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Surfing the Net using iPhone wifi in Singapore

The other day, I decided to ask about using iPhone wifi to surf the Internet. The resident tech answered me today. Here's the link. Kind of an interesting reading.

For those interested to know about surfing mobile. Especially, in Singapore.

Here's the link again.

Also, if you have any question regarding products or services you can also post your question to them online.


Iraq won the 2007 AFC cup!

At first, I was afraid that theirs story will end in tears. But, that's the human spirit for you. They showed the world that in spite of not having the training facilities, or a soccer league of their own. Added to that that their country are in turmoil. Who would have thought that they'll beat Saudi Arabia?

I myself thought that the Saudis were a better team. With highly paid players playing in their top club. I know that they have good quality skillful players. But, yesterday on the match itself they can't match the Iraqis determination to win not just for themselves but for their war-torned country. What a triumph!

All over the news in CNN, BBC talking about that historical win and almost all hope that the politicians should take a lesson from sports and particularly the soccer team. Where in the team there were Muslims, Christians, Kurds, Sunnis and Shias but they manage to unite and work as a team.

Iraq should learn. We all should learn to live together as one people. We…

A Toll Road

Whatever you want in life,
you must give up something to get it.
The greater the value,
the greater the sacrifice required of you.

There's a price to pay if you want to make things better,
and a price you'll pay for just leaving things as they are.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily to anyone.
Work, continuous work and hard work,
is the only way to accomplish results that last.
Don't let the fear of change stop you from pursuing your dreams.

There is no success at bargain basement prices.
You must pay a price for success.
Copyright 2007 Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Make and Receive payment online
with AlertPay!

Forget paypal use AlertPay !

As I've posted earlier before >> Paypal Suckz!

I was recommended by someone to use AlertPay instead.

AlertPay is a company based in Canada and a little more flexible about you using their service. I'm not really sure how "flexible" they are but as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with using Paypal to do my business online.

All they're interested about is covering their own ass without giving others opportunity to clear things up. I sure hope they go out of business as more and more people complained about their attitude. The bigger they are the bigger ass they'll become.

Anyway, back to AlertPay. I sure hope this new payment service delivers. Although, I have signup with them for quite sometime but, this would be a few month of test for me. As, I tried to used it like Paypal. If it can provide the basic service of making and receive payment then I'll use it extensively in all of my websites. Currently, I'm only using it to sell a service at &g…

I want an iPhone!

Heh! I found myself a new target in life. No. It's not finding myself a wife although, my Sargent used to keep reminding me to treat my M16 as one.

My new target is to get myself an iPhone!

Okay, okay. I might sound like a geek but the more I read reviews about it the more I want it. Just today, I read in "Today" newspaper featuring a couple of Singaporean entrepreneurs asking for their contacts in U.S. to line up on the 29th to get a couple of iPhone for them. And, they finally got it to Singapore. It's mostly for business purposes as they want to be prepared when the iPhone do come to Singapore. Which is probably in the middle of next year. Seems like a lifetime to me!

They are creating a host of products like stick-in stickers for the iPhone etc. Let just say by the time the product reach Singapore's shore there's already accessories you can buy. I find it perplexed though that some business owners aren't at all interested to do that. They very much prefe…

My life pretty much suckzz right now!

Yeah! It suckzz big time!!

And it's all because of Paypal!

Stupid paypal freaking ban my account and now I can't use it for sending or receiving money. It literally meant I'm out of bizness!

I can't freaking do anything. I can't sell and I can't buy. So, what de heck can I do? Freaking nothing!

They say, I'm promoting MLM, pyramid scheme which I'm not. And even so, I'm willing to take down the site or won't use their payment service. But, nooo... they freaking have no common sense and follow the rules by the book. Which is stupid. All this can be settled pretty easy but they don't want to do it.

Boy, if I can just get a hold of the one who banned me. I'll freaking strangle him/her to death. What an idiot. Now, I have to wait at least 180 days before my account can be back to normal again. Right now, I just feel like giving out everything.

But, I don't know. I have always like making money online. It's that one thing which I really love…

Iraq through to the AFC Final !!

Total JUBILATION for Iraq!!

They are through to the AFC cup final!!

