A Happy Year end 2007 for me..

Hi yer, everyone!

That's a pic of my nephew, Isyra.

So, guess what? The year coming to an end and I've got a couple of things that I had craved for.

Since last month, Nov & Dec I've been busy shopping for stuff that I had wanted for some time. Mainly, the Asus Eee pc which you can see my nephew playing with on the bus ride home. Cool eh?

I brought it to work almost every day. Just to play around with it and see how robust the Eee pc is. So far, so good. I must say it's really portable and light and most of all fun to play with.

Anyway, yesterday, I went to Funan IT mall to collect my free Xbox which I got because I re-contract with Starhub, my Internet access provider. I thought it will be a synch as I've done it before. But, things get a little rough. First, when I was suppose to alight from the bus at a bus-stop, the driver didn't stop and I had to walk about 1km back to Funan from Suntec!

Then when I reach the 4th floor, of Funan, guess what? There were literally 100s of people waiting before me!

To make matters worse, when I press the queue button I was no. 1937 and the Starhub service staff were only serving at the no.1569. Oh, my God. I had to wait for almost 3hrs (300 people)

straight, standing like a nincompoop waiting for my turn. But, it was well worth it, I tell you. A guy I was talking to, offered to actually help me to cut queue and go with him (his no. 1815) in the pretext that I authorized him to get the Xbox on my behalf.

Hehe, lucky me. Pity the no.2000+ soul!

Imagine, how ecstatic I was when I finally got the Xbox in my hand. I would have jump for joy right there if not for the many people still waiting around me.

Well, 1 down 2 to go. Today, Sunday, my new Panosonic 32 inch 1080p Tv + a Philips Home theatre set was delivered to me. I'm happy I didn't have to queue up again. This time, I just have to wait for the delivery man. And, come they did at around 4pm.

They ask me if I wanted to set it up myself or let them do it for me. I thought that it shouldn't be that hard, since I just have to follow the color code of the wiring. Well, as you can see from the pictures, it was total chaos!

It was kind of fun to UN-box the stuff though.

The thrill of cutting the scotch tapes, tearing the plastic wrappers etc. Setting it all up almost took me the whole day. But, as I said, it's all worth it. I haven't done this for like eons!

That's why I wanted to get myself a new Tv+Home theatre+Xbox. I don't think I would be buying anything for a while. Well, at least 'till the New Year?

I had some problem setting it all up initially. The Video won't show, there were no sound coming out of the speakers and I can't play the included games with the Xbox I got. I think there's some cable missing too!

By evening, I manage to make it all work. Phew! Even decided to take a bath first before I relax and enjoy watching my nephew playing Forza motorsport on my new Tv. I must say, the graphics look superb!

Or, maybe, it's just my first time watching an Xbox game on an 32" Lcd Tv. No matter, I'm pretty satisfied!
I told my other two nephews on the phone about it and they are already asking me what other games I have.

I'll be getting all the top Xbox games soon. But, the games are pretty expensive, I must say. It's almost $74 for just one simple game!

Heck, I need to work overtime just to get another controller. I guess, you have to spend money just to have the latest hot games.

Hot console need hot games!

Hot rod dude. The sound effects, 3d smooth graphics and game play. That's the order of the day for games nowadays.

It surely beat the old Playstation that I had before it was fried by me.

I just can't wait to buy Halo, Bioshock etc. I haven't like played a first-shooter games like these for some time now. So, this new console are really exciting to me.

Check it out. I took some photos of the Forza Motorsport game.

I think the wide flat screen tv really makes the game looks beautiful.

Right now, though, I just want to relax and enjoy it. I'm done for the year and I've got what I wanted. Next year, will be a different matter and I'm not sure what I'll be getting. I do have some ideas. We'll see.

Well, that's it from me. As it is, it's already 11.35 pm and I'm getting a good well-deserved rest!

My legs are still a little strained by the walking and standing waiting in line yesterday.

Good night and have a Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!

Okay, I know it's a little early but hey, it would be soon right?


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