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Yesterday, I bought a new domain name using my name >>

I read somewhere that it's kind of a rage right now. Buying a domain after your own name.

Actually, I've thought of buying my own domain with my own name for a long time. It's only right now that after starting my own blog that I've decided to buy a domain with my name. I thought of starting another blog with that domain name but, I decided for the moment I'll just forward the domain to this blog already established by me since 2005.

Anyway, I tried google-ing my name online and found that people can already found a few of my sites that I had promoted before. People can already access my sites via google, yahoo etc. Of course right now, instead of people typing my blog to reach my blog, they can now just type my name -> on their browser address bar and viola they'll be instantly be brought to my blog!

Pretty cool right?

If y…

Armagaedon will come when nobody Remembers ALLAH

Today, I'm going to be a bit religious.

Just remember that I'm not an Islamic scholar so if you want to check more about what I'm talking about you might want to keep digging about it via people more knowledgeable.

I found this link here at Wikipedia >

Right now, I just want to state my piece here on my blog.

I just saw a headline send from my friend about somebody in Holland who want to ban Al-Quran. I didn't really read what's it's all about but it triggers a sense of defiant from me about this kind of people who don't know anything about Islam or Al-Quran or even the Hadis.

Everybody like him is afraid of Islam and Al-Quran.

For me though, I'm not really interested in all this kind of stupid talks. Because, GOD, ALLAH himself had promised the last prophet Muhammad that HE will protect the Al-Quran forever!

Al-Quran is a collection of verses put together to form a complete book. It contains all the knowledge about past an…

I received a nice gesture today

I got good news today for myself.

Someone, or rather an owner of an online business did a nice gesture for me today by willing to give me time to slowly make payment for a script that I bought months ago by installment.

If you have read my post before about my problem with paypal that had ban my account because of one of the program that I'm promoting online by saying that I'm promoting MLM (multi-level marketing). I emailed them saying that it's not so but they wouldn't care. F**k them.

After this, I'm not going to use their stupid service ever again.

Right now, I'm using Alertpay online payment service.

If you're interested you might want to signup. It's totally FREE!

Well, back again to the nice gesture. I've been communicating with the owner for sometime via his support system and we've been trying to find a way for me to pay him for the scripts that he's selling me. But to no avail.

Finally, today, he decided to offer me a cut on the price and…

Chelsea Vs Liverpool

Chelsea Vs Liverpool tonight!

Tonight (Singapore timezone) , Chelsea vs Liverpool is going to be an interesting game. It has always been a tough game between this two team. But, as always I'm supporting Chelsea for a win of course!

Both Liverpool and Chelsea has added new players to their team. Both managers are very good. Jose has won all the cups that can be won in the English Premiere League including the coveted Barclay cup EPL. Whereas Benitez might have won the Champion League but he still hasn't found the right formula to win the English League cup.

This season, Liverpool has spend BIG in trying to win back the cup they last won almost 17 years ago. Chelsea on the other hand has won the cup back to back two season in a row but lost out to Man U last season. This time round they're determined to win it back after narrowly losing out near the end of the season games.

So, today after only 3 games into the new season they met again. Whoooweee... it's going to be a good …

Warning Sign - Suicide From Depression and Warning Signs of Suicides

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A person may be harboring suicidal thoughts if he or she starts:

>>talking or joking about suicide
>> Making statements about feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless
>> Being preoccupied with death
>> Exhibiting unusual changes in personality or behavior
>> Making threats to kill himself or herself

Get Help

Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
Seniors Helpline: 1800-555-5555
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Source: Samaritans of Singapo…

Monday suckz!

I hate Mondays, don't you?

Yeah. I just realize what could make it a little better for me. My ipod!

This morning on a bus ride to work I took out my ipod and listen to the songs I downloaded yesterday. It made my mood a little better. I guess listening to music really help sometime doesn't it?

But, nowadays I won't go anywhere without my ipod. It's my partner in crime, it's my wife (heh). It got everything in it. I downloaded video podcast, music videos, some movies and of course loads and loads of my favorite music.

My favorite video podcast is about tech stuff. News about the latest gadgets, latest news updates. There's a lot of interesting video podcast out there. You should check out iTunes. The best part is it's totally Free!

