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It rain and rain today..

Boy, Is it raining or what!

I like watching the rain from my window. I also like it when it rain and I'm cosy and dry in my room. Instead of out there wet and cold. Brr... Someone out there might be cursing the rain. I know, I was one of them. I used to work as a guard in a driving center. I always hate it when it rain while I'm working there. The whole place will be totally in chaos!

Imagine, having to run after a car who were pushing 150km/h right into the driving training area and test. Can't this freaker read the freaking sign? It's shows NO FREAKING ENTRY!

Geez! How or where the heck did they take their driving test anyway. It's becoming a problem and the center can't even think of a way to stop un-authorize vehicle to come in. So, it goes I have to run after every stupid idiot who can't read a sign and drive his car right into an illegal zone without even knowing it. Some do know, but doesn't care. I would love to freaking clamp their freaking car. T…

It's not a good day today..or is it?

Today it seems, I'm not having a good day. After I post that I'm an addict, addicted to the net. I decided to watch my cable tv went suddenly it went *poof* on me. I thought well maybe it's because of the tv gone crazy on me again. So, I tried to look for the channel and then it hit me. Have they freaking cut my cable tv out? Later I check my internet and lo and behold, my internet went *kapui* on me too!

I tried a couple of stuff even trying to boot and reboot my laptop. Did the same thing for the cable modem. Everything seems to be dead!

Later, I decided to call support. Experience tell me that maybe they had discover the problem and are already doing something about it. And later I found out I was right. The engineer were already on it and my cable tv and internet will be back on again. Meanwhile, I was becoming restless. I read the Tuesday newspaper which I hadn't read since I bought it the other day. Told you, I was too hung up to the internet to even have time to r…

I'm an ADDICT...

I think I'm an addict. An internet addict that is. You see, I used to need to get online because I'm an online marketer and I need to get online to promote my biz opps that is to make money. But, recently I realized that I can't simply stay away from the Internet even for a while!

I tried to get off my butts once a while to go to the loo, get a drink or whatever. But other then that my butts stay where it is,.. planted nicely on the chair for almost 12 hours per day. I'm not if you call that being an addict. But, I tried to balance my life. I was suppose to be owning my own life right? But, now it seems my life are owned by the Internet. Oh no! Is the beginning of the end? Will I be able to live life away from the Internet? Even when I traveled I can't help but have the need to at least check my email via my handphone. Yahoo! Allows you to check your email via wap service. So, occasionally just for the heck of it I'll wap online and check my email. Even though 5…

Church jokes bulletins...

Real Advertisements? These were supposedly in church bulletins...

For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs.

Tuesday at 4:00 PM there will be an ice cream social. All ladies giving milk will please come early.

Thursday at 5:00 PM there will be a meeting of the Little Mothers Club. All ladies wishing to be "Little Mothers" will meet with the Pastor in his study.

Success seems to be...

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit." – Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotels Founder

Life is like a roundabout

What is a roundabout? A roundabout is when a car has to do a semi circle to reach the other side of the road rather then like a cross junctions. Or you'll have to drive a one big circle to do a U-turn.

A couple of things happened last month that make me say that "life is like a roundabout". Here's what happen. I had wanted to look for a loan to invest in my online biz. So, I check out my local newspaper classified. I found a couple adverts that offer a loan through a financial institutions. So, I sms or called for more info. A lady called me back saying that I'll have to sell my house to ask for a loan. What!? If I had to do that I wouldn't have to call them for a loan right? I might as well thought of that earlier and just do it myself. What kind of a loan company is it?

Anyway, the others had another way of helping me get a loan and that is by purchasing 2 laptops at a department store. That's a clever idea. If I had known, I would have do it myself witho…

Pessimist are your enemy!

"Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power." – William James, Philosopher, Psychologist

If you want to succeed in life. You've got to be optimist no matter what. It's so easy to give up but it's never easy to carry on with your dreams no matter what it is. It helps that you are not around or know anybody that is a pessimist. They will do whatever they can to put you down. When you fall, they will laugh. When you try, they say you will fail. They look at you as a loser. When you think what they say is true that you are a loser? Then you are one. But if you stay optimistic. If you stay focus. If you stay on target on what you want to achieve than GOD willing nothing ever going to stop you!

When I told people I want to work online and earn money. They say I'm stupid. I'm a loser. I'll never succeed. For a while what they say were true. But, I stay with my gut feeling. I feel that I know what I'm doing. Where I'm heading. When you are surrounde…

A drunk walked into a bar

A drunk walked into a bar. After staring a long time at a woman at the bar he walked over and kissed her. She jumped up and slapped him silly. He apologized and explained, "I'm sorry. I thought you were my wife. You look exactly like her." "Why you worthless, insufferable, wretched, no good drunk!" she screamed. "Funny," he muttered, "you even sound exactly like her."

A man of knowledge...

"A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting." – Carlos Casteneda, Writer

Although, I'm considered "a thinker" that is, I like to think things through. I do believe in being "a doer" that is someone who act mostly on guts. "A doer" is mostly associated with a natural leader. They believe in doing thing first, and think later. No matter what the consequences. Well, it goes with the territory. So, what kind of a person are you? You can find out what kind of a person you are by reading up books on psychology. Could be useful in your life. You might also know why some people act the way they do. It's in the genes or by the way they are brought up. Influenced by their surroundings. That's how culture evolved. That's why there's so many cultures. Life would be dull if there's only one type of personality. Isn't it?

I have always thought this way...

"What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you." – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Playwright and Philosopher

Finding the "Right Opportunity"

Finding the "Right Opportunity" is important. If your aim in life is like me, that is you're looking for the right opportunity to succeed in whatever you are doing or interest. It could be waiting for the right opportunity to act in a movie that could explode your acting career. Or you find the right opportunity to show your boss how competent you are in accomplishing projects.

I've been looking for the "Right Opportunity" (the right homebase business opportunity) that I could work at home part-time or full-time. Make a good ROI (return of investment) without burning a hole in my pockets. I've been waiting and looking through hordes of moneymaking schemes that look promising but in the end I still wasn't able to succeed in. But, the good thing is I had never thought of giving up. I was determined and positive that there will be a "right opportunity" out there waiting for me to succeed in. Anyway, I know people are making money online throug…
She's the love of my life!
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Behind every man, there's a woman.

Behind every man, there's a woman. How true!

I couldn't have succeed in life without the help of my soon-to-be wife Jun. Although sometime I'll have to drag her to do or follow what I say. But, in the end I'm truly indebted for her help. Monetary, spiritually etc.

I don't think I can truly say that I did it all alone without her help. She's the only one that stayed and help me while so-called friends don't even bother to reply your call!

I guess, she's the only true friend I have. She have been with me through thick and skin. If I have to repay her in kindness, how do you do that? I can always repay whatever money I owe her but for all her help, her belief in me?

All I can say right now is... Thank you!


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A close encounter of the botak kind!
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Owning My Own Life...

Hello and welcome to my very own blog. I just sign-up Today and am in the process of editing this blog. So, I hope you'll understand. Anyway, I've been wanting to start my own blog for quite some time now and I guess the time is right now!

What do I mean by owning my own life? Well, it's a pretty long story and I'll try to make it short. The thing is, for such a long time I've been wanting to live the life I wanted to live and not leave it to fate or circumtances. Foremost, I wanted to be rich or rather have my own business and have loads and loads of money so that I don't have to work like crazy just to make a living!

The thing is, I don't want to have to wait 'till my next paycheck to buy something, go for a holiday or whatever. I want to be able to wake up out of bed anytime I want. I want to enjoy life and not just work, work and work!

I'm not a zombie or a robot where my whole life are devoted to work for others. In short, I want to own my freakin…

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