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RetroArch - Neo Geo Pocket Color - Fatal Fury F- Contact Gameplay

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit With Retro Gaming Case

Hey guys,

Check out my video gameplay of Neo Geo Pocket Color, Fatal Fury F-Contact!

I'm using RetroArch to play all these games on my pc. Pretty cool!

RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. It enables you to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its slick graphical interface. Settings are also unified so configuration is done once and for all.

RetroArch has advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, and more!

Try it out if you haven't. If you're thinking of setting up a dedicated retro gaming machine then, check out Raspberry pi 3. A single board, credit size computer that you can buy as many as you want for your home projects. Be it in multimedia, gaming or robotics!

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit With Retro Gaming Case

Download and install Recalbox or if you buy one with noob then install retropie. Fun and easy!

Don't forget to watch …

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon - Strange Evil Trailer - Nintendo

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition

Hey guys,

Quick update!

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra moon coming out soon in November for the Nintendo 3DS. And, you can pre-order it now!

Pokémon Ultra Sun - Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Ultra Moon - Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition

A new light shines on the Alola region!

Take on the role of a Pokemon Trainer and encounter Pokemon, uncover new tales, and Unravel the mystery behind the two forms reminiscent of the legendary Pokemon. These new titles power up the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon moon content with new story additions and features, earning them the name “ultra!” another adventure is about to begin!

Pre-order yours today!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition

RetroArch - Game Boy Color TG Rally 2 gameplay on pc

Raspberry PI 3 Model B 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1GB RAM

Hey guys,

I've been into retro games lately. All thanks to Raspberry pi 3!

You might ask why?

Well, back in the days, playing retro games was really hard. Especially, if you want to play it on your pc. I've tried to install some of the earlier emulators and it all seems complicated and some didn't even work!

I've heard in the news about raspberry pi before but, wasn't really into it back then. But, when I saw that you can play retro games on it, I was immediately hooked. So, I did my researched and finally got myself a raspberry pi 3 computer kit.

I actually wanted to get the Kano Computer kit because I wanted to test out the Kano OS. I instead, installed Kano OS and Recalbox on two separate microSD card. So now, I can swap between the two whenever I want.

The other day, I decided to get myself a DIY raspberry pi 3 tablet kit and installed Kano OS on it. Now, I can use Kano on my tablet and play retr…

Fall Home Décor Trends from Walmart!

Simpli Home Sawhorse TV Media Stand

Hey guys,

Ready for fall home decor yet?

Don't miss out on this season's home décor trends to get your home ready for fall and beyond. Find everything from pieces featuring luxe jewel tones, furniture that borrows from contemporary minimalism, or pieces to mix and match for clean design inspiration.

You'll definitely love these collections to help get your home ready for the changing seasons!

Luxe Jewel Tones

Rich vibrant jewel tones add bling and luxe to your home décor.

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Ottoman, Mutliple Colors

Metropolitan Futon Lounger, Grey Linen

Enhance the style of your home decor with the Metropolitan Futon Lounger. It is the ultimate in style and function, offering years of durability that you can rely on. Upholstered in grey linen with detailed tufting, this contemporary futon sofa brings a classic yet contemporary feel to any room.

It helps in giving you an enhancement that is sure to please. The Futon readily transform…

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