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Two idiots...

Two idiots were out hunting when they came upon some tracks. After close examination, the first idiot declared them to be deer tracks. The second idiot disagreed, insisting they must be elk tracks.

They were still arguing when the train hit them.

The moral code...

I've been wanting to say this to the world for a long time. Since, I've started a blog of my own. Now, I can have my views read world wide instead of just writing to the newspaper colum, forums or whatever without being made to wait if it's approve for the masses. Now, this is what you call freedom of speech without being 'edited' by some idiotic admins!

Have you noticed? There seems no morality left in this generation! I remember, watching in my horror in the TV about David Beckham (former MU soccer player now with Read Madrids) having an un-wed child and feeling proud about it. Now, what does that tell you? First, he had sex without getting married, second he had a child out of wed-lock. I don't support Manchester United but Imagine all those kids who's his fans? What will they think? That pre-marital sex is okay? Having child out of wed-lock is okay? And he's saying that he's a family man, loves kids etc. What kind of example is he showing? Okay,…

Honesty hurts but..

You know, sometime honesty hurts but it's like a panadol pill. Yeah, it's a little bitter but it cures my headaches. Sometime if you think a direct face off to honesty might hurt another party, you can always try to diverts from giving that bitter pill. Like giving panadol that are made for kids. Trying to get your kids to eat a panadol that looks like sweet will lessen the resistance. But, tell the truth. Try not to lie, or better never attempt to lie 'cause in the long run it'll hurt your spiritual beings. If you can't tell the truth then don't tell. Just shut up!

Here's an interesting story:

A guy name "Ahmed" saw a man running away from a group of men. The group of men later ask him if he had seen a man they were after. "Ahmed" face south and told them when he was standing facing south he didn't see the men they were after. "Ahmed" friends later ask him why he didn't tell the group of men that he saw the running man?…

I never did...

"Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense."

– Winston Churchill, British Prime Minster

Stupid Government, Stupid Arm Forces

Tomorrow thursday morning 2:30 am. The first legs of a two-legged champions league match between Liverpool vs Chelsea. Two English teams. One at the top of their games in EPL and CL and the other trying to re-live their past glory. In all my years this is far most the interesting match of the day and and I can't freaking watch them. Why? Because, the Stupid SAF aka Singapore Arm Forces have to schedule a one-day training or rather re-trainning starting thursday morning. If I want to watch the game, I'll have to sacrifice my sleep and try to go through the day without 24hrs sleep. The idiot who scheduled our program must be an idiot who can't plan a day that first doesn't start before, in the middle or the start of a muslim fasting month or when there's a once in a life time soccer match that millions of football crazy fans world wide are going to watch!

Starting end of may, I'll also have to do an IPPT re-training course that's supposedly help me past my IPP…

My family 'n friends don't know they can earn more

Darn it! Again, I slept through the night and can't stay up to watch the important "live" match between Arsenal and Tottenham. Wonder who win? If Arsenal lose Chelsea will be champions! I'll watch the news for info. Next...

My family and friends don't know that they can earn more money then their day job. Yes, I've told them about one of my online biz that they can work at part-time or full-time and make more money then what they're getting at. But, their reason? No time, no money blah blah but most important of all they don't have the belief. I can do so much and if they don't have the visions to see far forward. To at least study my offers, I'm sure they'll knock themselves on the head for not believing in me.

The program that I'm with right now for almost a year have paid me time and again without fail. It's pretty easy. Easy to learn, do a couple of promotion and presto! More money into their pockets. In fact if they stay at it, …

2 busy weeks..

Tonight (2:55 am singapore time), Arsenal vs Tottenham will be interesting to watch. If Arsenal lose then Chelsea will be champions. Been 50 years a waiting but they deserves to be champion of the English Premiere League. I've been a fan of Chelsea since I Glen Hoddle got Ruud Gullit to join Chelsea. Although, they have done well through the years but since Jose came and with his winning mentality, acute mastery of football brain and tactics with good bunch of players that do their job they are going to become the champion that even Arsene Wenger have to admit that they deserves it. Will Arsenal be the spoiler? If you have the opportunity to watch the match, watch it!

Oh, yeah! The tech came just now and I have a new Superfast MaxOnline 2000 Internet access 24/7/365! Also, next week I'll have to come down to Funan the IT mall and visit the Challenger IT Store to collect my new Special version Elite X-box! Woohooo! It's time to rock baby!

Me out!

Kind of bored today..

