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Joss Stone Video

Joss Stone

So, I like Joss Stone voice since I heard her the first time, years ago. Here was a white British female teenager singing the blues? You'll thought she was black living in the Bronx!

Anyway, just watch the video. Her new look really surprise me. Well, maybe she's getting older eh? Like all female singers do, they seems to want to go the crazy sexy woman image when they reach the 20+ age. Duh. Anyway, she still got that powerful soul voice. She's going to be a Diva alright!

Don't give me ur number ladies..

You might be wondering what's that headline all about eh?

Ha ha ..well, as you may or may not know I've got 45 days MC from the doc last 14th. I think. So, now 15 days later and I'll be left with only 30 days. Time seems to pass by so fast when you're practically doing nothing everyday. LoL.

Well, I've got my 3 pesky nephews to keep me company as they're on the school holidays. And, their mom send them over to my house to mess up my 'holiday'. Sigh, what can you do. So, now, midnight are the only quiet time I have to myself. I'm actually waiting for predator 2 to start later on at Star Movies.

Anyway, about the headline eh?

Well, I've been thinking about relationship and all that, all this while and I realize that the more I think of it the more I come to the conclusion that I prefer to stay single. Not, that I'm against marriage and all that. It's just that, I'm too lazy trying to keep up a relationship. And, you know woman nowadays, th…

Man U don't deserve the Champs Lge Cup

Yeah, that's right. They didn't show they (Man U) deserved the win on the night. Chelsea should have won it by a couple of goals. But, I guess it wasn't meant to be. John Terry cried his eyes out but I think he should be brave enough to say that it won't be the first and it won't be the last Champions League final he's going to be in.

There's still next season to look forward to. Just look at Arsenal. Everybody thought they would win the Champions League just because the beat Ac Milan the holder of last season cup. Then, look at Liverpool they have been in the quarter final and final a couple of times and win it. Chelsea need to do that. Yes, they have been to the quarter final a couple of time too but they need to do it consistently to get to the final. Then, one day, Chelsea might taste the sweet sweet taste of success of winning the Champions League. It's gonna happen one way or another. It's not the end of the world. We've still got next seas…

Frontlines: Fuel of War

Frontlines: Fuel of War Vids

Since, I've got 45 days MC why not enjoy some Xbox pro 360 games? Haha!

I was hospitalised

Yes! Finally, I'm home!

So, guess what? After, my mom was discharge from the hospital, it was my turned next!

It happened last Tuesday when I was getting ready for work. I sneezed twice and the second time it hurt my back so bad that I had to lay down on the floor right there. At first, I didn't want to call the ambulance as I thought, it would only be a temporary thing. But, the longer I wait, the time pass and I had to call my colleagues to inform them that I couldn't come.

Even though, I tried to wait it out laying on the floor for a couple of hours. Then, when it began to hurt so bad, my sister decided that we had to call the ambulance or it could get much worse. I relented, as my back hurts sooo much!

When, the paramedics came, they had a hard time carrying me out of my home as I keep shouting for them to stop. The way, they were carrying me it hurts too much. Once, they put a board under my buttocks and it didn't hurt finally they could carry me to the ambulance …

Mammoni: The Ultimate Mamas Boy

You might be wondering what's a Mammoni?

Well, if you haven't yet read or seen the videos by 60 Minutes. Then click here to watch it. After that, you might want to read the comments.

Most, Americans and Europeans detest the notion of a grown man living with his mom or parents. But, it's nothing really new. And, there's always two camp who either don't like it or don't think too much about it. It's not really a big deal. It's all to do with cultures really. It doesn't make you less of a man to live with your mom all your life or at least until you get married. Asian, middle east and some Europeans countries believe in a family system. Unlike, some who dumps their parents to a retirement house and leave them there to die. That kind of things are frowned upon. It's really how you see it.

It's sometime because of economical reason. It's better to leave together in a family system where you as a family can help each other in tough time. Especi…

Myanmar hold vote and aids

So, check it out. What would you as a person or a so-called 'government' of a country do when your country were hit by a deadly cyclone that result in thousands of people left dead, houses blown off to pieces, disease, sanity, water and food left scarce. What would you also do if other countries and aids agencies offers their help to you?

Well, just do what the junta (Myanmar military leaders) do, you hold a referendum!

What de fuck!?

See, what kind of a human being (animals) these people are. They would rather let their own people die and bodies floating then let help come. I can tell you one thing, there would be no good end to these idiots. It just shows how low a human can go. But, of course on the other side you have good Samaritans doing their duty to their fellow human beings. I think that keep the balance in the universe. If not, you can kiss good bye to the universe as you know it. If you're wondering when doomsday will come then just look at this sad case of a human…

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Hey, hey. Hello everyone, whoever you are out there. Anyone actually reading this blog, by the way? Ha!

Well, anyway. It's not really a big deal to me. It's just a place for me to post my feelings online. Be it about the latest, terrorist attacks or even about my favorite pass times playing my Xbox games. Hey, life too short to care about things! Is it?

Now, people all over the world are like doing what they can to help the people of Myanmar. Around 100,000 people reported died in the Cyclone. Bodies, can be seen floating, sanitation and disease is a course for concerned. It's like the Asia Tsunamis black day all over again. But, this time though it's not a Tsunami but a deadly cyclone and worst of all it's in a country where the government are bent on destroying and killing their own people and country. How ironic eh?

In spite of this, the government are still not doing enough to elevate the suffering that it's own people are going through. Funny ain't it? Pe…

Value your children education

Yo, wassuuppp readers!

So, like, yesterday I chat with one of the girls whom I get to know online. While chatting we went into the topic of education. I mean, talking about my own races mindset on education is a far cry from the other races like the Indians and Chinese. You know like 75% of the population in Singapore is Chinese, 5 % is Indians and other races and the rest is Malays.

My brief is that the Malays mindset from decades ago and now is almost the same. We don't value education as much as other races. One of the thing that keep cropping up is that we are too lazy. We are too relax and only think about enjoying life, don't really think about the future etc etc. But, sometime, I think even with education doesn't really buy you common sense.
Ever heard of that phrase?

I literally took that phrase from one of Steven Seagal movies. I can't really remember which movie but it really struck me as it's really true. Just look around you. Watch some of the rich, educate…

Chelsea through to the Champ Lge Final!

Whoooooooooo ..wooooooooooo! Yes! Yes! Chelsea finally through to the Champions League Final in Moscow. I know Chelsea will beat Manchester United like we did last Saturday and become Champions of Europe!

Yeah, it's going to be a hell of a night. Many pundits didn't give Chelsea and Avram a chance in last saturday match with Man U and in the Champs League with Liverpool. Well, who's laughing now, huh!??

We'll beat Man U and cast them aside and we'll win the Champions League. C'moooooooooonnnn Chelseaaaa!!


Do Jose proud!!


Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea!!!!!


P.S. For the latest soccer news visit the site below:

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