Against all odds, Iraq have defeated Korea via a penalty shootout 4-3. I'm pretty sure in Iraq right now the people are out on the streets shouting and honking their cars. Waving the Iraq flag in jubilation of their soccer team advancing to the final.

Iraq, a country ravage by war. By internal fighting. At the brink of a civil war. But, with football they are united. Kurds, sunni or shia. They fought for each other and with spirits to win for their beloved country. I have to hand it to them. They, deserves all the praise in the world after what the people and the players themselves have to go through just to play football.

This could be the greatest underdog story for football fans worldwide.

I salute the Iraq players.

In the world without hope and living in desperation and death of relatives in Iraq, they fought through and did their very best. They believe in something. And football help them fulfill that dream.

For me…

How Adam had it easy

Today, being a Sunday. I'll lighten up by re-posting this joke taken from Askmen.comwhich newsletter I subscribe to. I recommend it.

How Adam Had It Easy...
He is the only man who has never been compared to the man she could have married.
2. He had no in-laws to drop in.
3. There was no Jones for him to keep up with.
4. There were no credit cards or shopping centers.
5. He never had his dinner interrupted by window salesmen.
6. He got away with wearing a simple wardrobe.
7. He never had to shovel snow.
8. If he had gone bald, who would have known it wasn't normal?
9. There were no "standard weight and height" tables and the word "fat" meant good.
10. When God asked "Adam, where are you?" he replied, "The woman you gave me was reading the map."

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P.P.S. That's Adam n Eve joke if you don't get it.

AFC: Vietnam Vs. Iraq

I'm watching the Asia Football Championship between Vietnam and Iraq right now (while typing this). And, I think it's kind of ironic that both of this country used to and currently at war that involved the U.S. Army.

Remember the Vietnam war?

That's what the terrorist is telling the U.S.

Right, now the U.S. army is in Iraq. A country ravage by war just like Vietnam used to be.

Now, this two country meet in a football match. I wonder, if the Vietnam players are telling the Iraq players that their country too may become peaceful when and if the U.S. get out of Iraq just like they get out of Vietnam.

That could be interesting.

I think time will only tell if this could happen.

By the way, the earlier match between Japan and Australia ended in a penalty shootout after extra time and Japan deservedly win. The goalkeepers saved two shots and he help the Japanese go through to the semi-finals.

Australia was touted as one of the contender to win the AFC cup but, I think that's kind of …

CNN: World's Untold Stories

State of Despair

excerpts from the blog >>

The only uplifting moment was when I followed a couple of the kids –- asking them to show me how they get by and entertain themselves. They pulled out all the toys they'd found in the garbage and repaired, games they had made up to entertain themselves, and were keen to impress me with their inventiveness. Their resilience was so inspiring, but it was also bittersweet as their life in Jordan is seriously limited. I only hope they find a better place to be able to deal with the terrible things they've known in their short lives.

For full story >>

A week of death and counting

This week alone if I can add up all the numbers of people died in Iraq + Afghanistan + Palestine = 1000s!!

And this people died, bomb into pieces. Some of them doesn't even know why they are being killed. I think even the killer themselves doesn't know what they are doing. It's a living hell.

But, here we are whining about our daily life 'boring' routine.

We tend to forget about those in the war torn country. All in the name of fighting terrorist. But, it doesn't have to be a war with a country. Hundreds may have died in their regime but 1000s more die because of this war. But, why would you care?

Yeah, you only care about your own bloody life.

You people make me sick.

iPhone Full review

Well, like I said. Once, the iPhone is out you'll get loads and loads of review. Some whine, some excited and some just doesn't care. But if you do care or thinking of buying one then here's a link to full iPhone review.

It's better you take note of what the iPhone offers and features before you regret buying it later on, which some did. Some bought it just because of the hype and didn't really look or do any research on it. In the end they wasted almost $700 bucks (plus new line activation etc.).

So, again here's the link.

Another way you can check out the iPhone review is just by typing "iPhone review" on Google or Yahoo search. A list of all the review will come out. There's some video review on YouTube also. You might want to check it out there.

Well, I'm off to do my own review research. Hehe. I can't get enough of this review!

Have a nice sunday folks!

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