Kind of bored, today. Bored! Bored! Bored! I hate it when my neighbours cook. I can smell it from here. It always make jeolous. Why? Because, there's freaking nothing for me to eat over here! It smells so good. I feel like a beggar outside their windows. Oh, well! Maybe it's time for me to cook. I'm feeling kind of hungry. Think think. All alone and nothing to eat. I can always go down and by some foods. But, I'm too lazy. Pizza? Too lazy to call. KFC? So much choices. Since, I'm bored, I'll just look inside me fridge and cook up a storm. Yeah! Got to get my butt off this chair anyway. Before my ass get stuck to it forever!

Off me go!

Hey Tiger, I aggree with you man...

"One of the things my parents have taught me is never listen to other people’s expectations. You should live your own life and live up to your own expectations. " – Tiger Woods, Golfer

Got myself FREE special edition X-box..yeehaa!

Cool! I applied for a new Internet access service yesterday and got myself a free gift in the form of a special edition (luminous blue color) X-box. Too bad though didn't get free games to go with that. Wonder if they at least give me a sample cd. Or what's the use of giving me a free x-box if I can't play it on the same day? Yeah, I've thought of buying an x-box game console before but looking at the price of each games make me bulks. PSII has more games too. I already have a beat up playstation console. I'm thinking of selling this X-box for cash. Hehe..well if you can't play it sell it right? Maybe not, if I sell it yeah, I'll get quick cash but I can finish that money faster then a speeding bullet. At least, I don't have to fork out $300++ to buy an X-box. Been wondering how good X-box is anyway. I'll buy Halo and Halo2 and try it out. If it sucksz, I'll sell it off!

Now, if only I can win a new smartphone treo for FREE...



It's a beautiful day in a fucked up world...

Yes, as always it's a nice, quiet, hot sunny weather today. A nice view from outside of my apartment. If you've just had your lunch, I'm sure you'll love to take a quick nap before continuing on your work day. For me, I just woke up take a nice bath, make coffee for myself and eat breads. That's my brunch. Hold on while I take a quick sips of that delicious coffee.

Ahh, a nice beautiful day in a fucked up world.

On the other side of the world, the chinese students are having protest against the japanese. The north korean bent on holding the world hostage with their nuclear. Thailand still trying to graple with the daily bombings, killing and beheading of buddhist by the muslim rebels. The philipines with the Abu sayyafs. The same goes in the middle east e.g. iraq, between palestine and israel. There's famine, aids, children dying in various part of africa.

Sometime I wonder, whazzup with these people. Don't they want peace among themselves? Don't they know…

My blog (thougths) today..

Okay, I must admit. My gf complained that I didn't update my blog today. That's why I bothered to log in to post a new blog. But, I actually did have something to talk about. First, this past few weeks there had been a couple of earthquakes tremors felt here in my tiny island- country singapore. What perplexed me is that everybody seems to be talking about their experience and felt the tremor but I didn't. Or, maybe I did but didn't really notice. Must have been busy watching the tv or sleeping. It happened a couple of time this past few weeks and I didn't know about it 'till it was in the news. To me, I've always thought singapore is a 'lucky' country. Since, it was founded eons ago by a java prince called "Sang Nila Utama" and then by the british guy named "Sir Stamford Raffles".

A small country that has done well, even better then it's 'big' neighbour Malaysia, Indonesia and other asian countries. Having world class…

Chelsea Vs Liverpool - Champions League semis..

Okay, okay! I admit, I didn't watch the freaking whole match. Only found out that Liverpool did made it to the last 4 holding Juventus to a 0-0 draw in the second round. I saw the replay and the last mins was nail biting. But, as I said if Liverpool is able to hold Juventus and play as they did in the first round. Then, they'll manage to get pass through and they did!

But, it's a bummer cause both english teams chelsea and liverpool have to fight it out in the semis. At least I prefer them to be in the finals. Whichever team win will be a boost to England soccer. In the end I think Chelsea will win this year Champions league. In spite of what everyone else think, Jose is the key figure or ingredient to their success. Liverpool though will do well to improve their Premiere league performance. Hope, Gerard will stay but if not then it will be a blow to Liverpool. He's the most consistent player in an incosistent team of the year.

Okay, enough about soccer!

Let me ask you th…

Last night I went into comas..