I just can't wait for the iPhone though. My hand is itchy for it. I've been reading reviews, bad or good. If there's any news about it, I'll be interested to read about it. But, currently it's only available in the …

Download music to your ipod

Been busy today downloading my next batch of 30 songs from eMusic. I subscribe for around US$9 per month which gives me the option to download at least 30 songs/mth. Which I then download to my ipod. If you haven't read my past post which I proudly state that I have an 80GB ipod!

I have almost limitless space to fill and bring my music around with me.

I know, some of the younger generations today hate the site because they only have old songs which most of the kids today haven't heard before. But, that's just an excuse.

To me, this is part of life. It's evolution. Without the past, there won't be any future!

So, I think the younger generation today should learn or in this case listen to the old songs or album. It would then inspire then to build on what they have listen or learn from the music of old!

Some, music though, would never grow old. They're everlasting. Think about that.

I do listen to the latest popular music but every time I listen carefully to the music.… - Downloads for your mobile phone

I have post a link to this site before but today, I'm re-posting the link again if you still haven't visited or know about it yet.

They already have around 5 million members. It's a great place to find games, wallpapers and even friends!

It's a great network of mobile phone community.

You should check it out!

Today, also is the start of the EPL (English Premier League). I have watch two games and both of them are pretty interesting game to me. First, Sunderland vs Tottenham which Sunderland FC won 1-0 right at the end of the extra time.

This game is interesting to me because the manager is Roy Keane!

Remember him? He used to play for Manchester United and he's now in charge of Sunderland. He brought Sunderland to the Premier League at his first try. Keane is an interesting character. Watching his team play I just know his team are going to stay at the premiership even though most pundits say that they will go down.

Next, I'm watching the game betwe…

Leftover birthday cake

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

Well, that's what left over from my birthday cake.

It will soon be gobble up by me!

I had a nice little party with my family.

Now, I'm full. It's time to sleeepp ..zzz..

It's my birthday Today!

It's past midnight and it's now official!



Right. Now, I can sleep.

Zzz, zzzz, zzz......

Oh yeah. Before, i forgot. I wish ....

I got a laptop the other day..

I got an old Compaq armada laptop the other day (left of pic). It was given to me by my mom. She said she found it. Apparently, somebody threw it away.

It's pretty old. It remind me of my first ever laptop that I bought which is also a Compaq but a different model.

Even the spec on it is pretty outdated. It's OS is wins 98, 65 ram, 4Gb hard disk, Intel celeron x86. As you can see, compared to the other laptop that's out there today it's miles apart. Heck, I can't even surf online with it. I have to use a card with a 56k modem. Maybe, I'll have to buy an ethernet card so that I can use it to surf using my broadband. I'm thinking of selling it though. I have a few interested buyers. We'll see. If not, I can still use it to multi-task.

Now, I can do stuff on my laptop and my pc!

I actually, have another pc at the main hall. I let my pesky nephews to play on it. That way, they won't be bothering me!

Kind of an early birthday 'present' for me. Talking…

My own video upload on Youtube!

I just manage to record a video of myself playing guitar and uploaded it to

Check it out and post your comment!

Tell me if you like it or hate it. Heh!

Hope it works actually. If it does, I'm going to put more video up. This is fun!

I'll be ... next thursday!

Yup, I'll be ... next Thursday!

If you 're wondering. I'm talking about my birthday. And the best part is the whole country is celebrating with me too!

Why? Because, it will be 9th of Aug this coming Thursday. It's also my country independence day. Cool right?

If I may quote from senior minister Lee Kuan Yew, "Merdeka! Merdeka! Lagi sekali tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Merdeka! Merdeka!"

If you're wondering what de heck I just type. It's in my native language which means, "Freedom! Freedom! Once more, ladies and gentleman. Freedom! Freedom!"

Kind to think of it. I'm happy with my Freedom. I can't say bout the other country. But, I'm glad I'm living safe and sound in Singapore. A lot of people, be it Singaporean or Non-Singaporean like to complain about the government this and that. But, why?

Just look at some other countries which have corrupt officials. Just look at the state their country are in. If you want to compare it with them, w…

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