Friday, January 14, 2011

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain on iPhone!

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Saw this demo done by TouchArcade. Geez, wish I had my iPhone. I would have bought this game!

I've been comparing the iPhone and the PSP and just because of the games, the iPhone wins hand down. I'm not sure why but, the iPhone for gaming really appeals to me more. Also, the iTunes store make it easy for me to buy games.

First off, I don't own a PSP. Simply, because they doesn't have online stores like the iTunes and also the game looks and feel better playing. Okay, it wasn't smooth sailing for the iPhone at first, but slowly it's gaining ground on mobile gaming.

I used to buy games for my mobile phone and I used to wish that the games were comparable to the console games. Of course, the tech wasn't there. Yeah, I know, there's the psp but I wasn't gonna pay $300-500 + to buy it when I could pay that much for a real xbox or ps3. Furthermore, the games cartridge are so expensive at almost the same price as the console versions!

At first, I like the iPhone because it was a pretty cool phone. I was also curious to try out the cool way that you can play the game by tilting and touching the screen. Let's face it. Before, the iPhone there wasn't anything cooler then it on the market!

I had to wait almost a year before the iPhone 3G version was finally sold in Singapore and I was the first few that got it. Even, though, I had to apply another line from a different telco. Anyway, before my 2 years was up I sold the iPhone and got the Blackberry Bold from my original telco.

The Blackberry was the second cool phone that I like. I only like the design though. Gaming wise? It sucksz!

Anyway, I'm gonna get my new iPhone soon and can't wait to download all the latest games for it!

Just, wish had more space for it!


That's it from me, chow!

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