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Rubbish email

For some reason nowadays I keep receiving rubbish in my mailbox. I'm wondering if there's a virus going around that send all this junk mail. I didn't bother to open the email as I know it's rubbish. It's a waste of my time, that I had to keep deleting all the rubbish email I received.

Wonder if there's a way to stop all this mess...think ... think...

Went to see the doc yesterday

Went to see the doctor yesterday. My knees was hurting and I couldn't sleep. So, I decided to see the doctor. I wanted to go to the local clinic around my area but they were all close. I had to take the taxi to go to a 24hr clinic. The doctor wasn't around when I reach the clinic as he went to see a patient.

Finally, when the doc came I was the first one to go in and see him. He put his hand on my knees to feel if it was hot. Then he ask me a few questions if I had a fall or something. I said "Yes". He told me I should go for x-ray. But, I decided not to. It's too freaking expensive anyway.

He gave me some pain killers and other medicine and told me if my knee still hurts, then I should come again to see him. Anyway, once I was home, I quickly eat the pain killers as I can't stand the pain. After a few hours the pain was gone. Today, the pain is gone but my right knees still can't bend. Well, I hope it will be okay again by tomorrow.

The good thing is I felt…

Couldn't sleep the whole night

My knees hurt so much that I couldn't sleep the whole night. Keep waking up and trying to walk around hoping it will go away. The wierd thing is the more I put some hot massage oil and rub it on my right knee, the more it hurts. In fact, I wonder if it could be better that I didn't do it in the first place.

Now, my right knee still hurts. Have to move my leg slowly and now I can see a lump on top of my knee. I wonder if it's also because of yesterday that I had to carry those heavy stuff and make my knees worst then ever.

Arggg...wish I had a pain killer or some sort. I don't know if I should see a doctor. Afraid, it won't be that much serious though. I haven't seen a doctor for a long long time. Not, that I haven't fall sick or anything. It's just that I'm too lazy to see a doctor!

I hope, my right knee will get better soon. I can't walk anywhere with this leg problem of mine. Okay, then. I'm making a journey to my kitchen for some "prata…

No fear

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." – Babe Ruth, baseball player

Start Reading

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them."

– Mark Twain, writer

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It rain the whole day

It rain and rain today. It's nice if you're warm inside your home. But, if you are working outside then it's a bummer. If you're working indoors you feel nice and cosy and you'll feel so sleepy..zzzz...before you know it? Your boss are standing in front of your desk!

As when I'm typing this post, listening to songs from my Mp3 player. I look out the windows and the rain has finally began to subside. Ahh...what a nice feeling to be home!

If I die and go to heaven, then I wish heaven is like home.

You know heaven can be anything you like. In fact, it's much more then you can ever imagine. If you think, earth is heaven then you ain't see nothing yet!

Well, that's my thought for today. Got to check my online biz!


My knees hurt

Nothing much today. Just that my right leg hurts for 3 days including today and I couldn't walk properly. My knee cap hurts. I can feel the bone grinding each other as if there's no more grease between it. Yeah, I'm sure you're cringing right now. But, today it got better and I don't feel the pain anymore. Although, it does still hurt a bit.

Also updated my photo album just now before I write this posting. You can visit my new site with my new photo album here. I'm not sure how slow it will be for your browser to load the pics. I'm using broadband internet so to me it's kind of fast. You can check it out here >>

Right, later...

A man of value

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

– Albert Einstein, physicist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You know, sometime I wonder, why mankind can't be nice to each other. I mean, is it so hard to be understanding, compassionate, trust etc?

For me, whenever I meet people I always try to be nice to them. Talk nicely, friendly or being understanding. But, sometime you meet assholes who just can't be nice!

They don't or won't make the effort to be nice to others. You'll see their glummy face, looking at people as if we are stupid and they are the only one in the universe who are a genius!

But, you can be assured if they want something out of you, or need any kind of help then, they'll start to realized that they can't live alone in this world and in one way or another they need help from others. These kind of people are the one who are stupid. Like my motto, "life is hard, why make it harder" right?

I guess, …

My New Mp3 Player

Well, I spend the night playing around with my new Mp3 player. Testing all it's features. I read the manual a couple of time and also at the same time fiddling with it. It was frustrating at time but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze!

Now, if only there's a way for me to extend it's space...

I bought an Mp3 player today

Just a quick note. Bought myself a new Mp3 player today and no it's not an Ipod. Found myself a cheap Mp3 player that only cost around $65.90. It have 256mb of space, FM radio, voice recording. Standard USB. Multiple backlit colour. Beside having only 256mb of space, I think it suits me fine. Well, got to go, looking for my favourite songs to download yeah!

Sales Coaching for Network Marketer

I have sign-up with this newsletter for Network Marketer for a long time. Have downloaded some sample coaching calls etc. I really like what they have to offer and of course, I thought if they have an affiliate program it will be great. I had wanted to introduce them to some of the people I know and of course to some of my group. But, they didn't have any affiliate program. But, it seems I was not alone in hoping they're going to set-up their own affiliate program.

Finally, MLMU have listen and now anyone interested to join them can sign-up and if accepted, you'll have all the sample banner ads, text ads, links etc to help promote and earn commission from sales made!

The best part is, this is something that every serious Network marketer needs. If you haven't have success with your network business then there's a reason why and that is you don't know how!

Well, I can talk about it till the days end, but I won't. You can visit their main site for yourself and s…

Australia goin to Germany for World cup!

Well, would you know it. After 32 years, and a couple of heartbreaks Australia finally are going to the world cup. Swarzer, Australia No.1 goalkeeper saving 2 penalty kick by Uruguayan player who to me didn't show enough to convince me they deserve to go to the world cup. Also, don't forget Aloisi who had the lask penalty kick.

