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Busy, busy, busy!

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I've been busy dabbling with my Eee, installing and un-installing software. Today, I've installed Windows XP after I've tried, the pre-installed Xandros and Ubuntu gutsy.

All of the OS (Operating system) are good. But, finally after I can't get the Eee web cam and wireless to work with Ubuntu I then decided, what the heck, to try installing Win XP next. Well, today, after installing it, I tried playing some videos and music from the Usb. Also tried the files from my Ipod and it work's great too. Even, the webcam works again. I haven't yet tried if the wifi work. That's important as that's one of the reason I decided to buy the Eee. I wanted the ability to bring along the Eee to places and surf the net where I can get wifi.

I actually wanted to use Ubuntu on the Eee and keep it but, after weeks of trying to make the web cam and wifi work, I finally decided to try XP. I'll see if XP is stable enough on …

A Happy Year end 2007 for me..

Hi yer, everyone!

That's a pic of my nephew, Isyra.

So, guess what? The year coming to an end and I've got a couple of things that I had craved for.

Since last month, Nov & Dec I've been busy shopping for stuff that I had wanted for some time. Mainly, the Asus Eee pc which you can see my nephew playing with on the bus ride home. Cool eh?

I brought it to work almost every day. Just to play around with it and see how robust the Eee pc is. So far, so good. I must say it's really portable and light and most of all fun to play with.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to Funan IT mall to collect my free Xbox which I got because I re-contract with Starhub, my Internet access provider. I thought it will be a synch as I've done it before. But, things get a little rough. First, when I was suppose to alight from the bus at a bus-stop, the driver didn't stop and I had to walk about 1km back to Funan from Suntec!

Then when I reach the 4th floor, of Funan, guess what? There were litera…

Yes! My very own Asus Eee pc - Unboxed!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally! My very own Asus Eee Pc! Just got it today and been playing with it. Testing out all pre-installed software, games, SD cards etc. Way cool and wayyyYy cuuuuttteeee freaking SMALL laptop! Check out my own video on Youtube!
Maybe, when I'm not lazy I'll put up more clips for now, Click the play button to watch the clips!

Eee pc Reviews + hacks

As I'm interested in the Eee pc and the pre-installed Xandros (strip down version) Linux, I've been reading up on linux and hacks for the Eee. It seems interesting to me and the instructions is pretty simple. Well, most of it anyway.

If you do a search on Google or Yahoo or whatever your favorite search engine is you'll find a whole lot of links. I found a link reviewing the Eee pc which includes a couple of hacks you can do or try. Click the link below to read up >>

And guess what? Finally, after 2 weeks of waiting, tomorrow I'll be going out to meet my supplier to get my very own Asus Eee pc!


I'm so excited. I wish I can go and meet him right now. But, it's already 11 pm at night. So, we decided to meet tomorrow around 12 in the afternoon. I think he thought of us meeting at Sitex but, I'm a little eager to get that Eee and play with it. I've read up on so many ways to ha…

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