Again! Last night I went in and out of comas. Geez! Well, at least I remember seeing a goal headed in by Drogba for a 2-1 score against Bayern Munich. See, how money(unlimited deep wallet) can help you improve your team. Find a good manager, coach, players etc etc. Of course you still need things to happen. Rules, managerial skill or whatever makes you achieves target. Jose Maurinho is a good coach. I don't understand why people would like to hate him or said that he is an enemy of football. All I know is he's delivering the goods which Raneiri the previous manager can't do. But, let's not forget what Raneiri had done that is build a good team foundation for Chelsea. Jose, come in and finish his job. That's all to it. I'm still wondering though, who won in the end? Haven't seen the news. Woke up at 12pm today. Duh, tonight or rather the next morning around 2:30 am there's another champions league match which involves Liverpool and Juventus. Without Gera…

2% daily earnings...

It's way past midnite 01:44 am and an hour to go to watch the soccer match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Boy! The thing I do to watch a soccer match shown "live" at the other side of the planet. That's technology for you. Nowadays, you can be anywhere in the world and can be connected via video conferences, chat through Yahoo! or MSN Chat. Watch a soccer match in the middle of the night trying to stay awake. Lucky for me too I stayed awake when Real Madrid beat ailing Barcelona 4-2. Boy! What a match that turn to be. It's a surprise though how bad Barcelona played with Ronaldhino playing below par. There's no Deco too. Eto being stretched off the fields. What more can you ask for? Well, checking that you have earned some money while you watch soccer is one thing.

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Been lazy this week, a wonder that I manage to finish this blog!



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Love the Sun, the Blog, the Yahoo! Music and the Money...

Ahhh...nice hot, sunny weather. With cool musics playing out via my Yahoo! Messenger Launchcast. Just about to start my day here (almost 1pm). Had watch half of the soccer match at 2:30 am between Liverpool and Juventus. Why half? Well, I fell asleep halfway through. Last time I could have stayed awake almost 24hrs. Nowadays, couldn't take it. I'm not sure what the final score is. The first half was quite entertaining though. Liverpool came out blazing, almost like when Chelsea did with Barcelona last month?

I've never seen Liverpool played it like that. They play it fast 'n furious! It made Juventus look like my old grandmother playing soccer. Juventus, a team on paper better then Liverpool with the like of Pavel Nedved, Del piero, Buffon (best goalkeeper in the world?) just felt like being run over by a truck load of durians!

But, not knowing the final scores I'm afraid that Liverpool would have given up their 2:0 leads in the second half to Juventus. Juventus is g…

Siemens lost another customer

Stupid siemens, I applied to be their mobile tester in the hope that I'll get to test their new hanphones and also be given a new version of it after my inputs. But, I wasn't chosen. Well, I'm never going to buy another hand sets from siemens anymore!

Blogdom (Freedom) of Speech

If you wanna see total blogdom (freedom) of speech? Just click the "Next Blog" button on the top right of this blog. You can visit a whole lot of freaking wierd blogs and wierd people blogging on their blogs. Does that include me? You be the judge!

There's blog about making money like mine, there's blog about everyday idiocrysies. Blog about their mother, father, grandpa, grandmama. Even blog about their fish! Some bloggers hate politics and politicians, some politicans that hate bloggers who hates politics. It's like a vicious cycles of vicious people saying their piece!

See, see... everyone seems to hate everyone and everything here. Wars between men that never seems to end. The devil must be laughing their heads off. But, I guess that's the way things are. If it's nice and cosy in this world there wouldn't be any heavens right? Yeap, there's heavens not heaven (7 level of heavens 'n hells, 7 days per week, 7 level of universe, 7 etc etc). For…

My father is out of job...

Well, today monday will be my dad's first day out of job. After been working on the same job like since, before I was even born!

It's not really his fault. The company contract was stop and given to another company to work on the school. He was ask if he would like to stay and work under another company or work with his same company on another project. Don't get him wrong, he's too old to do any heavy work. And the new company prefered to employ their own people to work for them.

So, what else can he do? Well, he can retire and try to live on whatever money he has left. Okay, I'm not trying to rub it in on him but if he had listen to me and use part of the money he earn on an online program that I'm working with, he could have had it made. In fact, I can set it up so that he can earn money while he enjoy the rest of his retired life. Money, wouldn't be a problem. But did he listen? I can't really blame him. During his time, there's no such thing as th…

Siemens mobile tester

Well, I just sign-up to be one of the chosen siemens newest mobile phone tester. They had better choose me or I'll hate them forever! If I'm chosen I'll get to test their latest products and later I'll be given the finish products for keeps. Wow! Wouldn't that be great? I'll be informed in a few days via email if that happen. So stay tune!


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