I watch the match "live" on tv and I was supporting Australia all the way. Although, beating Uruguay would be hard. Uruguay, are a world class soccer team and for Australia to beat them to reach the world cup is a massive achievement. Why, do I support Australia? Because, they are nearer to asian countries then the latin!

For Australia to win was in a way, a win for Asia. Yeah!

Maybe, some day, Singapore will go to the world cup? Who knows!??

Never say never...

Congrats again to Australians who much be jumping and celebrating this very moment. It's a dream come true for them. I know, there's a lot of Australian in Singapore. I'm sure th…

Are you happy?

"Many people think that if they were only in some other place, or had some other job, they would be happy. Well, that is doubtful. So get as much happiness out of what you are doing as you can and don’t put off being happy until some future date." – Dale Carnegie, author

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Do you believe in God?

Of all the sin that God will forgive, there's one sin that God will never ever forgive even if you plead till eternity....and that is the sin of not believing there is God!

If you believe there is satan? Then there is God!

How do you know there is God? No, you don't see him with your 'naked eyes'. You see Him with the eyes of Faith!

I know, some don't believe in God. The problem is, it's not my place to say that you should believe there is God or not. It's really up to you. God, give you eyes so that you can see for yourself. Again, I can only say what I know. It's God will and He knows the truth inside yours and my heart. He knows, if I have faith in Him. He knows, if you're just saying that you believe in Him or just for the sake of showing to others or just following the crowds. It's really difficult to really describe faith.

All that we can do, is stay true to our faith. To learn what God messenger has taugth us. God, has send a whole lot of mes…

Confession of a bomb

Bomb: You know, I used to know whom I'm supposed to kill. But now I don't. I kill anyone and everyone. I destroy everything and anything. I have no used for eyes. I have no used for ears. I do what I'm told to. My job is to destroy, destroy, destroy. Families, relatives, children, father, mother etc. I'm used all over the globe. I'm used, where I'm needed to make a point. Although, I have no regards, for any countries, any religions, any races. When it's time to kill, I will kill.

This is my confession. I'm a bomb. The bomb of the future...

Attack by a dog today..

Today, I was attack by a dog while walking looking for a shop in an industrial area. I don't know whose dog it belong to. I didn't see a collar on the dog. I was walking along minding my own business when suddenly out of nowhere this dog came right up at me barking and threatening to bite me. I almost gave it a tae kwon do kick right up it's face but I purposely refrained from hitting it.

My friend driving the lorry was honking making a whole lot of noise trying to scared away the dog. Even, the chinese guy, stop doing his work and clap his hands making noises to scared away the dog from trying to bite me. I myself was ready to kick the dog ass, literally. Incidently, today, I wore a thick half-cut leathered shoe that could really hurt the dog if it decided to attack me!

Anyway, soon the dog move on and I quickly walk away before it changed it's mind!


A nice quiet sunday...

It's a nice quiet sunday. Nothing much to say today. Only, doing some promoting for my online biz opps and watching Mtv at the same time. I don't watch Mtv much because, they don't show music videos much!

Most of the time it's some lame stupid shows about teenages angts, talk shows that talk and talk and talk!

Where's the freaking music!

I wonder, if people actually watch it. Anyway, that's it for now. CHioz!

A man of success?

"Try not to become a man of success but rather to
become a man of value."
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I'm having a freaking headache!

Somehow, I knew I'm going to have this headache. But, this one felt kind of different. I feel pain on the left side of my brain. Added to that, I'm having a bad cough. So, when I cough, i feel pain on the left side of my brain. But, I already took, panadol pain killer and I hope it will do the trick.

One good news is today, I receive another notification of payment from my stormpay account. I'm promoting a site that's providing ebooks, scripts, leads etc. all under one package and it's really is a top seller for me. I have receive up to US$300 promoting it. And my initial investment was only US$6!

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Well, got to go for now. Having a chat with my net friend from Texas!


The tragedy of life

"The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss."

– Thomas Carlyle, essayist, historian

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House Hunting

Just came back from house hunting. Already found a buyer for my current house. The next step for me is of course to look for a house that I like. It's a bit smaller and little further in. But, I guess it's okay. I was hoping to find a house near my current serangoon estate. Well, in the end, I found a house in Hougang.

Come to think of it, I find myself, feeling reluctant to leave this house. Well, I have almost stayed here up to 10 years and the location is good. I can go anywhere from here. There's the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), Busses to Orchard, Geylang, Yishun etc. I guess, I have to get used to the new house, new surroundings or whatever. It's always hard, when in the process of changes. When time pass, and when we get used to the surroundings, the sight and smells. We'll forget the places of old. Such is life...

I guess, life goes on...

For the better I hope!

If you want something?

"If you want to have something you have not had before,you need to do something you’ve never done before."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Phew! Last Friday, I went back to JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) to visit my father's house. Saturday, morning I followed him in his car to his work place. He work as a cleaner there. So, since I was there, I helped him sweep the roadside. Yeah, I know. Doesn't sound like a holiday, right!?

Well, it depends. I cross the causeway, to forget about my own country singapore. To forget about the life here and feel a "different air" in another country. I can tell you one thing, it's a totally different experience!

I used to go over there frequently. But, nowadays, I'm just either too tired, or too lazy to walk through the whole deal of going through the customs with hundreds others!

That remind me. The other day, as usual, I saw some idiots running towards the custom right after getting down from the bus while holding his chi…
Today is Hari Raya(celebration) Aidil Fitri! That's me. Just return from Raya prayer.
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