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Microsoft Store - U.S. Shop Latest PC Games Sales and Discounts!

Microsoft Store Home Page - Buy PC Games Online!

Check out some of the PC games on offer below. Note: All links open in new tab.

Final Fantasy XIV PC Game
Buy from Microsoft Store FINAL FANTASY XIV and swap weapons and change gameplay as you move through Eorzea, a geographical region among other surrounding islands across continent Hydaelyn.

Fallout: New Vegas PC Game
As you battle your way across the heat-blasted Mojave Wasteland, the colossal Hoover Dam, and the neon drenched Vegas Strip, you'll be introduced to a colorful cast of characters, power-hungry factions, special weapons, mutated creatures and much more.

Front Mission Evolved PC Game
Buy Front Mission Evolved from Microsoft Store, and see how Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer for Diable Avionics, explores new terrain in the cold war of 2171.

Lego: Universe PC Game
Buy from Microsoft Store Lego: Universe. Design your own minifigure avatar and go on exciting missions to save Imagination.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

Video of Egypt's bloody clashes as protesters defy curfew in Cairo

I have never thought this scenes was in Egypt. Maybe, Beirut or Palestine or other Middle East country. Maybe, even China during the Tienanmen Square. But, Egypt? Towards the Egypt people?

Mars 500 Mission: RT's Tech Update proves deep space survival possible

Thought, I'll share this interesting documentary.

I believe one day, man will conquer mars and beyond ..who knows?

The only limitation for us is ourselves..

Though, I'll wonder if I can be coup in one place for so long. Then again, I don't go out much either ..haha!

Auto Coupon Cash Scam Or Cash Machine? You Decide!

Auto Coupon Cash Scam Or Cash Machine? You Decide!

Hi guys,

If you were to believe everything that came into your inbox, not only would you be best friends with a Nigerian Prince, but EVERYTHING about you would be bigger, including your bank balance. After all, besides the various pills and potions, the Internet is also full of "money making opportunities".

Its easy to turn your nose up at products and courses that claim all sorts of fantastic benefits. Most advertisements online will promise you fame, fortune, and easy ways to stay in shape. Still, just because many of these promises will never be delivered, and this is a super-important point, that doesn't mean that EVERY work from home product is a scam.

While its creators do exaggerate their claims a bit, for my part, I've found that the product is made with way more fact than fiction.

Essentially, they are claiming that one of the most powerful tools people can use to generate sales is coupons.

This is a pretty …

Jamorama - Beginners On Guitar Sale offers 26th - 30th!!

This is just a quick update guys,

Your last chance for those interested in learning to play the guitar. Complete package at affordable price!

Check it out:

 Update!Jamorama are offering discounts for their hard-copy version of their products starting on 26th to 30th Jan! Beginners to Advance course. Learn easy songs for beginners on guitar, songs for beginners on guitar. No internet needed. Include books, DVDs and more.

If you've been wanting to learn to play the guitar, learn easy songs for beginners on guitar then the time is now. Check out the offer before they raise the price up again. No subscription needed. The most popular product for beginners on guitar!

Get Jamorama hard copy edition on sale with free shipping (until Jan 30th) - Click here for the direct link to the special page offer to find out more!

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RIFT Beta Demo Gameplay 3 - Epic Battles! New WoW?

RIFT Beta Demo Gameplay 3 - Epic Battles!

My RIFT Beta demo gameplay epic battles!

Still on processing at Youtube..

You can also pre-order on their main site here.


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