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India Under Terrorist Siege

So, Mumbai became like a war zone. Suspected, Al-Qaeda Pakistan-link terrorist lay siege. Frankly, I was thinking the same kind of strategy that the terrorist should have used years ago. But, I guess they were into suicide bombing kind of thingy. Just like the Palestinians suicide bomber?

Now, that same kind of strategy is maybe planned by Al-Qaeda for the U.S. But, I would have guess that they would do it during President Bush administration. I'm not sure if it will happen during Obama presidency. But, who knows right?

By the way, don't take my word for it. I'm not a counter-terrorist expert or someone who can forsee and prophecise thing or whatever. Only, that, if you put yourself into the terrorist shoe, you might began to know their way of thinking and maybe what they'll do next. I'm sure they're already planning something. But, what?

For one thing, they'll think outside the box. They aren't stupid. They, will plan, and do recon and become a sleeper et…

My Zombie face on an iPhone game - iPhone Developer program!


So, like, check it out. A game developer for the iPhone "Auto Mangle" (more info at forum) is creating and designing a new FPS kind of game called "Zombie Mangle". He's asking anyone interested to send in their best zombie face expression to him. So, naturally, I did!
I send him the pic above!
He like it and I'm err.. pretty excited what's I'm going to look like in the game ha ha!
In any case, he's got the demo video at where you can get the latest games updates, video, latest price drops etc. Check it out!
Don't forget to check out the forum for iPhone gamers. My nick over there is along123. Say, hi!
Got to go, wanna read about 2 new games from Gameloft coming out soon!
It makes me love my iPhone more!
Have a great weekend folks!
P.S. Source and links from!

P.P.S. Check out Matt's iPhone Developer Program - Click here for more info! P.P.P.S check out Top paid and Free apps on the App Store right now!

Cube FPS (First person shooter) for iPhone 3G - FINALLY!

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Hey guys,

So, guess what?

Finally. Cube is available for  the iPhone 3G after what seems like eternity waiting for Apple staff to approve it. I don't know what's the problem were, but I'm just glad that it's finally available and of course I download it immediately after reaching home!

Info posted on TouchArcade Forum: Click here.
A bit of warning though. Don't expect the game to fly right off the bat. Those, that had downloaded and try it out complain about the poor frame rates. Poor control and they definitely hated the music! 
For me though, besides the frame rate I don't have any beef with the control or music. I'm just happy I can play an FPS on the iPhone, finally!
The developers are talking about an update version 1.2 that will improve the frame rates. I'm pretty sure the game play will vastly improved. What's more important are that other developers can learn from this Cube port. To create better game, with…

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2

So, check it out. I bought 3 Games today Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and finally the most I've been waited for Gears of War 2! Check out all the games videos, info at!
Finally, bought it and now, I've got what I wanted for this year. Okay, if not for money constraints I would have bought Dead Space or Hell's Highway and a few others. He he!
Well, that can wait. I'll be getting it later on. I'll just enjoy myself with this 3 new FPS games. So check out the short videos above. You should get it too!
So enjoy and good fun!
P.S. Check out the games videos, reviews etc at
P.P.P.S I got the Far Cry 2 bottle and Fallout 3 pouch bag as free gift. Cool!
P.P.P.P.S. Also check out my iPhone photo blog at

Touch Arcade: iPhone Games, Reviews and News

Just a quick recommend to a site that I frequent everyday now. Because, they update their site everyday. Also, they have an active forum where you can join and post your comments etc. Some of the game developers also frequent the site. So, you can also give input about their games or whatever. You can even suggest an apps or game that you wish they would develop on the iPhone.

The other day, I read about a game called Zombie Invasion. When, I search for it on the iTunes store, it couldn't be found but through the forum I found out the problem and finally click the link provided by the game dev himself. So, that's how useful the site is if you're interested to learn about the latest apps and games that are being put out for the iPhone.

Check it out now!


Good night!

P.S. By the way, my nick at the forum is along123. If you're there, say hi to me. C ya!

P.P.S. If you play the F.E.A.R multiplayer or any other multiplayer FPS game if you see the nick …

Download Google Chrome and Google Earth Today!

So today, while searching for new updates on "iphone FPS games" on Youtube, I saw a link to try out Google Chrome, Google shiny new browser. I must say, my first impression was it looks so brand new!
It's like buying a new gadget for me. LoL. It has a nice blue color and everything seems 'zippy'. Well, I'm currently using the Chrome to type today's post. So far, so good. I have actually read about it on But, didn't really think of trying it out until today. I'm already using Firefox and didn't think any other browser is better then it. But, what de heck. Since, I'm feeling a little curious today, why not download it right?
Also, at the same time, I downloaded the latest Google Earth. Like the Chrome, I've heard about it but wasn't that interested to try it out until today. I guess, today is like Google day for me, huh?
Anyway, Google Earth is way cool man. You should definitely check it out, if you haven't that is. I lik…

Am i an iTunes/iPhone addict?

Top paid apps on the App Store

First off, Singapore is in a recession. Click here to read news. Although, personally, I'm not feeling the heat, but I read about it almost everyday in the papers. I did work in an American company before where they laid off some workers and although, I was new there and they were saying I was safe but when some of us was being called to be told about the laying off, I did feel a little nervous. But, that was almost 10 years ago. Since, then, I've been in and out of jobs. I can't seem to stick to a job long enough. I got short attention span and I get bored doing the same job. Life is too short eh?

Anyway, besides the economy, I think I have another personal problem and that is I'm turning into an iTunes App store addict. LoL. Everyday, when at work and at home, I keep surfing the iTunes App store for new apps especially the game section. I can't stop myself. Although, my 3G iPhone is already loaded with lot of games, I still want mor…

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