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Money politics?

Today, I went to just to check out if I can sign-up for the progress form. Everybody was saying you can do it only on 1st April. But, I found out that starting today people can already go to the website and sign-up. So, calling all singaporean ..Go go go!

Since then, I've calling, sms-ing everyone about it. But, I think you can only apply online starting today and for the rest of the method i.e. Atm, Singapore post you still have to wait till 1st April. So, too bad for those who doesn't have a computer or internet access!

Also, everyone been saying it's all politics and the government are just doing it at the right time since, the elections are coming soon!

I say screw it. As long as the people benefits and I have my cash I'm more then happy. Anyway, if you look around in other countries, you will realize and be thankful that we have a stable and safe country. Nice sunny weather. No riots, no unruly protest. In fact, it could be a tad boring. B…

A dour American Idol

I just change the channel to a replay of the show "Football Focus" after watching for awhile the American Idol. I don't know why but today's show make me cringe. All the contestant minus chris didn't really either choose a good song or actually gave a good performance for me. Even Randy doesn't like almost all of their performance today. So, I decided to switch channel. I had been following the American Idol show since day 1 but as I said. Today the performance since corny. Errg.

I wonder who going to be 'cut' tomorrow. Well, let's see....

Be happy!

I just finish reading an article about happiness. Where different people view life, wealth and happiness in a different light. As always, I believe that it's all up to you. If you want to be happy then you can make yourself happy. If you prefer your life to be miserable then you can't blame the world. You have to blame yourself. Blame the way you think life is.

Think about it, GOD gave you brain, hands, legs, kidney, ears etc so that you can use it to your advantage. To live as you wish. If you wish bad for yourself, your body or whatever then you'll get what you wanted all along!

If you wish your life to be in bliss as if you're in heaven then of course you can make it to be. Of course, once in a while there's adversity that you have to pass through to reach the other side. Everybody have to go through it. Sometime, it seems you can't do anything about bad things that seems to happen but hey, whatever you set out your mind to do or achieve, sooner or later yo…

Life ain't always easy

"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won."

– Winston Churchill, British statesman

Don't wait for others to make things happen for you

I received an email from my downline today asking me why he wasn't getting any spillover in the program that he joined under me. Judging by his email, I know that he's relatively new to making money online and I wonder if he's just sitting there doing nothing and hoping that I'll do all the work for him and the only thing he need to do is collect the cheque!

By the way, while typing this post I receive an alert from my yahoo! Messenger informing me that someone has just sign-up with my autoresponder for more info about this very program that I was talking about. Click here for more info.

I've been joining programs after program in the hope that I will earn a good income so that I can stay at home and do my own 'stuff'. Have the freedom to do anything I want, go anywhere without being desk bound to a 9-5 day job. Hey, don't get me wrong. If you love your job then it's okay but if you hate it (which 95% does) wouldn't you want to try to look for a w…



Q: Why do they call a woman's "time of the month" PMS?

A: Because mad cow disease was already taken.

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I discovered today that I had to change to a new online payment processor because apparently Stormpay decided to 'protect' themselves from us by going against their policy (whatever that mean). So, I had to frantically log in to the couple of online program that I was in to update my chosen payment processor.

Since the first day I decided to learn how to make money online one thing that you need to have is an account with a payment processor that allows you to send and receive payment. If you don't have an account with them then although, there's other way to send and recieve payment it is either to expensive, troublesome etc etc. Lucky for me it was quite easy to update or change to another payment processor. It help that the program owner act fast or we'll lose not just money but our customer, downline members and such.

Anyway, here I'm recommending a payment processor that allows you to send or receive payment online. It's almost like paypal in operation. …

Waiting for my new TV

I'm waiting for my new TV that should be delivered soon. Yesterday, I asked for News channel which included BBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg etc. I also added Star Movies to the basic cable service I was subscribing to. I like to watch BBC and CNN mostly. In fact, if I'm at my laptop, my TV will be switched on to BBC. If there's some interesting program or news on I'll be updated instantly. In fact, I watched "live" via CNN or was it BBC when the 2nd aeroplane hit the other Twin Towers. So, even though I'm in my own country singapore I watch in awe as the whole thing just unfold in front of my eyes. That's the most important picture I'll never forget. I didn't believe it was true. It was just like watching a movie. But, this time it was real.

