Catherine, do has a good voice but her performance was erratic at best. She could be sublime in a moment and by the next song she's singing all over the place.

Anyway, the American Idol is finally done with and now there's Singapore Idol. I'm not really into the show. Everytime I tried to watch it I felt squeamish. I can't freaking bear to watch it!

Well, that's about it. Don't forget to watch the Soccer World Cup starting 9th of June!


Palm Treo 700p finally on sale online!

Yes! Finally, Palm Treo 700p (palm OS) is on sale online via Palm main site >>

I also found this cool site which have a podcast review of the product >>

But, I'm not sure if the Palm 700w and 700p will ever reach the shores of singapore. Even palm local base website ( doesn't show any sign or news about it. What the hell is palm up to. Aren't they interested to sell their products elsewhere beside the US?

It's not helping that they aren't saying anything about it on their site.

So, all I can do right now is just wait. Hmm.. better start saving my money just in case!

Visit My new safelist biz site!

Today, my new safelist biz site has just been set-up and activated!

If you have any website or online/offline biz you wish to promote to 1000s paypal user spam free? Then visit my new site at >>

Safelist are just one of the ways that marketers online use to promote their biz online. It's a way to send your ads to 1000s spam free. As the people who opted to join the safelist follow the rules and also gave permission to receive promotional emails about products, service or whatever as long as it's not anything illegal, porn etc.

So, if you're interested to use my safelist service then visit the site at >>

Good luck!

I'm a jack of all trades but a master of none!

Yes, I'm a jack of all trades but a master of none. That's me. I've been in and out of jobs. Meeting and working with all kind of idiots. And I can't seem to run away from them!

I don't know why the world seems so small to me. I can't freaking get away from this kind of people. Well, the more assholes a someone are the harder they fall. You can quote me on that!

Ever seen a movie where the bad guy always die a horrible death at the end of the movie? It might be a movie but in the real life the bad guy won't necessarily die a horrible death but they'll get their just deserved. You can bet on that!

By the way if you think you're a good parent then you might want to check out this site >>

A safe place for your kids online!

Have a good day or night (my time)!

Treo 700p coming out soon!

Yep, it's true. The Treo 700p is coming out soon. You can check it out at their main site at >>

This after Treo 700w came out. Here in singapore, I don't know if the Treo 700w will ever reach the shores of singapore. It might be different for the Treo 700p as it's palm base. An update from the Treo 650. I'm eager to see if the product will be sold here in Asia. If not? Then crap!


1st Acel/Microsoft Online Conference

How do you make learning in the classroom more exciting and effective?Madam Nor Farhana Hatwadi & Ms Junaidah Yusof Raffles Girls' Primary School
Singapore Learning is made fun, more exciting and effective by making the students do a series of station games that have been incorporated with a few subjects. This is usually done as a rounding-up of a theme. The subjects incorporated would be English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue, Social Studies, Health Education, Kinesthetic and Aesthetics, Moral Education and Values. As this was the third run of our program, we found that it had been very effective to further drive in the message, gauge the students' understanding and bridge whenever necessary.Click here to continue >>

I found this website via a magazine I was reading. I forgot which magazine it was but I saved the link info on my mobile phone notes. It's pretty cool. is a multiplatform and multilingualoffice suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute.

So, if you're looking for a freeware comparable to Microsoft office then visit their main site >>

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Next: Well, the EPL (English Premier League) was concluded last week where Chelsea became champions second time in a row. That after 50 years!

Over at the Spanish league Barcelona also won the Spanish League and became champion twice in a row too. They are also in the final of the Champions League vs Arsenal who is in the Final after so many try and hoopla. For the couple of years Arsenal has taken over Man U FC to become the English champions which is now Chelsea time. If you notice it…

Hamas vs. Fatah

Well, instead of them working with each other for the better of the Palestinian people, now they're shooting at each other. What give? I know there's more to it then meets the eye. And as an outsider what the hell would I know why this is so. But, seeing things from an outsider perspective has it advantage too. Maybe, they are too close to see what's happening. That's why almost all the time we ask others for help regarding our problem. Be it our friends, parents, counselor or whatever.

The palestinian has to stop bitching with each other and start solving their main problem. The Israelis of course is happy to see that the palestinian are fighting each other. Heck, all they have to do is wait which side won, which side killed the other side and then have talks with the winning side. Won't it be better if the palestinian just dissappear after they practically shot each other to death?

The palestinian themselves shoot their own foot when they fight for power when they …

Stupid Blonde Joke of the week

Blonde Dings

After a hailstorm, a blonde finds her car full of dings. She takes it to the local body shop and asks how to remove them.

The mechanic, deciding to mess with her, says, "Oh, all you have to do is put your mouth on the tailpipe and blow as hard as you can. They'll pop right out."

The blonde goes home, parks her car in front of her house and starts blowing on the tailpipe as hard as she can.

Meanwhile, her blonde friend drives by and asks what she's up to. "I�m just trying to get the dings out of my car," she says. Her friend replies, "You're so stupid. If you want that to work, you have to roll up the windows."

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