It's not everyday that a group hijacked an aeroplane and flew it to a building or even the pentagon. You'll have to be damn motivated okay, maybe desperate or again maybe brainwashed to do such a thing. B…

A step backward...

You know, there's so much I wanted to say. There's so much I wanted to do via this blog. But, I always have to take a step backward 'cause you know, I might either get sued, having the government going after my ass. Heck, even the terrorist might be interested in geting my consultation service? Heh heh..

I'm typing with restraint. In my life I always have to restraint myself. But, when I think it's time I'll explode without any mercy. But then again, I keep saying to myself. Why make your life more miserable? Why give in to temptation to destroy? I know what life is all about. I live within the rule. And, the rule would make me safe.

Anyway, why so grim right? We should try to make do with what we have. Try to live a happy life. Although, when you look around you not everyone can do that or will do that. When we look at others life being so f*&k up you wonder why it is so. We should be thankful. We should realize that life is not always all about being happy.…

The whole world is going bong!

Yep, the whole world is going bong aka crazy!

I know it and you know it, the whole humankind knows it. So, what's the deal? If you ask me.. the answer is I don't know!

Why don't you tell me what's wrong with the world today. Although, I know the world is going crazy as doomsday is fast approaching and we all are too buzy to notice it. We are too buzy fighting over lands, children, wife, house etc. We all know, life in this world is too short. So, why hanker over material gains? You think you're going to need it in the afterworld? Okay, I know some cultures believe that. That's not my point. My point is what use is money when you're dead? What the use of all your strength and mighty nuclear bomb when you are dead? You think you're gonna nuke heaven and hell?

It's time we humankind learn to live in peace with each other regardless or race, religion, country or whatever you wanna name it. Life is a straight road towards GOD. There's no other meanin…

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Are you a computer illiterate?

I decided to write about being pc literate today, because I was thinking as much as we think that computer is everywhere and we take for granted that everyone supposedly know how to use one but that it's not so!

I know, because I myself have a couple of friends who still doesn't know anything about computer. Although, they do ask me questions about it once a while. Some, though doesn't bother and think it's just a waste of time. Well, to each his own. I don't count myself as an expert but after using a computer for almost 10 years I guess I know that much.

Nowadays, my only interest in using the pc is for surfing the net for info, games, money-making etc. Of course, there's so much you can do with a pc for work and play and everywhere you go, you see them. Around the world, people use it to connect to each other, to learn about other cultures, reading the latest news and what have you. I guess it depend on your mindset, if you think it's of no use then you w…

Joke of the day!

6 Double Vodkas

A guy came into a bar one day and said to the barman, "Give me six double vodkas."

The barman said, "Wow! You must have had one hell of a day."

"Yes, I've just found out my older brother is gay."

The next day, the same guy came into the bar and asked for the same drinks. When the bartender asked what the problem was today, the answer came back, "I've just found out that my younger brother is gay too!"

On the third day, the guy came into the bar and ordered another six double vodkas.

The bartender said, "Geez! Doesn't anybody in your family like women?"

"Yeah, my wife..."

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Wassup, I'm backkk!!

Yo yo! Wassup people. Finally, after a few weeks of no internet access, I'm finally back online!

I sure do miss the Internet!

Geez! I certainly have a lot to do and to catch up on. Need, to organize back my life after the hassle of moving to my new home. There're still much need to be done but so far, I guess all is well. Hey, if I can be back online even though my laptop went 'kaput' on me then there's still hope for better days ahead. Yup, I don't know what's wrong with my other laptop, I'm using my sis husband IBM thinkpad right now until I can get myself a new pc.

More money need to be spend!

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